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Akuno Tomogui (灰汁の共食い, Cannibalism of lye) is one of the stronger female members of the Tomogui Clan, one who enjoys the path of destruction and death. She is also loved the most by every member of the Kirā branch of her clan and praised for her idea to search for a cure to return them back to normal.


Akuno is a member of the Mythical Tomogui Clan, as a child she was very timid and didn't believe in the killing or devouring of others. In fact, she was one of the few who was able to withstand the hunger and pull of their clan's curse; For a while she was able to be around humans without a problem, however when one of them became hurt and stated to bleed; the scent of blood filled her nose and the hunger she felt was 100 times stronger than anything she felt before. This ultimately started her life as a full fledged cannibal after she devoured this human; but what came with her devouring was more reserves of chakra, and her physical abilities were enhanced. As the years went by, she became stronger, more bloodthirsty, her timid personality changed to that of a sociopath.

Eventually she was banished from the Shitai branch because she enjoyed feeding on the living more than the dead, as the dead corpses didn't give them as much more enhancements after feeding, which in return made them weaker than the members of the Kirā branch. Eventually, she left the clan homeland and became a rogue member after mastering her clans Hiden and Kekkei Genkai which eventually allowed her to surpass almost everyone in her Clan except a select few, one of them being her mother. She was a lone rogue until she became 27 years old, where she'd reform the famous "Akatsuki" organization.


Akuno has a near sociopathic personality where she does not seem to be able to show any expressions but joy, a trait that confuses her teammates. She also has a deep fondness of fighting and defeating her opponents, just to devour them in the end. She even puts her opponent into a near death condition without losing his smiles, and instead speaking to them like they have a chance of avoiding death. Akuno also has an obsession over victory against her opponents without any outside assistance. Though, after becoming the leader of the Akatsuki, she began to adapt to be able to work as a team alongside her organization members, treating them as family instead of disposable subjects.


Akuno has fair skin, amber eyes, and dark brown hair, which she normally wears pulled back into two buns with spiked bands. One lock at the front of her hair has a dark red streak, and in her buns, the underside of some locks are bright orange. Akuno wears a black-red tank top fastened by white knots and black shorts. She has a black and red ribbon tied around her right leg, and a netted sock on her left. Though, over this outfit, she wears a long black cloak hooded cloak with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar, though hers also sports a hood. She also wears the purplish-grey ring (Zero) on her right thumb.

Chakra & Attributes

Chakra Reserves

Akuno possesses an unbelievable amount of Chakra, which is quite powerful on its own. Her legendary spiritual and physical abilities are because of a very unusual occurrence within the world. Her abilities and reserves wasn't anything to brag about growing up, in fact she was one of the weakest members amongst the clan; However, one day she discovered that devouring a fresh human body allowed her body to permanently add half of their reserves to her own, and devouring a human body in general added to her physical abilities as well. Her massive chakra reserves allows her to cast multiple S-Ranked jutsu back to back with only a small percentage of her reserves being used up, even if she added 3 SS ranked jutsu into the mix. Only few survivors have battled her and survived, and they have described her reserves as being equal to or greater than that of the first 4 tailed beasts put together.

Chakra Control

With the amount of chakra she's gained from devouring her prey over the years, she's spent just as long teaching herself to control such a great amount of chakra so things didn't end badly for her when trying to use jutsu. Her control got to the point where, she's learned to store up the chakra she's gained and is able to gain access to those very reserves whenever she's ready; Her stored up reserves are merely an extension to her at this point, and performing multiple complex jutsu is no longer a problem for her. Wasting chakra is no concern for her in the slightest, and she can learn almost anything she puts her mind to with little to no effort.


Her sensory is like that of an enhanced wolf, able to hear their prey from 12 miles away instead of six, and smell their prey from 2 miles away instead of one. Though, she soon learned to be able to enhance these senses even further with the use of her chakra, becoming able to detect her prey from 4 miles away though smell, 24 miles away though hearing, and 30 miles away through chakra sensory.


Due to her Clans bodily ability to heal by cannibalism, added with the amount of people she's devoured since a young child; Akuno is able to heal herself while she's in the midst of battle as such great speeds she can constantly break her body to get out of certain situation, or have her body broken and fix herself without the need to use chakra or stop moving. However, in order to regrow limbs, she needs to absorb human flesh and regrowing them usually takes a minute (60 seconds) to 2 minute (120 seconds) depending on the damage. For this reason, she normally carries a small pouch of severed body part to use just in case she needs flesh to absorb onto her own body to regrow her limbs.

Intent & Willpower

Akuno's unbelievable power and control over her clans abilities and chakra, she pretty much became the pure embodiment of fear. She can project her intent in many ways but mainly by entering the mental plane of her enemies through her mind walking dojutsu ability just because she enjoys tormenting her victims in their heads. Though when she uses her chakra to carry her intent, it is so great that it feels as if the victims has been overrun with all of their worst fears at once; Being able to force someone to pass out out of fear, or wake up from it, especially when she allows her bloodlust to be shown. It is unknown what kind of things affects her but, when it comes to her own fears which she mainly keeps hidden in her head, she will act out of character as if she were a child being cornered by the very beast she turns into just to be ripped apart.


Strength & Durability

Akuno's strength is so great that she can crush a stone and turn it into dust merely by squeezing it; When utilizing a fraction of her strength, she is able to easily separate the head from a person's shoulders simply by punched or kicking them all while shattering the skull completely in the process. Though, when using her full strength, she is able to effortlessly lift well over 400 tons and can even completely destroy the preferred weapon of a summoning. However, when it comes to durability, she is only able to be hurt by pure silver weapons; These types of weapons will injure and weaken her to a point where her wound will not heal as fast as any other wounds though it is not enough to kill her. As to where normal weapons will only leave small scratches that will heal instantaneously with no real damage to her body at all.

Stamina & Speed

With her speed, she is able to move several meters at full speed in only a quarter of a second. Her speed comes from her constantly consuming  her victims which helps her physical attributes grow just as well. Though this speed comes at a price and can completely destroy her body, for this reason, she needs to consistently heal herself in battle which is why she has a constant source of food before she fights and uses her opponents as a source themselves to be able to constantly regenerate without the need of using up her chakra. Being from the Tomogui Clan also means she has a good amount of stamina, however hers excels many of her clan members as she is able to fight for days at her fullest capabilities before finally becoming tired and needing to take a break and relax, her stamina however doesn’t restore as fast as she heals, thus she will be unable to battle for at least another 3 days before being able to fight again.


Taijutsu & Ninjutsu

When it comes to taijutsu, Akuno adapts the longer she fights. Her unique ability to learn at a unbelievably fast rate in the heat of battle is one that she is known for between both the Tomogui and TsuTsui Clan. For this reason, she can mimic any fighting style no matter how complex unless the style requires a certain type of Dojutsu to use such as the Gentle Fist style that requires the Byakugan. However, outside of that she is nearly unstoppable in close combat unless someone is able to outsmart her before she's able to catch on to what her opponent is trying to do. This works as well when it comes to Ninjutsu; Even though this isn't something she relies heavily on, it still gives her a sense of joy to do so with her opponents.


She has the ability to curse someone she scratches, in her regular human form the curse spreads slowly and the victim has about a week to get rid of it, however in her Onishika form, the curse is more potent and harder to deal with. This is due to their hunger for human flesh comes in rapid waves and the time limit to get rid of this version of the curse is 3 days max. There are a few ways to end this curse:

  1. Kill the one who cursed you.
  2. Refrain form committing cannibalism (will power comes in here)
  3. Unknown

Kekkei Genkai

The Osoregan manifested in Akuno at the age of 11 and was mastered by age 18. Akuno has been described by her clan as the "Mighty Princess Of Fear" When using her eyes she can keep them activated them for long periods of time, with barely wasting any chakra. While all Tomogui have a very mysterious and ominous glow, Akuno's has a more intense vibe about them and can even expand this glow to enter the mind walk multiple people at once. Though she has the same eyes as her mother, Akuno's aren't as strong and potent as hers. Akuno chose to study the secrets of her clan dojutsu and self trained herself on the does and dont's of the dojutsu. When using the Osoregan, she always refers to it as "The Cannibals Gaze", which often confuses her opponents. Not even the tailed beast can escape her gaze; as everything fears something.




  • Like all Tomogui Clan members, she has a heart of demonic ice like the Wendigo!
  • To kill her, one must expose her heart directly to fire until her icy heart melts completely.