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Daichi Hyūga (日向大一, Hinata Daiichi) is a member of both Konohagakure's Hyuga Clan & Uchiha Clan. He is believed to be the only hybrid member of these 2 clans. As far as his intentions go, he simply wishes to make the Hyuga clan proud to have him as a member even though he's a hybrid, nolonger caring what the Uchiha Clan thought of him due to the bullying he under went while growing up amongst them. Though after the sudden disappearance of the clan, the only two people he cared about were Yozu and his mother Shizuka, since he hated the rest of the Uchiha to begin with.

Daichi's Normal Theme

Daichi's Serious Theme

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Daichi is the love child between Ryoto Hyuga (father) and Shizuka Uchiha (mother), Ryoto was unable to keep Daichi with him due to the heavy restrictions placed upon him and he would be exiled from the clan if he decided to live with Shizuka and raise the child. Shizuka raised him while receiving notes from the father, Daichi was thus bullied by the other Uchiha members as a result. After one of them destroyed a special necklace that was given to him by his grandmother, he experienced many feelings of anger and sadness and the age of 8, and brutalized his bullies with no form of mercy. After finding out about what happened, Shizuka began teaching him more jutsu, one in particular was her own creation; Fire Release: Fox Fire. At age 10, after heavy training, Daichi unlocked his Byakugan, after his father Ryoto hears about this, he sends a note to Daichi in order to discreetly watch and teach him to use the gentle fist. Ryoto encourages the young lad to use his Sharingan to copy the movements after he unlocks it and use the Byakugan to successfully utilize the technique. By age 11 he actually started trying to make his mother proud, which he eventually becomes a Genius, and graduated the academy within a year due to getting a near perfect on his placement test which placed him at the last half of the academy a year later, which is when he finally became a Genin. There was a part of his life that he kept secret to everyone, there was a young girl he would run into everyday which was his only reason for being happy since the bullying started. The girl was 3 years older than him but the two of them fell in love despite the age difference; They were together for about 3 years but she suddenly disappeared with no warning, soon Daichi began thinking she died and with him not hearing from her or being able to find her, and she's all he ever thinks about.


Daichi was a fair child who truly cared for not only his family but anyone he knew was part of his clan(s), despite how deep or shallow his connection is with them. He highly commends "the value of life," and to this end, he will ensure that others receive a "proper death" which was taught to him by his mother. Because of this, he believes that it is morally unethical for him to take another human life, and tries to avoid any possibility of doing so unless as a last resort. However, there were others who hated him just for being alive, and made him eventually feel like everything he believed not everyone around him was as, nice and understanding as his mother and teacher. Things started off by the other Uchiha kids teasing him about being half Hyūga nicknaming him "The Tainted Uchiha", this sort of thing effected Daichi as he was only around 6 years old but he quickly learned to ignore them. Daichi continued on with his life the way he did before the teasing began. With that mindset he simply showed the others how much he didn't care by laughing at their comments and replying with smart remarks like "It's fine if you hate me, because i don't like any of you idiots anyway."

Though, pretty soon the others got more... hands on with Daichi and actually started jumping him and beating him up in order to assert their dominance over him since he hated fighting at the time. Though, one day; These very bullies broke a valuable necklace that was given to him by his mother from his grandmother, and unlocking his sharingan by the time he turned 8; After which his personality become more ruthless, cruel, and brutal as a result to his abuse by his fellow clan members and brutalized every one of his bullies, leaving them bloody and unconcious. By the time Daichi became 10, he made a promise to himself never to let anyone else talk down on him or even look at him as if he was "lesser" than they are. As the years went on, this personality stuck with him; On a regular day, Daichi is a calm individual and shows a gentle side towards his sister and those who accept him for who he is, but when faced with an enemy, he becomes merciless. But one thing that has a big impact on him, is his fear of everyone he gets close to disappearing on him due to the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend Ryoka Ainu, his teacher Yozu, and his mother Shizuka Uchiha; for this reason he fears getting too close to anyone else and hates letting his twin sister out of his sight because of that fear.


Daichi is a dark caramel-skinned kid with spiky, dark blue hair that that is almost seen as black at first glance. His casual attire consists of a high-collar double toned blue no sleeve shirt and black pants. Though instead of him wearing the Uchiha Clan crest or Hyūga Clan Crest, he combined the two into one as personal means to not reject one of the clans.  Outside of his usual black sandals, he wears blue bandages around his shins that match his shirt. Around his waist he wears a rope that matches his shirt as well, that holds a sack, containing his ninja tools. As for jewelry, he wears a single earring that resembles the Hyūga Clan crest in his left ear, and an Uchiha crest necklace from his grandmother which he had to get fixed after it was broken.

Chakra & Attributes

Chakra Reserves

Even during childhood, Daichi was acknowledged as having a large amount of chakra within himself. Being a descendant of the Hyūga and Uchiha Clan, Daichi's chakra is well known to be both potent, and massive in reserves. Both his mother and his father attribute deeply to his vast reserves; Shizuka being considered one of strongest shinobi to have come from the Uchiha Clan and Ryoto being a late prodigy of the Hyūga Clan. Though they play a major factor, his parents are not the only reason for his enormous chakra reserves. His constant training had a good portion to play in his chakra reserves which boosted his chakra two times more than it should actually be, making his chakra become so powerful that when released fully, its density can cause an entire area to experience a heavy blast of force capable of making the very ground burst into a crater as if a miniature comet hit.

Chakra Control

With his massive reserves of chakra, it was highly difficult for him to control; However, as he got older and learned more about chakra and its control, Daichi quickly learned to properly use some of this power for various purposes to help protect his family and friends as a genin. At the age of 11, he began to master how to use its power for battle, which made him able to fight alongside his master and other clan members against other shinobi who may possibly threaten their home by the time he became a Genin. However, he still hasn’t quite mastered the full potential of this chakra and still has some work to do before he’s able to fully master it.


Due to his chakra control, Daichi strengthened his ability to use chakra as a sensory like technique which was something he couldn't do as a child, as he relied too much on his Byakugan. However, he soon became able to sense chakra across a max distance of 100 meters as well as being able to also determine exact distance, without the need for the dojutsu.



Daichi's years of experience in battle strengthened his strategic creativity. He can quickly devise a number of approaches and can switch approaches almost immediately. The longer he spends against a particular opponent, the less he needs backup tactics, as he can eventually predict what they will do and identify literal or psychological weaknesses to exploit without a need to continue using his dojutsu. He can form and verify any theories he comes up with using small details. In addition to his sheer adaptability, Daichi is knowledgeable on a large variety of individuals and abilities, and thus can identify techniques when used and react with the most appropriate counter to them.


Daichi could move so swiftly by the time he was 10, easily able to land multiple strikes on two high level enemy Chunin without them managing to see him move. And training with his mother Shizuka, with both their senses at their absolute sharpest, they exchanged well over thousands of blows in under a minute: at the very least, this means that Daichi recovered his balance after being constantly pushed back by his mother and launched his own offensive physical attacks more than 12 times per second. Though, by the time he came 10, his speed increased drastically with each training session. And with his control over wind and fire, he was able to combine the two to further enhance his speed to the point he not only wasted as much chakra when doing so, but his body became accustomed to moving at such speeds after 2 years of practice to the point he no longer needed to use his elements to move at these speeds, being able to move at the speed of sound on a normal basis just by sprinting.

Strength & Durability

Daichi’s physical resistance was gained through the sheer intensity of his training.  Being from such a powerful family that wanted to see him succeed and be acknowledged by both Clans, they worked with him daily to the point his strength alone is able to shatter someone's rib cage and break through trees with only a couple strikes. Daichi has been beaten in ways that some would deem as abuse due to his ways of training with his mother which was also the way he wanted to be trained not only to prove himself, but to prove to anyone who doubts him that he's more than capable of handling what they dish out. Eventually his body began growing accustomed to these kinds of powerful strikes to the point where attacks of that caliber no longer affect him to the point he gives up, but instead continues to push through the pain and fight until he HAS to stop.


Daichi trained day in and day out for months only taking a few hours of resting resting between sessions, A process that eventually allowed him to constantly be active and perform acts that many others will deem as "tiring", but he started not to even show the slightest hint of physical or mental fatigue even after constantly getting even more intense training with his mother for three days straight. He was also so into their fights that he ate nothing for 2 days, and still seemed energized without realizing it until the 4th day.



As with most members of the Hyūga clan, Daichi specialized in taijutsu, but in his own way. Unlike other Hyūga members, he didn't have the luxury of living with his clan to fully learn how to master his Byakugan abilities. Even though his father would train him secretly, it wasn't often enough for him to learn anything outside of the Eight Trigrams Rotation and Eight Trigrams 32 Palms. As such, he spent most of his time training with his mother and focused on more brute styles to aid him him in combat along with the little abilities he has from his Hyūga side. Daichi already demonstrated blazing speed; and combined with his amazing reflexes, coordination, and agility on top of his sharingan and byakugan; He can seamlessly dodge nearly any attack while simultaneously being able to counteract his opponent(s). These were traits that made him especially formidable at close range, forcing enemies to keep their distance, where Daichi’s skill made him extremely difficult to handle at close range. Daichi's hard intense training conditioned him into essentially a taijutsu specialist with more than one style of fighting, showing great proficiency in the Strong Foot fighting styles such as Capoeira, Renewal Taekwondo, and Tawkkyeon. While also having a Strong Fist fighting style called Soryu Style with strength can bring down a massive tree with a single strike.

Ashi Style

  1. Ashi Style (足, Leg) is a personal martial arts style created by Daichi Hyūga while training with his mother that utilizes 3 different forms of martial arts together and combining them to create their own style; Renewal Taekwondo, Taekkyeon, and Capoeira. As stated in the name, this is a style that ONLY uses kicks; Using this to unleash swift and powerful strikes that aim to damage the organs of the through brute force, target the opponent's weak points (Spine, Ribcage, Knee, Temple, Neck. ect.) and their weapon. Daichi used this style to disarm 2 high level chunin by breaking one of their legs, and breaking the other’s sword with ease by striking it from the side as it descended.


Daichi is considered to be one of their most unique users of ninjutsu in shinobi history, due to his mastery of some of the most complicated forms of jutsu, so much so that he has even been compared to some past shinobi legends in terms of creativity. He possesses a vast arsenal of techniques, capable of combining abilities such as, the Shadow Clone Technique with ninja tools to create amazing forms of shurikenjutsu. Daichi is also a natural fire user being an Uchiha and all, plus his chakra reserves helps him to rapidly perform high level fire jutsu. However, he wanted to prove to himself that he could be one of the best shinobi to come from his village and clans. For this reason, he trained himself extensively with his fire release nature to prove to the Uchiha Clan that he had what it took to be part of the Clan and even surpass them even though he was half Hyuga. Eventually, his training paid off as he reached a new level, and his regular flames eventually became much stronger than usual and gained a white pigment, allowing him to normally produce white flames instead of orange/red flames. He also has a interesting contol over wind release, which he learned to use with his Ashi Style, to create shockwaves in order to fight from a distance when going up against long ranged fighters.


Daichi is very advanced in Bojutsu for his age, having shown great potential from the beginning of his academy career when he first began learning how to wield the bo staff from his mother. He can effortlessly perform very complicated attack patterns and even mix in his Bo style with his regular Ashi style. His skill led to his mother Shizuka picking him to be her successor for her Red Hanbun blade-staff with the Uchiha Clan symbol engraved on the middle of the pole itself and blade collar. Wielding this staff, he was regarded as being capable of holding his own against the greatest of swordsmen and bo users even at a young age.


Consistent with his slightly child-like nature, Dot wanted to try his luck in genjutsu, where his illusions will typically involve a crow-like creature. Known as one of Konohagakure's most mysterious and unique users. His illusions also have remarkable potency, able to seamlessly affect his targets without them realizing it. And with him activating both his sharingan and byakugan at the same time, he can cast genjutsu on several opponents at once over a vast distance, despite not being in his immediate vision.

Kekkei Genkai

Daichi being half Hyuga and Half Uchiha, has a very rare and unique trait of possessing two of the most powerful Dojutsu in the shinobi world, the Byakugan in his right eye gives him a near-360° penetrative field of vision, with A small blind-spot that exists behind his third upper-thoracic vertebrae — a weakness he is well aware of and trained extensively to overcome, to no avail. However, he took extra precautions to compensate for it by emitting chakra around the area, giving him a way to sense any approaching attacks and slowing them enough to give him time to respond. The Byakugan also allows him to see chakra pathway systems and the 361 tenketsu that run along it. He is able to increase his range over time going from 100 meters up to 2,000 meters (1.2 miles). While his Sharingan, gives him heightened perception and is able to perform various complicated attack patterns. Also with his left eye, Daichi is capable of using space–time ninjutsu, which he can create a barrier that instantaneously teleports himself and anything else within it to a different location. Depending on the situation, he can manipulate the size and shape of the space affected.


Sandāmaru Using His Lightning and Sword

Sandāmaru (空丸, Thunder Round) is a the personal wolf companion of Daichi Hyuga. Offensively, Sandāmaru can shoot lightning from his mouth by channeling his chakra in his throat. Which is strong enough to pierce through tungsten and obsidian with ease. With its Great Wolf Cloak, Sandāmaru can cover himself as well as his allies with a strong and durable lightning cloak to avoid fatal attacks, though if hit too much the cloak will eventually go away. Sandāmaru is very smart but he is also still pretty young and he's very confident and arrogant. He is very impressed with his own speed. Unlike some other ninken, Sandāmaru had no greater plans and was simply content for being the fastest. He also enjoys fighting but only as a way of boasting and showing off his abilities. In confrontation against a group of enemy shinobi, Sandāmaru sometimes waits until the last possible moment to dodge a barrage of jutsu fired at him, then dismembers the hands of all his attackers, before asking them to "Bring some faster guys next time." Sandāmaru shows a creative side, always trying to create new abilities, although they are not always efficient, he manages to work with them anyway. He also carries a special sword with extended blades coming from the side which he coats with his chakra to give a special but deadly effect.




  • Daichi wants to be accepted by Sayū Hyūga by never expresses this because of his own pride.
  • Though they have different mothers, Daichi and Yuhara Hyūga are rare miracle twins.
  • Daichi has a secret crush on Fujihana Hyuga, but it scared to get close to her out of fear she'll die/disappear like his family and ex-girlfriend Ryoka Ainu.
  • Daichi hates his Uchiha side because of his time living with them, but accepts it ONLY because of his mother and sensei, Yozu Uchiha.
  • His base look (face and hair) are inspired by one of my favorite characters, Madara Uchiha.