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"Wanna see a magic trick..?" - Adharma

Adharma is an artificial life-form engineered by the Great Demon Naraku Uchiha, who originally possessed a tenth of the latter's very own soul. Following the downfall of his creator he has not only gained full autonomy, but has also consolidated a considerable amount of his own power as well as number of capabilities overtime, through extremely sinister means. He is currently the only Chakravartin on earth with a majority of his time spent cultivating nature, practicing sorcery and conducting scientific as well as medicinal experimentations. He is the patriarch and first of the Hābujin: (lit. ハーブ人 "Herb People"; English TV, "People of the Herbs")


Despite his appearance, Adharma is in fact very young, having only been created nearing the time of the downfall of his creator. He was created within a secret facility in the Temujin Continent during its time known as the East Demon Empire, and is in fact the last life-form of his kind created by Naraku. From the very inception point of his design, the aforementioned partitioned, manipulated, and sequestered a tenth of his very own soul to bring life to the artificial boy as well as permanently secure and anchor his own to the Impure World through incredibly dark rituals.

Once life was brought to the boy, he was given specific sets of contingent instructions on what he was meant to do in the very event of his creator's downfall, after which he was laid to slumber until the time came to pass in which the prediction came to fruition. Some time passed, and the great demon gallantly waged war against the United Republic in which he accomplished great things, but ultimately fell and was imprisoned due to their united effort. After a bit more time passed, the boy awoke from his deep sleep as programmed. Normally, a creature such as Adharma would usually be completely sired to Naraku, however what may or may not have been calculated by the mad demon, was that even 10% of his soul was a very significant amount, rivaling the tailed beasts itself alone. As one can presume with this level of power and will, he was effortlessly able to gain autonomy and act of his own accord regardless of preordained commands. Without much hesitation, the boy went on a mass genocide of his own kin in which he devoured thousands (twenty to be exact), as well as other sources of Naraku's soul which not only raised the initial percentage of a tenth to nearly 40%, but also gave him the ability to use his creator's Imperial Wand, along with the rest of his relics.

By this point his power became roughly equal to that of his creator's just prior to his deification through the consumption of the god tree. This power included that of the six paths and its capabilities, as well as the ability to evolve his eyes to their final stage. However oddly enough, the boy chose to suppress and seal that entire path of his power, the reasons behind such an action still remains a mystery. Nonetheless, it was upon the full identification of his individuality that he gave himself a name, Adharma, and chose to use his new found powers to establish himself a small colony on the Moon accompanied by what can be considered as his only friend. From there he simply observed events on earth, only interacting when directly needing to, and moving solely within the shadows.. a radically different approach to things that his creator before him once had. During his time of studying, he had personally taken a liking to medicine and sorcery, and through the usage of two extremely rare bloodline traits, Wood and chemical release, he considers himself a "Master of Natural Science", as well as one of the most gifted medical professionals alive. Bringing upon him the names "The Alchemist" and "The Apothecary".


Adharma is very eccentric, standing out amongst his kind. Simply put there is no better way to describe his personality other strange and very weird. He lives a very free life, doing as he pleases regardless of traditional moral constraints or values. It is not to say his mind is perpetually on evil or mischief, benevolence or good, it is to say however simply that his values are in the pursuit of his own interests and those alone. He is very confident in his ability, not to say overly prideful, but expressly sure of his capacity to achieve literally anything he desires, it is an assurance at its core. He is not quick to any form of emotional radicalism, and this is for very good reason. This is because on his darker side, while not inherently evil, his propensity to performing unspeakably heinous acts of profound wickedness is something that should not be ignored in any regard, and is arguably the foulest aspect to him. His ability to disassociate with his actions and emotions on a whim, manipulate others, and produce false realities through deceit places him on a caliber one can only describe as psychopathy.



Chakra and Attributes

Chakra and Control

Being a 40% partition of Naraku himself, as well as a culmination of thousands of compounded individuals who were consumed carries many benefits to it, one of which including the natural state of Adharma’s chakra which in fact is vastly superior in both qualitative and quantitative measurements. With incredibly potent spiritual energy from accumulated monk experience as well as his status as a Yokai make for a rather amazing Yin based power. That, coupled with the intensity of his incredible physical energy inherited through his various experiments and genetic alterations such as consuming his kin, has brought about the frighteningly potent and radically powerful chakra which remains at his eternal disposal. It is indeed Titanic in nature and is nothing to be laughed at, and is considered a "Tailed Beast without a Tail" (尾を持たない尾獣, O o Motanai Bijū, English TV: Tailless Tailed Beast), a every high level one at that. He indeed possesses an enormous and seemingly immeasurable amount of chakra. Naturally with that amount of power, it is necessary to possess the ability to control it, and as such has resulted in Adharma inheriting and cultivating his ability to control his energies over time. This can be attributed though of course genetics, and experimentations, but also that of experience with intense training as a monk, and extraordinary prowess as well as understanding of medical techniques being a gifted medical professional himself. These factors come together to bring him Remarkable (Tier 5) Chakra Control.

Even with the rather amazing nature and quantity of chakra, there are two other special types of energy that lie dormant for the most part within him. Black Chakra invoked only under very rare and mostly life threatening conditions, as well as a suppressed Six Paths Chakra inherited from his creator.

Life Force

His incredible inherited life force, zetsu genetics, as well as the amalgamation of the several thousands of life forms that make up Adharma attribute to his enormous and wildly potent life force and energy. Without a doubt he possesses a Remarkable (tier 5) life force, and as such cannot be easily slain under any circumstances. He can weather some of the most life threatening situations and survive without fatal and oftentimes even critical consequences. Cut in half, crushed, severely weakened, even the extraction of a tailed beast from his vessel would not be enough to bring him down. What brings this to even greater lengths is the core of his being, his “heart”, a rather large and potent Stone of Gelel which is an incredible source of life energy, and places his restorative, healing and regenerative abilities alone on par with the jinchuriki of the ninetails. If all else fails, he can even turn the sunlight he feeds on into life energy if the need were to arrive. His life force can be extended from him to save lives, raise the dead or bring forth all manners of robust and beautiful vegetation.

Willpower & Intent

Plantaen Physiology

Being the culmination of innumerable plantlike species, Adharma possesses a very unique physiology that is starkly different from a human's. For starters, he does not possess any of the traditional organs that a human needs to survive, neither does he possess blood, nor the need to eat or produce any form of waste whatsoever. His physical sustenance is maintained exclusively through a constant process similar to photosynthesis, or from the energy all around him, much like a plant. This is done through a special group of enzymes within his body numbering in the billions  that perpetuate the aforementioned photosynthetic process at a regulated rate. This means the more exposure to sunlight and nature, the more significant his power becomes as he directly feeds off of it. Furthermore, he is capable of manipulating his physical form at will, morphing any portion into anything or anyone at any moment he pleases, a feature attributed to his Zetsu origins. This allows him to express his talent for wood release naturally as an extension from his own body much easier than any of his predecessors in the craft, capable of becoming nature or vice versa at will. While quite gifted at it's usage, his physical body does have a rather weaker disposition against fire, severe dehydration, and disconnection from nature as a whole. He is the first of his kind, the Hābujin: (lit. ハーブ人 "Herb People"; English TV, "People of the Herbs").



Being the result of the culmination of thousands of individual beings already places the basic five senses on an incredibly different scale, however with his experience as a Takemagahara Monk, each of his basic senses are dramatically improved through the Eight Consciousnesses, which are indeed passive traits. When using chakra to sense, the prowess of his ability is Rare (tier 5), allowing him to sense roughly one hundred miles around him with very specifically accurate results. This may include chakra types, forms, natures, affinities and signatures, clans as well as national origins, family ties and even down to the very gender of the individual. Furthermore, due to his connection to the surrounding world, as well as the constant flow of natural energy circulating through his vessel, he maintains a perpetual degree of awareness all around him at any given time within a hundred meter range. He can feel every bit of space, every blade of grass, every breeze, every insect, plant and life-form, as well as the flow of energy in all forms around him. The degree of innateness of this can be considered a literal sixth sense, however this is not the only sense he possesses of this nature. Due to his status as a Chakravartin, his experience as a monk, and actual foundation of being a Yokai himself, Adharma possesses the ability to sense within the spiritual world up to 50 meters around him. This includes spirits, yokai, demons along with their various forms of energy, with as much clarity as the basic five senses attributed to everyone. Together with the aforementioned Natural, Chakronic and Supernatural senses, Adharma possesses exactly 8 types of senses in which he innately and actively draws on at any given time.


Speed and Stamina

Strength and Durability

While he may not be one of the top contenders in the strength department, Adharma's physical power is nothing to be ignored. At base levels he is able to casually draw upon mid ranged superhuman (tier 4) capabilities which is a feat far beyond what most people are naturally able to tap into, while furthermore at full power this level is dramatically increased. This immense strength can be attributed to the large pool of innumerable individuals in which he has consumed, allowing him to access their strengths and produce supernatural physical power at will. It can also be attributed to intense training of this natural talent, genetic inherited from his creator, and a number of other factors; this stands true for the structure and durability of his body as well which are indeed remarkable (tier 4). He is fully capable of murdering a target with a single strike, blowing holes in and toppling reinforced structures, upending meters of earth and incredible lifting feats with his strength alone. His durability allows him to weather powerful attacks, environments and conditions, brushing most off as nothing more than a nuisance as his skin and flesh are dense like steel and strong metals.


Natural Energy & Sage Related Techniques

At his core, Adharma is a portion of his creator Naraku’s soul who himself, as the ten-tails, was in fact a pure cluster of natural energy who took on a physical form. This, along with the very particular function of his physiology, gives him a constant connection to nature and places him in a perpetual low level sagelike state which is evident from the markings on his face. With his experience as a Sage and a Monk of the Order of Takamagahara, he has an inherent knowledge of how to  command and control the forces of nature with never before seen fluidity and finesse, considering it as nothing more than an extension of himself, and he an extension of it. He can draw on the life energy of the world around him, or breathe life into its majesty to bring forth incredible and unnatural reactions, produce strange and mysterious abilities, and even bring forth natural disasters through incredibly sinister means. Drawing directly from the sun itself, allowing its rays to wash over him as he uses it as a direct source of energy is when his prowess in the craft reaches its natural peak, and is in fact at its strongest. Finally, it is this mastery over the forces of nature that has led to him to not only be capable of “powering up” by gathering natural energy even while in motion, but also being capable of becoming a Chakravartin. He is a master of natural energy and it shows in all aspects of his being.






Kekkei Genkai

Wood Release

The utilization of wood style techniques over the years has found itself in the possession of many who have either ultimately have failed to master it, or were incapable of handling its immense and often overwhelming power. Only a select few in history, a handful really, have learned to harness the full potential of nature in such a way, mold it into their image, then accurately utilize it to frightening effects. However in order to truly cultivate nature, one must be truly connected to it. Given that nearly the entire genetic make-up of Adharma is plant like (see physiology for more detail) as well as his affinity with wood release, it comes without question that his natural skill and talent alone in the craft is far greater than most who have come before him, and due to his knowledge as well as his acquired experience from his creator, this fact only gets even more so making it function as literally an extension of his own being. He is capable of producing anything within Kingdom Plantae with identical accuracy and authenticity, or produce entire ecosystems with breathtaking detail at will. Using his chakra as a form of life force energy, he can produce large, robust and oftentimes sentient structures and formations of vegetation which can vary across any domain within Kingdom Plantae with even his own custom vegetation having been created with remarkable unique features. While perhaps not being the most powerful user to ever live.. He is certainly in the running for the most skilled, there is no creature alive with a greater understanding and connection to nature as a whole and is said to be the true crux of Adharma’s power. With the application of Natural Energy, his talent in the craft as well as its structures and formation far exceed what’s capable of normally by several orders of magnitude, and can even at times function entirely on its own devoid of Adharma’s intervention. The conjunction of Chemical Release also carries a tremendous advantage, and is a major factor in the creation of his many different types of Pharmaceutical products, toxic substances, organically chemical compounds, and more.