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Lord Enō (閻王. Enō ) is a notorious kingpin that formerly held office in the Kaminari Empire. As a descendant of the Kuwabara clan, the young lord is known as a true polymath. Having garnered success as a multi-businss owner in various nations, and becoming the youngest feudal lord to serve in Kumogakure's history as the Thirteenth Raikage; the power and influence he's amassed outside of his homeland as a member of the Black Market is said to rival and even outweigh that of some feudal lord's on their own turf. Due to his profound path-finding abilities and usage his clan's dōjutsu: the Hakkegan, Enō received the moniker Hōsōshi (方相氏, ”One Who Sees In All Directions”) from the ancient Jubokko. Enō's dōjutsu grants him unmatched strategic insight and the ability to completely eliminate potential mistakes, a feat that most deems to make him tactically unbeatable.


With there being few known survivors following the calamitous downfall of the Kuwabara Clan, the ancestors fled Castle Country (城の国, "Jō no Kuni", VIZ; "Land of Castles"), and sought refuge in the Land of Lightning. A voyage said to have taken place around 680 AH. Upon their arrival, many members were known to have colonized the unexplored mountainous regions in the north. Their flamboyant demeanor and unmatched war-making abilities paved the way for the generational wealth and exposure their lineage would accumulate over the years. After the Lightning Daimyo caught word of a clan capable of outclassing the Yotsuki, he'd permanently contracted the clansmen as overseers of the nations militant movements and covert operations.

Whilst the majority were able to use this connection reclaim their prestige and honor. Those indifferent to the ninja-way ventured off onto the revered Genbu, more commonly known as the Island Turtle (島亀, Shimagame). Believing that the braggadocios actions expressed by their relatives would once again lead to their demise, the renegades bound together to carry out the esoteric agenda of their forefathers. Enō's father, Rengoku, was born from the ascetic group that inhabited the turtle and tamed the ferocious beasts dwelling its premises. These families were recognized as the latest generation of copyists born into the clan, as such they were responsible for producing a new retainer for the Kuwabara, and upholding the traditions carried out by their ancestors. In time they'd gain national recognition after founding a pharmaceutical company based on holistic practices that were at the time seen as a rarity within the Shinobi Continent.

Rengoku served as the former bodyguard to the Ninth Raikage, Azyaka Bimu after resigning from his position as head of the Ginkaku Taskforce. As an avid follower of the Monk's that resided in the Land of Lightning, many of their father's teachings influenced Mugen and Enō’s upbringing. Unknown to those outside with access to the monk's teachings, he'd possessed the ability to sojourn from the middle plane (puragatory) and back; he'd been able to access information thought to be lost to other's and even steal the abilities and chakra of other entities. Often times the information acquired would be shared and studied among his children throughout their training regiments.

At an early age Enō found the way of the Shinobi unbecoming of someone like himself. He lived in a land where he was unable to embrace his noble heritage, and forcibly fulfill desires based on others needs. A way of living that clearly opposed the ideals he'd followed at that age. He primarily spent time training and causing a ruckus within the Ōkami Estate. With his close friends being the other prodigal children that made up the academy (Ayako Ōkami, Takeo Kashima, and Jiro Raikyu), he sought to create a gap between him and his peers through healthy competition. Believing that the power needed to create this separation of power dwelled outside the bounds of his homeland; Enō would constantly accompany his older brother Mugen on his travels to the Temujin Continent. Although he initially found discomfort in these journey's, his studies of foreign cultures and grandiose collection of antiques served to be far more profitable than he'd originally imagined. The intellect and talent he possessed at his age lead to him becoming rebellious towards the ideologies expressed by his academy instructors.

Knowing he didn’t possess the power nor influence to sway his classmates and community, he'd withdrew from the academy and moved to stay with his mother, Masayoshi. A well respected guardian of the people due to her upholding the Priestess Phenomena (巫女現象, "Mikogenshō", English TV: "Sleeping Priestess Practice"). Enō found the time spent with his mother to be far more rewarding than what he pictured his experience as a Shinobi being. Her heritage served as the basis for his increasing fascination of dimensional travel and spiritual entities. Prior to her marriage with his father Rengoku, and ventures to the Land of Lightning, she was known to have had encountered Kouwei Uchiha on multiple occasions. According to the dark monk she was the cause of his 20 year absence. With the blessing of his mother, the young king embarked on a journey under the tutelage of a priestess selected by Masayoshi.

Throughout his travels west of Suimin no Kuni (睡眠の国. "Sleep Country") his primary objective was to seek out his father's former sensei and ask to receive tutelage. After spending months wandering the "home of the hermits" as he called it, Enō reportedly never managed to locate the high monk, Azayaka Bimu. When attempting to climb Mount Takama-ga-hara (lit. 高天原 "High Plain of Heaven"), they were said to have been hunted by an assembly of Yamachichi preying around the base of the mountain. The mischievous beasts tracked him down and attempted and partially succeed towards feasting on his life-force while he rested in a cavern west of the monk's embassy. Unfortunately the young lord and the priestess were unable to successfully defend against the grouping and escape, as they were both overwhelmed by the unending waves of yokai becoming attracted. This fateful night happened to be the Hyakki Yagyō, the only memory Enō says he recalls from the event is seeing a blinding light flash from the back of the tunnel and waking under the care of an unnamed guide.

Some time following this event, he was said to have returned to the Land of Lightning for a brief period of time at the call of his father. He'd assigned both him and his elder brother Mugen a mission that would potentially serve as the turning point in the Kuwabara Clan lineage since the downfall centuries ago. Upon hearing their father's request, the two of them set out to locate the legendary Jubokko (樹木子) in order to receive prophecies as advised by Rengoku. While abroad they maintained their eccentric lifestyles for years by selling their antique goods and information they'd collected on foreign countries to an upscale Black Market dealer. It was at this time that Enō built a reputation under the guise of Kinba. After garnering bounties that'd have them listed and outcasted in the majority of the country, the duo had certainly overstayed their welcome in the Land of Tea. The brother's were eventually forced to leave when their identities were nearly exposed by the likes of United Republic operatives that'd began building cases on. With the voyage initially based around the prevention of another clan downfall, Enō had found himself growing accustomed to the mass exposure he'd receive during the alternate lifestyle he lived abroad. He'd finally found a way of living that allowed him to express his radical ideals under the nose of everyone.

Returning to the Land of Lightning two years before many of his clansmen were said lose their lives during the horrific acts of Izanamimikoto. With his clan nearly extinct and his brother absent, Enō stood as the sole inheritor of generations worth of resources and assets. Not one to typically mourn loss, the renegade saw this as an opportunity to restructure his life according to the demon tree's prophetic words. Around this time that he'd soon find love in his fiancé, Maihime. They'd met at the release part of his multimedia agency, TENKA ENT (天火. English TV: "Fire Caused By Lightning").


Enō is identified as a man who despises any sort of social heteronomy. He is of the firm belief that individuals should abide by their own morality and not require imposing social norms to drain their individuality away from them. While this is known to be a very beneficial ideal, as stated by the majority of the Lightning Country residents, the extremities of this ideology lead him to outcast himself from the village at a young age, and be classified as a somewhat dangerous individual.

King Kuwabara is portrayed as entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish; he does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. His insatiable desire for luxury, beauty, and wealth are prime motives in his ambitions. He can be quite a flirt and is not above using his charm to get what he wants. The range of his charm is only enhanced by his legendary successes, with people of all walks of life admiring his high climb from nothing. However, he suffers from bouts of ennui and boredom, harboring a general sense of unconcern for most things including the very nature of the world and the lives of himself and his subordinates. As such, he craves excitement, as seen on multiple occasions abusing his power and authority to instigate conflicts for his sheer amusement. This recklessness, coupled with his apparent flamboyant tendencies help fulfill Enō’s avaricious nature. Rarely ever visually upset or happy, he appears completely monotone and detached on most occasions, even when he callously murders his own associates for insubordination. The only times he ever shows emotion are usually in the middle of intense battles or when his visions fall through when nearing fruition.

Given his ability to project his magnetic personality one would quickly find themselves as a puppet in one of his improvised dialogues. He himself compares his talent to that of the great Koyuki Kazahana. On the occasion that an individual or cause of events should cause his emotions to flare, Enō often advises his subordinates to quickly evacuate his vicinity if Jiro isn’t present. During his blind rage is when Enō is revered the most, noted for his inability to overcome the hindrance over his mental state in exchange for the power granted for abandoning his self of reason during episodes. It’s rumored that this is a result of karma weighing in on his greed, others reference his heavy drinking tendencies as the reason.



Enō is a slightly undersized, well-built dark-skinned man with a face easily described as chiseled to perfection. He has luminous golden eyes stemming from his lineage to the Kuwabara clan, often they're used as a spark in conversation when attempting to charm individuals. Many say they're the key to his charm and often associate them with his fancy for gold items. His hair is a walnut brown color and is usually worn down in a shaggy fashion, complimenting the ascetic guru garb that he wears. Enō dresses in the simple and loose clothes that he received from the priestess in the Land of Sleep, but on occasion he dresses in luxurious outfits reflective of his noble position. Located on the center of his forehead is a gem known as Ukiyo's Crowned Jewel (浮き世宝冠, English TV: "Jeweled Crown of the Fleeting World"). The young lord is famously known for his luxury assortment of antique jewels and charms, as such he's constantly sport golden jewelry on his person at all times. It's said he's never been seen in public without at least one piece of jewelry on. King Kuwabara, ceaselessly sports a stylized teal magatama necklace that he stole from a gang of bandits who attempted to assassinate him after being sold counterfeit Shinobi-Ware.

Chakra and Attributes

Chakra and Control

His predecessors were known for their immeasurable chakra levels, ideally serving as the perfect vessel for a bijū or entity. Clearly his bloodline heavily factors into his massive reserves, however even the Jubokko praised him for his monstrous chakra during his visit. Enō was born with naturally high chakra reserves, which led to the expectations set for him by his parents. His presence alone, is enough to make people second guess battling him. His stamina is on the exact same level, as he is able to hold fights for days if need be. His mentors tend to scold for fighting recklessly because of his reserves. A feat made possible due to the arduous training methods he partakes in, and battles that cause him to exceed his limits. When the spectators and distant bystanders felt the pressure of his chakra during the Chūnin Selection Exams, he was said to possess chakra comparable to that of the beasts that live on the Genbu.

Something so intimidating yet potent hadn't been expected from the young child, as such he was branded a cursed child with uncontrollable power. People unaware to the method used by monks to convert solar energy into another energy source would easily miscalculate the potential power possessed by someone of Enō's stature. One of the monks most recognizable abilities in terms of the ninja arts is his control of his chakra. His father, theorizes that due to his social anxiety, the young priest had the rare opportunity to truly connect with his inner reservoir of energy. His sensitivity to his own body is nothing short of prodigal, able to increase or decrease the flow of chakra within his body with pin-point precision at will. His flawless chakra control allows him to constantly change the frequency of his chakra and embody surrounding spiritual energies while in battle thus making him a hindrance for even those proficient in sensing chakra or spiritual presences. Even as a child traveling with the ascetics he was often mistaken for a powerful shinobi in disguise. Known for his natural talents in the ninja arts, his mastery over elemental chakra was practically inevitable. Utilizing the Magatama, chakra has become another appendage to him serving as an extension of his being. His ability to manipulate his nervous system has allowed him unparalleled chakra control, being able to fight and react at speeds deemed impossible. Enō has shown the ability to cast multiple jutsu simultaneously using a mixture of different hand seals and chants effortlessly.

Life Force & Willpower

As a member of the Kuwabara clan, he naturally possesses a magnanimous life force. Their life force is said to be the greatest of any earthly clan, enough to sustain themselves, and should the need arise, others while still retaining their lives. Such a level of life energy presents them the power to survive otherwise devastating attacks. He’s often confused for a yōkai or celestial being due to his body brimming with vitality. It’s even capable of being perceived by those who are untrained in sensory. Enō has an undying will, a mind fortified such as his is considered to be impenetrable. He has various forms of meditation that he practices routinely in order to sustain his mental capacity. Also possessing the ability to render his body numb to pain and stress both physical and emotional via his bloodline limit. However, no amount of training or mental manipulation can compare to his will to live, and continue garnering wealth and vitality.



Given his ability to use the Hakkegan, Enō's ability to perceive and discern the specific natures of ones chakra and body comes with relative ease. Utilizing the predictive capabilities of his dōjutsu allows him to not only perfectly emulate his opponents moves, but also actively analyze their movements thus allowing him to often disregard the need to change his chakra to sensory mode (感知仕様, kanchi shiyō. VIZ "perception specification"). When using the Sensing Technique he can detect his enemies presence or chakra up to several kilometres away by simply maintaining consistent contact with the ground. By use of his teachings as a guru, Enō primarily makes use of his path-finding abilities (経路探索, "keiro-tansaku") before resorting to the use of his dōjutsu. When acquiring substantial evidence, he uses both in collaboration to accurately pin-point individuals that could be nation's over.

Due to the natural phenomena that occurs within the body of the Kuwabara, he's granted the innate ability of electroreception allowing him to perceive electric stimuli within his vicinity. When chakra is used in the application of this occurrence, he's able to even pick up on electric signals and frequencies produced by technology.


Unarguably, the most fearsome trait of Enō's is his tremendous intellect. He is well-versed in the history, strategy, and tactics of Shinobi world, and is privy to knowledge unknown to many. At a young age he took advantage of the vast resources found in his father's estate and archives before his death. The monk's memorization is quite profound, allowing him to seamlessly remember minor and major details of a wide variety of concepts simply without the use of his clan's dōjutsu. Within battle, Enō focuses on strategies that will epitomize the completion of his goal. If it means to avoid combat entirely, he will do so. The amount of time Enō spent climbing Mount Takamagahara was enough to reflect a lifetime of wisdom, therefore he isn't an egotistical person when it comes to combat situations; all he will do is meet the designated criteria. As such, he fights according to what is necessary. In order to preserve himself, Enō further refines his strategies to incorporate his enemy's abilities, commonly using various feints in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses that he is dealing with, before coming up with various strategies to deal with them accordingly. He has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. He is very literate in body language. He can often predict what an opponent will do before they do it and better plan his attacks this way.

Speed and Stamina

Enō possesses tremendous speed, agility, and reflexes. Unalike those who suffer from bouts of “stamina deficiency” (スタミナ不足, "sutamina fusoku") due the drawbacks of the artificial electric organ's produced by Sozo Corporations; the rare and warped phenomena that naturally occurs in the body of Kuwabara clansmen, he's granted the ability to constantly reach speeds rivaling and often surpassing the speeds permitted by techniques requiring chakra augmentation. Modern sensory methods are often incapable of gathering an accurate reading of his movements, due to the raw speed he boasts. Many mistake his ability to move at such blurring speeds for the activation of genjutsu, due to the glimmering afterimages created by his jewelry. During the invasion to colonize the Land of Thunder, opposing forces exclaimed the inability to perceive his movements due to the absence of a dōjutsu such as the Sharingan. Entire platoons were said to fall at the feet of King Kuwabara. He alone was recognized as a national threat following these events, and has since been recognized as one of the fastest individuals on Earth.

Durability and Strength

Enō has shown the ability to take massive amounts of physical punishment but still remain conscious and able to fight. As a child, the countless beatings he'd suffered at the hands of the beasts on Genbu were his way of circumventing the training regiments he'd been forced to endure with Mugen and Jūro. Over the course of his career as a black market dealer Enō's life had been threatened on many failed assassination attempts to poison him. Although his body remains immune to most common toxins, it's been noted in his analysis of Mount Takama-ga-hara that his body received critical pains when exposed to it's atmosphere. Given his massive lifeforce and the abilities permitted by the Magatama, Enō's able to withstand damage from life-threatening attacks and remain conscious to actively mitigate restoration.


Given his knowledge of the human anatomy and unprecedented skill to manipulate his own nervous system, Enō is able to accelerate his self-done operations at moments notice. By use of his clan's kekkei genkai and dōjutsu he's created multiple methods of regenerative abilities to compliment his durability. The naturally high vitality and monstrous life-force he possesses; serve as the basis for his incredible restorative abilities, many are ignorant of this information due to the majority of his clan's information being redacted from history.



While not classified as a strength fighter by any means, Enō utilizes his size and speed in order to gain the upper-hand in hand-to-hand combat. Despite suffering great psychological trauma during his climb of Mount Takamagahara, Enō still found the experience beneficial. He awakened the Hakkegan during his trials, and in doing so he was able to mimic the fighting styles he'd now observed. Whilst traveling with Mugen he was able to successfully master the use his clan's kekkei genkai. Possessing the ability to tap into his bodies full potential in a moment's notice created a significant gap between him and the opposition. Upon his return to the village, he was able to develop the Narukami Kata. The fluid movements and precision strikes followed in rapid succession leave very little time for opponents to properly counter, a feat commonly observed in the fighting styles of previous Raikage.


Enō's skill in Ninjutsu, while initially only average has expanded greatly over the years to such a degree that he's capable of using it as his primary form of offense if need be. Having created several different elemental ninjutsu; it is not the least bit surprising that Enō possesses masterful skill in this art. He demonstrates remarkable control over the shape of his chakra, he's even been observed to change the shape of some of his elemental ninjutsu at a moments notice. With such incredible surges of potent chakra, he can use techniques in rapid succession without worry of exhaustion. Even against the likes of other clansmen, he uses relatively few techniques, but with them, is able to accomplish what normal shinobi need many techniques to accomplish. Often times, he can fight for long periods of time using just one technique. Because of this, the true number of ninjutsu Enō actually knows is unknown, as he has never felt the need to use them all.


His skill in Genjutsu is second only to his prodigous skills within the arts of Bukijutsu. His natural gifts having made him naturally adept at this art and thus it was incredibly easy for him to use high-level Genjutsu at a reasonably young age and his gift has allowed him to make his illusions incredibly realistic and potent. Unlike most other forms of such Genjutsu, Enō's generic genjutsu aren't transmitted through the medium of direct eye contact, like the Sharingan, or by sound, but is instead transmitted through his very chakra and by the sensation of overall perception. One of Enō's greatest strengths in terms of illusions, is his ability to destroy opposing genjutsu users and thus generally come out on top in such exchanges, even against wielders of the Sharingan whom possesses a natural affinity for Genjutsu. Through his talents in this particular field, Enō is known to methodically break down the Genjutsu of his opponent by means of manipulating the Genjutsu itself, by combining his own Genjutsu with that of his opponent to supplant its hold over him and allow him to amass progressively greater influence over the illusion itself. To be capable of employing these tricks of his however, Enō is dependent about having a secondary medium through which he can affect himself with Genjutsu, the prefered one being his own chakra-infused ash. However, with access to these mediums, Enō's ability to defend himself from hostile Genjutsu is virtually without parallel.


Enō's most common use of sealing techniques revolves around the use of the multiple seals placed on the layers of his clothing and jewelry to perform the Lighting Flash Creation at imperceptible speeds. Due to his depiction as a long-range fighter, he's shown the ability to use techniques such as the Jibakujutsu and apply them to weapons for to produce various offensive and defensive capabilities. Following his practice as a seer he's demonstrated the ability to utilize the Shikigami Technique to imbue his willpower into objects and corpses alike to do his bidding. By manipulating objects they're even capable of creating sealing barriers (封印結界, Fūin Kekkai) powerful enough to immobilize targets and deflect high level attacks.

Kekkei Genkai

Enō awakened the ability to use golden eyes for their true purpose at the age of 8. Receiving training from the Jubboko allowed him to gain knowledge dating back to the founding days of his lineage, information such as history, techniques, and other lost articles. Retaining such information was like child's play for someone of his demeanor, using his Hakkegan he cheated the normal learning process through extensive genjutsu based training sessions. Well before adulthood his Senrigan was fully developed and served as a staple in his mastery of ninja arts. As his clan's origins remain unknown to the majority of the Shinobi Continent, most consider him to be amongst the few prodigy produced from his generation. Maximizing the two abilities presented by his dōjutsu, Enō has become a venerated fighter known for his masterful execution and unorthodox tactics. His title as the "All Seeing" stems from his mastery of the ability to perceive the physical and spiritual bodies residing in his vicinity with clarity bound by his foretelling ability. He notably uses the ability to acutely discern weaknesses to his target's physical body and mental, allowing him to further execute his operations excluding the help of his predictive abilities. As the ability allows the user to produce countless futures within their mind alone, fighting is viewed as a game of chess within the eyes of the young Raikage.

Through secret use of the Magatama, Enō otherwise known as a long-range fighter excels within the world of hand-to-hand combat. By abusing the ability to manipulate his nervous system, he's given the ability to engage in arduous battles without the thought of exhaustion while also maintaining an upper-hand given his regenerative and foretelling abilities.


Manzen (漫然. literally meaning: "Aimless" or "Desultory") is a giant ram believed to be apart of the endangered hitsuji species bred within the Land of Monks. Manzen is an eccentric, slothful and highly empathetic ram. He is known to engage in pointless conversations often rambling on about stories of the past, hence his name reflecting such mannerisms. He does not take orders from those who possess selfish motives outside of Enō's authority. One would be quick to note his linear actions often reflecting Manzen's morals being cemented in his psyche, only completing tasks as he's required in order to use minimal energy. As a result of his strict mindset to uphold these mannerisms, many perceive his actions as sluggish or lazy. While he does retain the ability to communicate with other wildlife species, Manzen constantly passes along information regarding the environment and the its lore to his summoner. Using his knowledge of the world Manzen became known as the first of the hitsuji to have an affinity to Earth Release, his second being Lightning Release which he learned from his latest summoner Enō.


  • Sakari Studios (さかり. Prime of One's Life. English TV: "Peak Pharmaceuticals")
  • TENKA ENT (天火. Fire Caused By Lightning)



  • Enō (閻王) can be translated to mean "Yama" or "judge of the afterlife".
    • It is pronounced 'EN—YO'
    • Yama is the Hindu god of death, king of ancestors, and final judge on the destination of souls. He is also known as the 'King of Justice'.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Enō's favorite color is gold
    • Enō's favorite foods are grapes from the Land of the Jungle and yakitori ((焼き鳥, "grilled chicken")
      • Yakitori is a Japanese type of skewered chicken. Its preparation involves skewering the meat with kushi, a type of skewer typically made of steel, bamboo, or similar materials.
    • Enō wants to fight Kechi.
    • Enō's favorite phrase is "Cash rules everything around me!" (現金は、私の周りのすべてを支配します, "Genkin wa, watashi no mawari no subete o shihai shimasu")
    • Enō's hobbies are creating music and collecting jewelry.
    • Enō likes attention and fame while he strongly dislikes being ignored above anything else.
    • During his adventures to foreign lands, Enō adopted the name Yama in order to conceal his identity as a Kuwabara clansmen when traveling. As foreigners took notice of his mystic works, many tales of a traveling diviner were spread primarily across the eastern continents.


  • (To Ayako Ōkami) "Let's get this show on the road shall we? I'm losing money by the second!"
  • (To Animals of Genbu) "Look ya fools, aint no new rules. Don't get no drool, on my diamond jewels or I'll feed ya to the wolves. Word to Ayako herself, I'll distmantle ya and put you on my top shelf."