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The Ashida Clan is a minor nomadic clan originating in Land of Sea Salt whose reputation are known due to their free-spirited nature and pacifistic ways. And even then the clan are famous for another reason. The clan made a living through using their unique abilities for divining and fortune telling, as well as healing others. Though considered a hoax by many, their divining was always surprisingly accurate in many instances, leading some credence to their abilities. The clan is known to speak and write in a tongue that is apparently unique to them alone, and also generally look down upon the Shinobi system. For centuries it was considered taboo to utilize their abilities for combat or to help take a life. Members of the clan are said to have incredibly strong spiritual energy, surprisingly enough rivaling and perhaps even surpassing those of the Uchiha Clan. The leader of the clan is typically known as the Shunin (主任, “Chieftain”).

Kekkei Genkai


The Ryūdōgan (魔法炉眼, "The Flowing Eyes", English TV; "Eye Of Flowing") is the lesser-known Dōjutsu of the Ashida clan that appears selectively among its members. The eyes are said to be a mutation that appears within a select few individuals within the clan, generally revealed when members make their pilgrimage to Lake Nageresōsu(流れ, "Source of Flowing", English TV; “The Flowing Source”). The waters within the lake are said to be unnaturally pristine, rippling with a supernatural power said to reflect the truth of all things, a belief strongly shared amongst the Ashida. The eyes are said to bequeath it’s wielder with two particular abilities:

  • Mizukaki (水掻き, “Water Scrying”) is perhaps the most prominent ability of the clan, bolstering their ability to “Divine” the future of their prospective clients. The user spreads out their chakra and consciousness in the form of a vast lake or ocean surrounding them. Once properly spread every action and breath of those within the scope of the technique creates ripples within the once calm surface. Even the movement of one's chakra and other forms of power, regardless of how brief or minute causes a disturbance. The Ashida clansman is then able to visualize these ripples, reading and interpreting them, creating brief images to predict the most likely series of actions of those surrounding them. It is an ability that is strongly influenced by one’s level of chakra control. The user, if skilled enough is able to control the scope of the technique, shrinking or expanding it at their discretion. It’s said that because of the unique nature of this ability, members are able to easily detect Genjutsu, and even reflecting some using the ripples. It’s to be noted that it is said to be impossible for anyone outside the Ashida to detect the activation and use of this ability. Though powerful it is possible to overwhelm the user and the ability, creating more ripples than they could possibly interpret, generally forcing the user to cancel the technique to spare their mind.
  • Suisei-te (水生手, “Aquatic Hand”, English TV; “Water Touch”) the second and oddly enough, least popularized ability of the Ashida. The ability allows the user to use water and moisture as an extension of their own limbs. Through precise chakra control and focus, they cause the moisture to adhere to any solid surface. From here the user may manipulate the movement of the object. Lifting it into the air, pushing and pulling or even dropping, using the water and moisture as a medium, giving the illusion the objects in question are levitating alone. This allows the clansman to stop or move objects aside, to crush or even lift people and objects alike remotely. The technique is not without its restrictions; the heavier an object the greater strain placed upon the user, demanding more chakra, control, strength and focus on their part to properly manipulate the selected object(s).
  • Suimu (水舞, “Water Dance”) allows the clansman to heal infirmities and repair damage using the unique cyan waters of the clan. The clan's various scrolls state that it is an ability that borrows the waters from the revered Lake Nageresōsu, allowing it to dance seamlessly through them and those they care for. From here the waters soothes the pain of the selected, transferring medicaments where needed within the body at a molecular level, repairing and mending damaged cells and tissue through the controlled water molecules, and guiding out impurities within the body along the “dancing waters”. The ability to heal and aid themselves or another is proportional to the severity of the injury. The clan believes that the waters transport the ailments, disease, sickness and injuries directly into their sacred lake, and thus the ability should not be used haphazardly as the lake itself must have time to recover.


  • The clan is highly superstitious.
    • This may be because the clansmen is sensitive to spiritual objects, creatures, and events.
  • The clan is loosely based on gypsies.
  • Many members practice the tradition of arranged marriages
  • Mizukaki is based on Hydromancy