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The Cracked Skull Swamp (ひびの入った頭蓋骨の沼, Hibi no Haitta Zugaikotsu no Numa, English TV: "Marsh of Broken Heads") is a mystical marsh with many legends behind its origin. No one has ever seen this place with their eyes. The most common legend is that this particular expanse of swamp was once a hidden village in Land of Swamps, overgrown by vegetation and drowned out by the wrath of their ancestors. Commonly known in their time as shinobi with extraordinary water jutsu, the Nami clan ruled a village in the swamp for centuries with spite and few allies. It grew more and more corrupt and rumor has it that their once peaceful ancestors grew tired of the corruption.

Beneath the stagnant water is said to lie the ruins of this village, trapped in the murky and dark depths of the price they paid for their wrath. The swamp is home to many creatures both big and small. Its ambience is far from a daytime picnic and creates an air of uncertainty. The water is too dark to see through.


  • The first Space-Time Teleportation Tags is located on a tree in the center of the swamp and the second one is located on a rock on the opposite end of the battlefield.