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The Jigen (次元) Clan are a small but noble group that exists on the outskirts of the land of knowledge. They are infamous for their use of space time ninjutsu. Unrivaled in their respects by any being on earth or the cosmos above.

Their numbers appear to be few because most of their people are scattered throughout the innumerable dimensions parallel to our own. Pale white skin and sickly white hair, similar to the Otsutsuki, Their eye color ranges anywhere from a piercing oceanic or cerulean blue to a starry white. The current manifestation of their clan is located on the outskirts of the Land of Knowledge, though they may have fringes in "other" locations elsewhere.

Infinite Soul

They are not beings born of this corporeal plane, but gifted to this realm of confined 3 dimensional space. Though their body may appear to take on a 3 dimensional form, their soul adheres not to such conventions It is this very soul that gives rise to what is known to the clan as Jigen Chakra.

Much like their soul, there seems to be no end to the reserves of a member of the Jigen clan's chakra, at least as far as the 3 dimensional eye is concerned. Though their chakra reserves are infinite in Euclidian terms, there are several layers to infinity. Pragmatically speaking, this translates to a direct limit to how much chakra one can draw at a given instance. Think of an infinite water fountain vs an infinite water fall.

If one tries to go past their reserves, one can experience something known as chakra strain. The severity of which can limit your use of chakra for several posts or several years depending on the severity. But so long as they stick to they're parameters, their reserves may never dwindle.


Select members of the Jigen clan possess two sets of Dojutsu's collectively known as the Jikūgan (時空眼). Each eye delineating and relating to certain properties of the spacetime continuum. The eye designated to the spatial aspect of their unique abilities is known as the Rokugōgan (六合眼), while the Temporal eye is known to the clan as the Jikokugan (時刻眼). The preliminary stages of the dojutsu's advancements deal with the perception of these continuumatic aspects, gaining abilities that each eye affords as one develops their visual prowess.

Base Attributes

Rokugogan: Dimensional eye, being able to see in 4 spatial directions. This involves 360 vision similar to other dojutsus, as well as being able to peer into, but not interact with, dimensions parallel to our own. Advancements in fine control over this dojutsu allows x ray vision as well as other visual advantages.

Jikokugan: Temporal Eye, Allows the user to peer throughout the 4th temporal dimension, being able to unveil the truth about the past, present, and future throughout a given temporal distance upon visual confirmation.

There doesn’t necessitate a visual distinction at this time between the two dojutsu's, just a qualitative difference between it's potential abilities.

Advanced Derivations

Kūgeki Jikugan

Shinsei Jikugan

Choshinsei Jikugan


Fun fact: Members of the clan go by their last name when dealing with other members of other clans. In interclan relations, they have what we consider first names to go by.

Members of the clan do not naturally have any other nature transformation (unless they are hybrids, which is extremely forbidden in the clan, they view companionship with a human the same way government officials view bestiality, barbaric and unsanitary) besides there own exclusive chakra.

They can however, with any nature transformation, be learned, but they can only be learned, as is convention, one at a time.

Those of the Jigen clan do not have a sea of chi like most mortals, but more of a fount of constantly streaming chakra. And with training, the inlet there of can become wider, granting the user more uses of chakra at a given time. For those of pure bred decent, they are unable to naturally store chakra from this stream as traditional shinobi can, but must use this energy as it passes in and through and beyond this current moment of time

Many members of the Jigen clan have an impeccable sense of time, usually just as accurate as the nearest atomic clock, sensitive to the nearest gravitational fluctuation. For this reason clocks are seen as an ironic fashion statement than a necessity. Most members, of those who are left, don’t own one or need to own one

It is rumored that the Jigen clan are actually cursed. 4 Dimensional beings forced to inhabit a 3 dimensional form. Some members hold great resentment towards this relatively flat, 3 dimensional world, as well as all it's inhabitants.

It's very much as if you, a 3 dimensional being, was forced to live in mario's world. The richness and complexity of your 3 dimensional reality becomes literally a paper weight of what once was. The experience would be agony.

"We don't belong here"