Daijodaijin Woodland

The Daijōdaijin Woodland (太政大臣, "Forest of the Chancellor's Realm") is the grand and spacious woods surrounding the entirety of the Land of Forests. In year's past, this boundary has served as a successful buffer in times of war and invasion. Enemies have tiresomely failed to enter the realm of the heavy and dense woodland, full of massive oaks and wild animals, many of which tower as high as the trees themselves. In the center of the forest is a large and beautiful lake, the epicenter of the entire country. It is currently the end of summer at the middle of the afternoon.


  • The first Space-Time Teleportation Tags is located on a tree in the center of the forest and the second one is located 20 miles to the west in a giant bird's nest.
    • Using the first tag you will be sent to the Ocean the second tag will send a person to Iwanohashira.
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