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Heiwa (平和, Heiwa) is a descendant of the Sozo clan and the Ninth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. After serving the village for over a hundred years he became known as the Grandfather of the Hidden Leaf Village (木ノ葉の里の祖父, "Konoha no Sato no Sofu"). Acclaimed as mythological healer, it is rumored that he can fabricate a cure to any affliction, concoct complex medicines with ease, mend wounds with only a touch, and formulate mortifying poisons effortlessly—many claim the man to be nothing more than a fable. In all the time he has lived Heiwa has never taken the life of a single person.

He is credited as the founder of the United Republic, an international coalition of countries. Nothing short of an icon, the man's fame does not only originate in his restorative powers; he is a celebrity of sorts, having appeared in a number of television shows and movies. Merchandise all throughout the world are printed with his name and face while documentaries and books tell of his exploits. He is the CEO of the Sōzō Corporations (創造法人, "Sōzōhōjin", English TV; "Sōzō Corps"), a medical science and technology conglomerate with international influence. Although currently in retirement, he is keenly aware of world conditions and looks out for the best interest of all people. ➜


Heiwa was born as the heir to the Sōzō clan in the Land of Carrots before the Warring States Period (戦国時代, "Sengoku Jidai", Viz; "Clan Wars Era") and during a time of relative peace and prosperity. He and his sister Yorokowa were nobles of the country and were taught in the aristocratic manners and customs of the time. Unlike Yorokowa, Heiwa was kind, inquisitive and thoughtful, even for his age.

During such a time he would obtain the moniker of Prince Heiwa (平和王子, "Heiwa Ōji"), having been groomed to take over the clan from birth. Early on his father and caretakers noticed an unusually robust physical power in the boy, resulting in them placing a mental limiter on his body to qualm his uncontrollable strength. This was said to have been inherited from his mother, Kanjiirowa. Heiwa found it difficult to master the clan's techniques and struggled in areas of thinking ability, unlike his younger sister. Their father, Daidaiwa, taught them both much about love and hospitality and would equip them with morals that would follow at least Heiwa for the rest of his life. By the age of 4 he was already attending meetings with the daimyō and sitting in on clan disputes in order to take in as much information as he could.

Factions within the clan that wanted to take a more hardliner approach to foreign and domestic matters begin to stir trouble. Eventually an attack on the upper echelon of the clan occurred with two of the casualties being both his parents, a sight he himself witnessed. Their attempted coup against the clan failed. This caused the young boy to develop quickly, though he would not take on his father’s strict disciple of kindness and love, seeing how in the end it resulted in his death. Heiwa took care of his then one year old sister at the age of four, roaming the countryside and begging for food. Eventually his grandparents located them and took them in. His grandfather Momowa Sōzō trained him in the techniques of the clan and helped him perform duties as clan lord. Before long, however, Momowa and his wife Akiwa succumbed to the curse of the clan and perished. Heiwa thereafter not only vowed to find a cure to this ailment but promised to bring true peace to the world. From this point forward both he and Yorokowa would split paths.

Heiwa would spend several years traveling the world in order to acquire new jutsu and further his knowledge of not only the human body but those of animals as well. He’d come across countless conflicts and wars which he would seek to mend while gaining a name and renown for healing either side of conflict in order to cause a stalemate and broker treaties.


With a strong moral code and an idealist outlook it is no wonder that Heiwa has been called a pacifist—the fact that he has never taken the life of a single person makes it seem as though this is indeed the case. In reality, though, the man is simply driven by love and the desire to see the best in people, even if the best is not as obvious as one might hope. This has in many cases become his undoing, especially so when he pardons hardened criminals on mere sentiment alone. Such kindness is to a fault, noted by a number of his confidants and advisers over time. It is true that the doctor is also quite absent-minded sometimes, trailing off in thought and saying erroneous things at the most inappropriate times. This can baffle those who meet him for the first time, expecting such a famous man to be an awe-inspiring genius. Ironically, despite his power, Heiwa does not see himself above others and does not desire to tower over those whom he leads. He has always emphasized cooperation and teamwork. This ideology led to his founding a coalition of international countries which would usher in global peace for several decades. One should not think that he is unaware of his capability and power. Another of his faults is his overconfidence and pride. As a man well-aware of the caliber he wields, Heiwa will often toy with opponents or puff himself up when around admirers. It does not help that he is an icon and celebrity with fans in almost every country on the globe. He truly believes himself to be what people claim of him and takes great pride in hearing about his exploits—even the ones of fable.

When it comes to the lives of others, however, the man will throw his own desires and ambitions out of the window. The innocent and the weak take priority with the doctor. This is seen in his self-sacrificing spirit in leading Konohagakure for more than a century. Many within and outside of the village call him the Grandfather of the Leaf Village (木ノ葉の里の祖父, "Konoha no Sato no Sofu", Other; "The Geezer of the Hidden Leaf Village"). He loves a good joke and has a strong sense of humor. The public know Heiwa to be quite the womanizer and lecher; he is very well acquainted with many women throughout the world and some claim that he has over a hundred illegitimate children. His second marriage with a certain politician and priestess epitomized his oblivious and perverted manners; throughout the course of the union he never discovered that she herself had stepped out of the marriage, having a child with one of his friends and advisers.


Orange hair is perhaps the man's most defining attribute; the hair and green eye color is something he shares with those of his clan. The carrot locks come down to the center of his back. His bangs are quite spiky and reach the middle of the forehead. Two jaw-length strands cover the sides of his face and ears as well. No one really knows exactly how the man looks in the face because it is rumored by tabloids and the media that he has altered the dimensions throughout time. Otherwise, he is considered to be very handsome by his plethora of paramours. Without his sandals Heiwa comes in at 6 feet 3 inches but with them he is about 6 feet 5 inches. During combat training he has been seen to have a highly conditioned and muscular body without a single scar from his many centuries of experience. Heiwa wears a loose-fitting evergreen turtleneck that expose both of his brawny arms. Beneath the turtleneck is a sleeveless fishnet mesh and various hidden tools. In fact, it has been revealed that all throughout Heiwa's attire are concealed instruments, especially so in his large lab coat. The coat itself is an off-white with two pockets on the front and several on the inside. On the back of it he wears the symbol of his clan proudly. His pants are a darker hue and have both front and back pockets. Under his pants are a protective fishnet mesh with black trim. He usually wears traditional geta sandals in a black color. The sandals have a small button just under the middle toe that once pressed releases a retractable blade from the front while a button below his large toe releases one from the back of the sandal.

Heiwa's sandals are actually training tools—each of them are weights. Beneath his turtleneck is another set of armor weights, just around his waist. This weights also weigh the same amount and function as a defense against attacks. On his lower back out of view Heiwa has secretive three seals, each with the corresponding kanji number inside of a sealing circle.


Chakra and Attributes

Heiwa is a possessor of Igaku Chakra (医学チャクラ, "Igaku Chakura", Viz: "Medicine Chakra")—the specialized chakra produced in the body of all Sōzō. It is a mint-colored energy that maintains cleaning and healing properties, able to disseminate healing power while also cleaving away at detrimental deeds by way of sensing intent in an individual or thing. It cannot completely sanitize an energy but can decrease its power considerably. When it takes on this role it is often called disinfectant chakra (消毒剤チャクラ, "shōdokuzai chakura"). Even for one of the Sozo, the doctor’s energies are incredibly formidable in such a way that his chakra adds an extra vigorousness to even the simplest of jutsu. Lower caliber techniques are promoted by the inclusion of his chakra alone. A small portion of it can be enough to nurse a patient back to health while allowing it to air out can cause tremors, segment concrete or expel opponents. The strength of Heiwa’s chakra is monstrous in physicality, no doubt due to the nature of his own physical energy which is mostly displayed through muscular strength. Each and every one of his jutsu possess an automatic dosage of yang making them more vivacious and lively. For this reason it is notably more difficult to break-up the energies within the man’s chakra to their elementary fractions—the resistance met would be daunting.

It's unfortunate—despite his distinguished caliber and plethora of skill, Heiwa's chakra reservoirs are quite "deplorable", as he would put it. In other words he possesses average chakra, though it wasn't always this way. In his prime he possessed an enormous supply that makes his current measurement seem as though it were nothing, some calling it an "ocean of chakra" (チャクラの海, "chakura no umi"). In present times he jokingly dubs it a mere "puddle of chakra" (チャクラの水たまり, "chakura no mizutamari"). It should be noted that the reason for this decline in reserves originates in the unfettered experiments on his body which essentially costs him a bounty of energy; his cells and organs all feed on his stamina and chakra. Still, Heiwa is capable of wielding powerful techniques in quick succession, though with strain and minor exhaustion, depending on how far he should push himself. Prolonged combat is generally out of the question for him, though he is not against the use of supplements and jutsu to temporarily increase whatever amount he currently has. Nevertheless, Heiwa's genetics afford him larger-than-usual chakra cords which allows him a much faster execution of chakra than normal and nineteen additional chakra nodes which would, normally, produce in one considerably large reserves.

Chakra and Control

To a man like him chakra is nothing more than a limb—he wields authority over it as mere mundane happenstance and as if he and it were inseparable. Regardless of the multiple tasks of the operating room and front lines, his hegemony over chakra baffles even the adept. He fashions it in a professional caliber, concocting his energies, processing his jutsu and delivering the finished product at astonishing rates and on microscopic and particle levels. There isn’t a single speck misplaced and so each technique is executed with the highest and most infinitesimal accuracy. Should he need to the man can supply others with his chakra, matching theirs effortlessly. Conversely he can loot an opponent at an insatiable velocity that fragments the energies and repackages them for consumption. Heiwa’s attention to chakra control has allowed him a unique ability which sees to it that he can remotely manipulate it and spread it about in order to cast area-of-effect techniques. Furthermore, the doctor teaches only the most impressive of his students his methods; to graduate from his curriculum they must know how to accomplish an extraordinary task—tying a hair-thin thread into four knots using their chakra alone. Even while his attentions are divided these things are irrelevant to Heiwa, so-much-so that he can operate several jutsu—simultaneously.

Life Force

The doctor’s body occupies a fantastically colossal life force which has bestowed upon him power that seems mythical—there is so much of it that he is teeming with life and vitality which makes him biologically immortal. He owes much of this to the power of his bloodline limit and the gem on his forehead. Left to his own devices he can live forever, maintaining his youth and spirit. Even if the man should undergo the extremes like blood loss, dismemberment, impaling and other fatal attacks, he would still persists. It may be noted that the greater damage he receives the lesser his condition becomes. Still, though, as a result of his life force he is nigh impossible to kill by normal means, much-like the other immortals of history. Uniquely Heiwa wields the power to both sap the life force of others and share his life force on a whim. Should he benevolently divide his life energy he can raise the dead or revitalize the broken and if he should take he can enfeeble and opponent or even kill them. Formulated by him, these jutsu are called the Life Force Transfer Technique (生命力転送の術, "Inochiryoku Tensō no Jutsu", Viz: "Life Force Suction Jutsu") and Life Force Absorption Technique (生命力吸引の術, "Inochiryoku Kyūin no Jutsu").


Should it come as a surprise? It goes without saying that one of the few who has carried the title of Hokage possesses the Will of Fire (火の意志, Hi no Ishi), granting him the mobility of passion and reason to continue forward, even when the odds and reality are up against him. Those like him with a truly manifested will might find themselves with a burst of spontaneous power where there is none to deal with the seemingly insurmountable tasks before them. Even in times where he would like to project his thoughts and feelings to others the man is trained and tolerant, capable of masking his desires through sheer willpower alone. Much of this subduing of oneself comes from his extracurricular activities as a convincing actor. This suppression is valuable in times where one must act with caution. As a shaman Heiwa has confronted every avenue of his failures, fears, intimidations and even subconscious prejudices he and others have about the most mundane things. He is unfettered to the worldly ideas of terror and agitation and as such both his mind and body are at total peace and find no trepidation in another person’s intent, regardless of who they are and what the odds might be. His physical and spiritual self is in perfect union with the natural world around him and are in a faultless state of enlightenment. Someone as enlightened as he thinks through philosophy and the reasoning of deduction, wasting not a single moment on doubt.



Foregoing the need to perceive others in a typical manner, Heiwa is more inclined to use his natural senses. While both his eyes and nose are his most spectacular tools he is no stranger to relying upon taste, hearing and cognition to accomplish tasks. Most of his skill in this area originates from his time as a field-doctor; it was imperative that he made use of all his faculties to determine the scope of a poison, injury or attack. It should be noted that he can smell in a similar manner to animals, defining specific individuals and objects from considerably vast distances. Not even what one might think to be odorless attracts his sense of smell—his nose can find the trail of a chakra’s scent as well. While in a perimeter of twenty meters or so he can hear something as specific as a heart-beat, inhalation or exhalation, should he exert enough focus. Perhaps the most extraordinary display of the man’s perceptive abilities is his power to recognize, appropriate and archive biological energy from chemical reactions within a person. This is a facet of his kekkei genkai and bestows upon him the ability to detect abnormalities in people or to simply find them based on the life energy they emanate. It might also be referred to as “organic matter detection” (有機物検出, “yūkibutsu kenshutsu”) and might allow him to better pinpoint toxins or diseases in a person or place.


Contrary to popular belief, the doctor is by no means a genius—not through natural talent at least. Heiwa does not and never did possess the prodigious wherewithal to be dubbed such and had to work incredibly hard to attain any sense of real accomplishment. He relies heavily on experience and teamwork to come to even remotely accurate conclusions and even then often times finds himself confused and bewildered. Someone like him is fortunate to have lived several centuries so that he can pool from the encounters of the past for a variety of purposes. When it comes to medical practice he has an incredibly extensive ledger of past and present successes which contribute to his continued accomplishments. Otherwise, Heiwa is sometime absentminded and child-like while finding great pleasure in a cheap joke. Even so, he is not to be trifled with and is impressively skilled at reading people as though they were one of his patients at a doctor's visit. The smallest tick, heart palpation, drip of sweat or twitch can reveal to him a variety of things, even though he plays it off as though he knows nothing. An unusual asset of the doctor is his irreproachable renown as a an actor. He is able to play just about any role and can pretend to be even the most complicated of characters, should the need arise.

Speed and Stamina

Even if you don’t blink you might just miss him. With acceleration and movement that does not disturb air currents, water or sound, he is most certainly a contender for the title of “fastest man alive” (生きている最速の男, “Ikite iru saisoku no otoko”). Although his speed is generally contained into short bursts as a result of his poor stamina, it has been likened to a surpassed Body Flicker Technique—at base. With his legs arguably being the strongest part of his body, Heiwa uses them to wield astonishing transit rates which allow him to change direction within a hair’s breadth or evade detection from those who can discern him through docile and triggered methods. This is because there is a lapse in his “existence” for but a moment. Such an incredible attribute is powered largely by experimentation. Heiwa has over three-times the normal portion of nervous tissue in his body which bestows upon him a spectacular level of speed and reflex capability akin to a kekkei genkai. His limbs react on their own and his brain is attuned with high-speed movement which allows him to miss not a single moment. This execution of speed is not limited to his body as a whole; he can isolate different parts to move at this incredible pace as well; soundless and seemingly weightless in a controlled manner. These extra neurons allow him to produce complex and simple movements with little to no effort and with minimal muscle movement which makes it that much more difficult to ascertain his intentions through sight. As many of his pupils know, Heiwa is the creator of the Advanced Body Flicker Technique.

Heiwa suffers from a unique complication that he has dubbed a “stamina deficiency” (スタミナ不足, "sutamina fusoku"). He has run experiments, tests and trials on his body and as a result it is heavily modified to be at prime condition with additional heavy costing benefits. This means that Heiwa’s body requires far more energy than normal. Possessing a bounty of additional neurons than the average person, incredibly dense flesh and bone and wielding wild strength and astonishing speed makes it necessary for him to expend constant energy, even while he is at rest. As such the man often times stops mid battle to catch his breath and doesn’t favor long drawn out combat and prefers to end serious conflicts quickly. Sometimes, however, he will get carried away with the glee of combat which is certainly a weakness his enemies have exploited.

Strength and Durability

It is no small feat to possess physical strength far greater than those of your own species—especially if it allows one to crush stone to a fine dust and tear through metallic alloys as though they were paper. A single strike to the ground gives him the authority to pulverize concrete and send shock-waves through a wide radius. One such as the doctor needn't a direct blow to end a conflict because the very pulsation of force emanating from his attacks do not stop short of his reach, extending several meters outward before losing vitality and even going so far as to deal incredible blunt force trauma. The power of these shockwaves can be controlled which is an audacious feat. Should one of these connect, a person could either find themselves torn asunder, unconscious, or worse. It is said that his strikes, regardless of what body part they originate from, are incredibly dense and do not require build-up to produce their heavy-damage dealing results. This superhuman brawn comes from what is called the yang force (陽力, "yō-ryoku"), a term only used when referring to the superhuman strength naturally exhibited in Heiwa as a result of his potent physical energy. Having been born with such an exceptional vigor apparently produced within the man a distinctive and unique muscular fabric several times more robust than an average human. This otherwise unnatural power explains why he has been observed dismantling the base of mountains and hoisting above his head the towering massive fallout and debris—with one hand. What not a single soul knows, however, is that Heiwa has had a mental limiter on his physical energy since adolescence. This was done, not out of desire but necessity—his strength's capacity was so concentrated and unfettered that he lacked the overall ability to condone it effectively, often-times crushing things of great value with relative ease. During these times it became apparent that in adulthood he would possess a power that could splinter diamond.

Even without the strength stowed away Heiwa can lift several thousand tons like a rag-doll and release a concussive force that turns even those of metallic durability into emergency room patients. His controllable capacity has been increased through arduous training, drugs, and experiments, not to mention awe-inspiring jutsu. Using sheer muscle power alone he can stop himself dead in his tracks, regardless of momentum. One would be a fool to confront him head-on. As a product of his mighty strength it should be no surprise that Heiwa's bodily resilience parallels. He boasts an extremely high toughness which turns not only his skin but his body tissue and bones into dense hardware which allow him to withstand strenuous conditions and repel even sharpened metals. It would be inconsistent to describe his endurance to be something merely similar to metal—it should be called a non-Newtonian fluid, if anything. With this capacity he can undergo a series of intense attacks without succumbing to their harmful effects—even crushing pressures similar to deep-water environments fail to domesticate him. Coupling his strength and durability, Heiwa is more than capable of preoccupying the force of an attack which might cause it to dissipate as if it were nothing. As his stamina falls, however, so does his durability.





For what reason is a man dubbed God of Shinobi? No doubt due to his supremacy in the ninja arts. Heiwa is well-learned in ninjutsu, so much so that so-called basic techniques in his hands become powerful instruments of deception and destruction. The Body Replacement Technique and the Transformation Technique—although elementary—are mainstays in his arsenal and Heiwa uses them without hand signs and simultaneously in order to throw an opponent off. He can produce Shadow Clones at a distance without seals or clouds of smoke and they can even persist despite attack. Heiwa possess all five basic chakra natures as do most the Hokage before him but has a natural affinity for four—fire, water, earth and yang—through Chemical Release. Although rare, when Heiwa uses elemental techniques they are executed with superb quality.



Kekkei Genkai




There are those who evoke his name in times of need and others who tell tales of his fable around campfires. His name alone has become a talisman for the sickーin many cases people believe him not to be real at all, attributing his peerless restorative miracles to paraboles, folklore or the work of the divine. Novels and dramas are performed in celebration of his life. Some say that he is the manifestation of a health god while others claim that he is but an allusion or allegory to inspire and teach. Rumors suggest that without even seeing a person he can cure their ailments and restore their livelihood. One such people believe that if they declare his name their children will be born without defect and livestock will yield favorable offspring. He is an icon for refinement, healing, medicine and science. Schools and institutions across the globe brandish his titles. Methods of his tutelage and catalogs of his wise-sayings are not isolated to any one place; even in the most remote of lands the idea and myth of his very existence persists in one way or another, often-times being embellished far beyond any truth. It is without question that Heiwa Sōzō is of mythical reputeーhis name alone being synonymous with good-will and good health. The fact that he has lived for over four centuries attributes to such claims, even among those of his very own clan.

As one of the legendary Sandaishū, it is well understood that the man is of an incredible caliberーthe three members each possess the mark of a God of Shinobi. Mighty ones of all generations flinch at the thought of battle with him and even those strong-of-heart act with great caution, knowing that a single strike from his so-called “nightmarish strength” alone can terminate a man. It is not foreign for people to approach him for a cure or healing; many of them travel far and wide. He oversaw the longest period of peace during his tenure as the Hokage; the history books call this era the “golden age”. It was he who bought along the 100 Year Peace (百年の平和, "Hyaku-nen no Heiwa") enjoyed by both enemy and ally. Aside from his accomplishments as a doctor and warrior, Heiwa is the founder of a multi-trillion ryō conglomerate shamelessly dubbed the Sōzō Corporations. They produce medicine and technology for people all around the world, improving the lives of the most unfortunate. Having used his non-profit organization the Order of the Medical Corps (医療部隊順序, "Iryōbutaijunjo"), the man has opened clinics and hospitals in the most irrelevant and populous of places, not to mention astute universities of grandeur, one such appropriately being named Heiwa University (大学の平和, "Daigaku no Heiwa"). During times of disaster the order has also been responsible for emergency response. Such institutions are the pinnacle of medical studies and aid. In fact, it was Heiwa himself who founded the process of triage centuries earlier, including the notion of quarantine. There are a plethora of accomplishments that contribute to the lore of this mythical man, far too many to name in one place.



  • Heiwa (平和) can be translated to mean "peace" or "harmony".
    • It is pronounced 'HEY—WAA'.
  • Although he is of a distinguished clan, Heiwa's reputation supersedes that of his lineage. As such he has become a mononymous person, only going by his first-name.