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Earth (地球, "Chikyū", Viz: "The World") is a planet located in the Impure World. It is the third planet from the Sun and is split up into 4 Zones. The planet is a terrestrial world with a population of several billion and a diverse ecosystem. Earth has 6 recognized continents and over 340 countries, many of which possess diverse cultures and economies. Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System and the largest and most massive of the four terrestrial planets. It is the birthplace of shinobi and samurai culture.

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Earth has a single moon created by Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

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  • Shinobi Continent (大州の忍, "Ōzu no Shinobi", Lit: "Continent of Ninja")
  • Shijin Continent (大州の市人, "Ōzu no Shijin", Lit: "Continent of Merchants")
  • Temujin Continent (大州の鍛冶, "Ōzu no Temujin", Lit: "Continent of Blacksmiths")
  • Yukiguni Continent (大州の雪国, "Ōzu no Yukiguni", Lit: "Continent of Snow Countries")
  • Yami Continent (大州の闇, "Ōzu no Yami", Lit: "Continent of Darkness")
  • Teikokutoji Continent (大州の帝国陶磁, "Ōzu no Teikokutōji", Lit: "Continent of Empire Clay")


  • Umibozu Ocean (海洋の海坊主, "Kaiyō no Umibōzu", Viz: "Sea Priest Ocean")
  • Wani Ocean (海洋の和邇, "Kaiyō no Wani", Viz: "Crocodile Ocean")
  • Toran Ocean (海洋の冬嵐, "Kaiyō no Tōran", Viz: "Winter Storm Ocean")
  • Usagi Ocean (海洋の卯, "Kaiyō no Usagi", Viz: "Rabbit Ocean")
  • Mojio Ocean (海洋の藻塩, "Kaiyō no Mojio", Viz: "Seaweed Ocean")