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Ataeko (與え光, Gift of Light) Jōjikan (譲時間, Transfer of Time) is a shinobi of Hanagakure and bodyguard of Kechi however on paper, for all intents and purposes, he simply does not exist. All physical and electronical records ever kept on Ataeko have been completely deleted and destroyed by order of the President and he is not allowed to wear any indication of him being from the Land of Coin including his old headband. This is due to Ataeko's unique position as Kechi's bodyguard as he is often sent on missions where if the Jōjikan is caught his connection to anyone could be detrimental. There are whispers of his existence, making him like an old myth that most refuse to believe has any truth to it. Ataeko's main aspiration is to fulfill his clan's wish to provide an infinite resource of time to the land of coin. He believes creating a dimension where the flow of time can be controlled is the most logical route to success and will stop at nothing to achieve it.


Ataeko was born on Feb 9th of 1117 AH during the 100 year peace in the middle of the night as the stars glistened in the sky, it is rumored that their shine grew three times brighter for but a moment the second he was born but like most other information surrounding The Haunted Light of the Hidden Petal it is not for certain what is to be believed. One thing however is undeniable and that is that Amatsumikaboshi, the god of the Jōjikan clan had blessed the boy like no other. Though their powers are incredible, the space-time mastery that flows through the time transfer clan, does not flow through them all. It is a latent power locked in all of them that very few become able to unleash. A strong bond with the Noroi of Hanagakure was developed over decades in the Jōjikan's desperate attempts to use the curse master's techniques to try and bring out their hidden potential. Though some were successful, many were lethal failures. Ataeko had been gifted the ability to use the Jōjikan clan's powers to their fullest extent like none before, making many believe he is the one to fulfill their wish of taking control over the flow of time. The Noroi would keep many secrets of their curses to themselves to protect the most hidden aspects of their techniques and would typically only share specific ones designed for the Jōjikan and not their own, however Ataeko's potential as well as his relationship with Natsumi Noroi earned him unique privilege to a few of the Noroi specific curses as well as many new and experimental curse marks not given to any other Jōjikan.

Ataeko met Natsumi when she was 6 on his 7th birthday during his first trip to the Noroi compound to receive inspection and his first curse mark. Having figured out that the young Jōjikan held great potential in their clan's hidden power the elders spared no expense nor effort in training him and overlooking the Noroi dealings in person, something never done before for anyone else. Natsumi would be a trainee and present at all of his treatment due to her own potential in her clan, being given unique permission to oversee the Noroi experts working on Ataeko. She personally developed a few of his curse marks and seals lining his entire body and took special care in helping him study Jujutsu, Juinjutsu and what Fuinjutsu she could. Because of her help and the countless material and practice driven into him by his own clan, Ataeko's skill and especially intelligence grew to admirable levels. Any free time Ataeko has is typically spent training or studying because of this, having almost an obsession with self improvement. Only time with Natsumi could force him to set aside his own selfish desires and be allowed to just enjoy the moment instead of constantly haunted by the thought of time running out.

Natsumi would often stay with Ataeko after his treatments, allowing him to rest his head on her lap as they talked for hours or studied together. By the time he was 22 all of Ataeko's curse marks had been completed by the Noroi clan and Natsumi would personally help him expand upon them as well as develop his Nintaijutsu that would be bolstered by some of the curses as the marks glow in response. It would be around this time that Ataeko would be sent on a mission to find information on Yukio Senju, a legendary shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Leaves whom had mysteriously disappeared around 1105 AH before Ataeko had been born. New rumors had been found that the Land of Laughs was one of the places Yukio would frequently visit on his many training adventures. This would be the first instance in which the President ordered Ataeko to leave his headband and any other signs of where he was from behind as Hanagakure did not want the Land of Laughs to know that they were trying to steal potential secrets on anyone Yukio was associated with, especially the Land of Fire and Land of Lightning. Although no damaging information on villages or shinobi would be found, the Jōjikan shinobi did manage to find several hard drives and scrolls Yukio hid that detailed some of his knowledge on genjutsu and fuinjutsu as well as extensive information upon his light release. The fuinjutsu and genjutsu material would be nothing to kill for but it was valuable to Ataeko's improvement, no matter what little was there. However the vast knowledge for Light Release Yukio had left in hope that someone would one day be able to learn the Kekkei Touta from him would be more instrumental to Ataeko than he could ever realize at the time. Notes about how Yukio's chakra would naturally glow just like Ataeko's made him wonder whether or not there was a connection, and it seemed his affinity for the three natures needed to unlock the heavenly power were indeed that link he was looking for. It took 5 long and lonely years away from the village for Ataeko to gather all that he could, but when he finally returned, the President would gift him with copies of all the documents handed over so that Ataeko may take advantage of them, especially the kekkei touta they now realized he possessed.

Ataeko had feared his 5 years away would have formed a rift between him and Natsumi however their bond would only grow stronger when he finally returned, eventually leading to the two of them settling down and having a daughter. After a huge fuss Natsumi finally agreed to let Ataeko name the girl Amari which meant water lily in honor of his clan's symbol. The little lily however would wilt by the age of 8, dying from a mysterious disease even the bests medical ninja couldn't figure out. The Noroi blamed it on a curse, knowing many of their members died young before it was truly their time. Most Noroi grew accustomed to the constant loss, however as a member of the Jōjikan whom obsess over the thought of not having enough time, Ataeko took the years with his child stolen from him particularly hard. Natsumi who was typically stern and calm would also break but did her best to lend strength to Ataeko. Later that year, Natsumi would live up to her own name's meaning as "Cursed Summer Child" and pass away from the same unknown disease. Having lost the two people he treasured most Ataeko's personality would become partially warped and his obsession with finding out a way to control the cruel flow of time would only burn ever brighter. Without them Ataeko's only remaining purpose in life other than his clan's goal was pure self improvement, and that he would focus on greatly. Ataeko knew better than anyone that Natsumi had been taken before her time, his connection to its flow told him so.

Thoughts of whether or not the curses he bare would lead to a similar preemptive end still haunt him to this day. Natsumi would have one last gift for her loved one, begging Ataeko to use his clan's forbidden technique that he had only learned recently back then. Yes he knew, and the truth killed him. Ataeko died before Natsumi ever flat lined. Gōtō Dareka no Kawa no: ( 強盗誰かの川の "Robbery of Someone's River" ) allowed him to see that her river was still full and flowing with life. She had plenty of time left, but the curses that diseased her would not listen. She begged, and he pleaded in his own way for her to fight, explained she still had time, that he could sense it, feel it. But Natsumi knew curses better than he knew anything. At the last moment just before her life ended Ataeko would use Gōtō Dareka no Kawa no to take what time her river had left before the curse cut it off short. She knew she would never be able to spend a lifetime with him, the least Natsumi could do, was give Ataeko two lifetimes to live. Perhaps in the extra years she gave him, he could find solace.


Ataeko Personality.jpg

Ataeko grew up as a quiet boy who would rather stand at the back of the room watching and listening, only speaking up when he feels someone he cares about isn't being heard, only standing out, when they need someone to stand up for them. Because of his intelligence the young Jōjikan found it hard to keep an interesting conversation with anyone and was often labeled a loner however there were a few he connected with and the bond he shared with them burned like the fire in the core of a star. He was selfish deep down, and was willing to use his cunning to make sure no one stood in his way, however one should not assume Ataeko is not generous because of this. Though his obsession with self improvement in his later years has left him secluded Ataeko still plans to uphold the Jōjikan clan's promise to Hanagakure and does not plan to selfishly horde the power for himself. Because of the intensive surgeries and curse experiments Ataeko had to endure at an incredibly young age he grew a fierce willpower and showed no fear in the Noroi's pursuit to bring out his ultimate potential. Any other child would've cried and begged for the treatments to stop, or worse died like many others before; however Natsumi Noroi was a light in Ataeko's darkest times that kept him strong and melted away the defenses he had put up, allowing him to relax and slowly but surely come out of his shell. By the time he was in his twenties Ataeko had matured and learned to let more people close to them while still being careful of who to trust. With Natsumi in his life he smiled much more often and fostered a sense of humor in an attempt to ease her stern and calm demeanor. He deeply cherished the few times he was actually able to break her and get a laugh. When Amari was born his happiness only increased tenfold... and when it was all taken away from him within the same year, it completely changed him. Ataeko became far more inclusive and distant than he had ever been, though he keeps a close bond and more relaxed nature around those he was close to before their deaths and the few who were able to befriend him after the loss such as Kechi and Kinshi.


Ataeko and his Fake.jpg

Being born in the Land of Coins, Ataeko was blessed with melanin levels that tone his skin into a light chocolate pigment which is covered from head to toe in curse marks and fuinjutsu algorithms. His hair is the same deep black as the markings which contrasts brilliantly against his golden eyes. He bares a tall and slightly lithe frame that is completely toned with muscle from intense training. However, this is simply Ataeko's true appearance which few know of and even fewer ever seen. Because of the Presidents degree to make sure Ataeko by all intents and purposes never existed, Ataeko often travels around using light release to slightly change his appearance in order to stay undercover. Anyone trying to perceive him with chakra seeing eyes will be met with a blinding glow, however because all of Ataeko's chakra is like this the disguise he wears is indistinguishable from his usual chakra circulation. While shrouded Ataeko appears to be a pale white male with crimson red hair and has even posed as an Uzumaki before, his chakra control and ability to change his signature making the facade all the more believable. Ataeko has also used his cunning to learn several different languages, dialects and cultural mannerisms and can switch accents and body language in an instant to help him blend in and conceal his identity even further. Ataeko is rarely ever seen wearing a shirt however he does have a sleeveless armor piece that he adorns from time to time. Red is his favorite color and can often be seen in the color scheme of his attire.


Ningen Sekai no Fuhai: (人間 世界の 腐敗 "Corruption of the Human World") - is the first sword Ataeko had ever crafted which was infused with an entity using a unique sealing jutsu taught to him by Natsumi Noroi. This entity's full nature isn't entirely known however it should be noted that it is capable of decaying and eroding anything through energy it spews out through the blade. Metal rusts and crumbles, flesh rots and falls off the bone, water becomes toxic to ingest, the very air can sear and blacken the lungs, rock turns to sand, life shrivels at its touch and inorganic matter falls to dust.

Dual Swords for Ataeko.png

It must be noted this cannot break down victims all the way to the molecular level like the superior Dust Release is capable of doing. The energy from the entity that allows for such destruction is not endless but can be recharged and does not require Ataeko's chakra to utilize. It is a capable weapon that should be used carefully as it is apparently cursed.

Tengoku no Genkai: ( 天国の限界 "Edge of God's Kingdom" ) - is the second sword Ataeko had ever crafted which was designed to be paired with the blade he had been gifted, Uchūkantōjo (lit. 宇宙観—倒叙, "One's Outlook on the Universe—in Reverse") Where Uchūkantōjo held sentience and devastating power over the flow of time, Tengoku no Genkai instead housed an entity which held supreme control over the spatial aspect of space-time techniques. The blade is capable of creating energy waves and barriers which give it unique control over anything it contacts or encompasses from forming a rift and transporting the target elsewhere, to being able to halt or control movement through out the space defined. It has been stated the sword is capable of cutting through basically anything as it is able to form a rift in space along the path of its slashes, phrasing through defenses like a ghost. Kuramoto, the being who was sealed inside the weapon whom's name means, "Obedient One" is also capable of syncing to other dimension for Ataeko then cutting a rift to allow transportation to them so that the Jōjikan does not have to waste his own energy or concentration to do so. The blade however, is apparently cursed.

Ataeko's Claws.jpg

REDACTED: ( Completely Unknown ) - is a pair of bladed weapons once wielded by Natsumi Noroi before her death. They are covered in mysterious curses and fuinjutsu algorithms in a similar fashion to Ataeko's own body however it is currently unknown if all of them match. The one known report on them comes from a foreign eye witness who claims they could cut through anything and devoured chakra like one of the legendary hidden mist swords. More information must be collected on them as even Ataeko does not know what all they are capable of doing as they were not his creation nor were they designed for him to be their user. There are whispers in the faintest breezes that they are some of the Jōjikan's mythical Nagabiku Tamashi ( 長引く魂 - "Lingering Souls" although whether or not these or any of his other rumored ones exist are just as much of a mysterious as most of the information surrounding the Hanagakure shinobi.

Uchūkantōjo (lit. 宇宙観—倒叙, "One's Outlook on the Universe—in Reverse")

Lore alone cannot fully describe it—the ancient sword of Uchūkantōjo cannot be compared to any other. It is said to be a sword with the power to decide time itself on a whim. Concealed within Shuzaya (lit. 朱鞘, "Red Lacquered Scabbard"), Uchūkantōjo has been passed down through the imperial clan of the Yán tribe for millennium; the true scope of its abilities classified. Those of modern times have dismissed it as nothing more than an heirloom despite marveling at its intricate golden design and the glistening sheath. Eventually it found its way to the Land of Dragons, but about a thousand years ago returned. It is a sentient ōdachi of astounding durability and reach, surviving the sands-of-time with little to no maintenance. A single slice from its razor-sharp blade could severe an opposing steel blade, effortlessly. The blade itself was made from the teeth of the ghastly dragon Koraikui (lit. 食いの古来, "Devourer of Ancient Times").
It is not the sharpness of the ōdachi that legend captures—it is its supposed sovereignty over space and time.
Once released from its scabbard, Uchūkantōjo's wielder can petition the ancient sword to release its very own dimension; only those of imperial lineage who have become the heir to the blade will be permitted. Because the blade is alive, it can discriminate. The Teitojigen (lit. 帝都, "Imperial Capital Dimension") is an invisible and portable world that materializes in a specified perimeter around Uchūkantōjo. This dimension is invisible; its scope, however, can be seen by those who can view chakra. What this power does is simple: within the dimension, time is halted for quarter of a second for everything else but the wielder. Outside of the dimension, time persists regularly. If and when an opponent steps into the range of the Teitojigen, they enter into the sword's dimension and are subject to the properties of said dimension. After the dimension is released, it can remain around the blade for a total of five seconds before it requires another five seconds to recharge. Summoning the dimension is not instantaneous—a second in time is required. Shuzaya compliments Uchūkantōjo in that it is said to be the only thing so durable that the sword cannot break or even crack it. The markings on the gold of the sheath are not for mere show; once leaving the gold, these markings spread throughout a specific locality in square formation. Tied with space and time, anything within the confines of these seals can be commanded to retrace their steps and movements made within the last five seconds. After the seconds are up, the seals remove themselves from the person captured and return to the space around the scabbard.

It is no wonder why there are so many rumors circulating about Uchūkantōjo and Shuzaya. Unfortunately, none are true. The lore of the tools are to be praised, and never forgotten. Ataeko would be gifted them in the year 1184 AH after rumors of Konohagkure's destruction by a being known as Amoghisaddhi Otsutsuki would spread to the village hidden in the petals. For unknown reasons the blade would yield to Ataeko and agree to serve him faithfully as he prepared to use it in the coming war that was to come from the end of the 100 year peace.

Chakra and Attributes

Chakra and Control

The Jōjikan have been blessed with a vast chakra reserve that rivals that of the Senju's. It is believed that this evolution came about over time due to their natural connection to space-time techniques and the typical strenuous chakra cost such techniques can come with. However this is considered part of the Jōjikan gift that not every one receives. Because of this most Jōjikan have only slightly above average chakra reserves, Ataeko is not one of those individuals and owns the largest chakra reserves among the clan. The clan's chakra control follows along the same principle as it is a necessity to many high rank space-time technique and can be compared to that of the Hyuuga's. Ataeko has spent several years in focus of his chakra manipulation in order to further that already impressive talent and has been noted to pull off many of his jutsu without the use of a single hand sign.

Life Force

Unlike their chakra control and reserves which rival that of other clans, the life force of a Jōjikan simply puts most to shame. This is due to the fact that absorbing the time of another person is very strenuous on the soul and over time the Jōjikan have evolved life forces that can compensate for that. Uzumaki who have in the past been renowned for their own life force have been shown to survive tailed beast extraction right after child birth for several minutes, a feat that was outclassed by the only known Jōjikan bijuu host back in the shinobi warring ages who managed to survive nearly 2 hours before finally answering the inevitable call of death. Many believe that the only clan that can rival the Jōjikan's life force is that of the Sozo Clan.

Willpower and Intent

Ataeko's will is a fire that never ceases, his intent is weight that can bring one to their knees. From a very young age Hanagakure's Accursed Asset was put through intensive surgeries, experiments, study sessions, and training regimen that many kids his age had died from. Ataeko had showed no fear at any point of this process, a testament to his willpower that has been sharpened through many tragedies and turmoil. This will was backed up by an intent that matched it in ferocity forged by countless expectations placed upon him and a cunning that would see to the fulfillment of those expectations by any means. He is an unstoppable force they cannot be bribed, reasoned with, or distracted.



Blessing of Amatsumikaboshi Sensory.jpg

Ataeko was born with a natural talent for chakra sensory abilities. Over time he had learned to heighten each of his senses and strengthen the power and range of his sixth sense however the 7th sense gifted to Ataeko by Amatsumikaboshi stunted the improvement of it as the blessing had many advantages the basic chakra sensory simply could not supply. Because of this he is only slightly above average with typical chakra sensory techniques however due to his outright mastery of space-time ninjutsu the sensory levels of his 7th sense surpasses that of most chakra sensory shinobi as there is very little ways to hide or run from the Haunted Light of the Hidden Petal once he has hunting you on his mind.


As stated before the Jōjikan clan spared no expenses in Ataeko's education and training and would seek to sharpen his mind better than any blade could be. Because of this Ataeko has found difficulty in keeping an interesting conversation with anyone as even the wisest and highest IQ's seem slow compared to the complicated thought processes of his own. If a medical ninjutsu specialist had the honor of taking a peak inside the skull of Ataeko they would find a brain similar in structure however very different to the average human being. He appears capable of experiencing visual processes in slow motion due to the brain's ability to precisely control the eyes in such a way that helps dictate how as well as how much light is absorbed and parts to compensate for the higher speed and volume of information coming in. Ataeko also has incredible memory, able to remember the small details from moments years passed with complete precision and accuracy and can calculate many of the most complicated math equations in the mind alone.

Speed and Stamina

Ataeko is not the fastest there is around however he is extremely fast compared to the average shinobi. This agility has yet to reach its peak potential as Ataeko has other means to substitute for sheer velocity thanks to space-time ninjutsu and light release. Ataeko's incredible rhythm and superior internal clock help make up for speed in the timing of his actions as well. Stamina however is where Ataeko truly shines as he possesses a chakra reserve that rivals the clan of a thousand skills and has ways of rejuventating his vast energy supply. He has been shown to pull off several s rank techniques in succession with hardly any fatigue.

Strength and Durability

Ataeko's base strength and durability are noteworthy for his muscular lithe frame however the many techniques he has to bolster them will leave most stunned as the feats he was previously able to accomplished are increased more then tenfold. Nintaijutsu is the least mentionable of the boosts to his stats but is nothing to be sneezed at. The curse marks and seals along his body however pack the true power in transforming him from a man that can lift a boulder, to a man that can shatter mountains. It should be noted that strength is often more so emphasized than durability as many curses have drawbacks for ones body.














Space-Time Ninjutsu