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Jirō Raikyū is a shinobi from Land of Lightning's Raikyu Clan and serves as its lord since youth. He was rumored to be a tyrant within the perimeters of his clan's home when in actual this may not be the case. As a man with closer ties to the 8-Tails Jinchuriki, Takeo Kashima and of that Kuwabara clan—this may be the reason why he is serving as a shinobi despite the reserved status of his clan.


Born to the Raikyū clan, who was noted to be a reclusive clan of women who grew tired of their male counterparts underestimating them because of their gender. And so they departed from their respective clan* where they migrated and spent decades on a mountain; where it was rumored to be where the first lightning strike. This is where they named themselves after the fact that the first ninth lightning was at the mountain and not anywhere else. And so they were surrounded by a continuous stream of lightning storms and with constant exposure to such would culminate into their cells so much that it was almost as if they produce actual lightning instead of one produced by chakra.

With archaic traditions can be quite a problem for a wayward bird like him—as it was due to his gender that he was constantly discriminated against and/or to be held in high regard within his clan. For his existence is considered a curse and blessing for those within the clan that a male heir means the end and/or beginning of their clan as it was, without a fail, producing female heirs since its existence until now. As the clan lord of Raikyu is the one who continues the bloodline alone; for the female clan lord of Raikyu are impregnated upon struck with a bolt of lightning.

Despite his local reputation was contained respectively within the established village; he is typically associated with the likes of Hikaru Raikyū, Takeo Kashima, and even his lifelong lover, Ayako Ookami. At the same moment, he was justly feared and even worshipped within his clan for being the family lord with such political power in his impressive arsenal to rein the clansmen from vainly trying to corruptly influence his lovely sister. Whose necessary actions can be misinterpreted as a tyrant in the cultural outsiders' observant eyes when in actuality it wasn't the case—he was ensuring they wouldn't use his sister as a pawn to promote their own agenda.


On the composed surface, Jirō appears to be reasonably strict with such particular edges for his personality—This was noted by many others that he intimidates them due to the reputation culminating about him to be a tyrant; this was undoubtedly the work of the countless members who wished for his little sister to invariably succeed him. In an intuitive sense, Jiro was true to every word described— though this was apparent he was putting on a mask in the unavoidable presence of others; intentionally keeping the acute sense of nobility in every considered word, intellectual stature, and social activities of his. For he was carefully disciplined to promptly put his own emotions aside for the sake of his village, people, and even those who he held close to his loyal heart. On the other hand, those who comprehended him would know he represents a kindred and carefree spirit; to be rather open-minded about particular topics. Often greet countless others with a sincere smile without intentionally discriminating them by their unique heritage, complex origin, and so forth. This might be enough something that enabled him to be friendly with rather troublesome people. At the same instant, he can be humorous and joyful in his actions, behavior, and even more so when around his peers.


Jiro's distinctive appearance can be unique in a straightforward way that his fierce eyes naturally reflect one's electrifying desire into poetic form—with their hair color in all lovely shade of peach blonde.


Chakra and Attributes

Chakra and Control

To possess an amount of chakra like a tailed beast—isn't something to laugh at as a shinobi as well as a person. A single glance upon the chakra within him would describe it to be akin to a continuous thunderous storm inside a human. It is apparent that he was able to create countless of Jutsu at a whim. Though this would require Jiro to prepare for several set up in doing so. On the other hand, his chakra control was impressive for someone like him as he sought to prolong the usage of his power. As well as that he was required to master his chakra in so to channel and store the real lightning into their electric organ. And then execute techniques in tandem with the stored energy infusing into them.

Life Force

It is no surprise when it comes to Jiro's incredible life-force, he is stated to able to live longer and able to outlive any member of any earthly clan. Such life-force is credited to his clan's ancestry in the Land of Castle's Kuwabara clan. This may be the reason why he was even considered as one of the potential hosts within the council's meeting when making a new Jinchūriki. As he was a prime vessel to hold a tailed beast and survive the intensity of its chakra due to his incredible life force. Fortunately for him, this wasn't the case as his mother rejected it due to traditions within the clan.




Through the Dōjutsu of Raikyū—Jiro is capable to detect all sorts of electricity in things and living beings. Which makes it difficult for one to hide their entire presence as their bodies produce even electrical charge which can be detected by him. At the same time, he inherited the electric organ of Kuwabara, though evolved to adapt to constant exposure to lightning; which allowed him to send out a pulse of electricity throughout his body to detect a change in his presence.


Through the electricity throughout his body as well as a greater enhancement in his lightning can grant Jiro a super-speed thinking process that allows him to think at the speed of light and perceive events in place to analyze his environment in only a second. Though this is clear that he is capable of reading at super-speed rates, accumulating mass amounts of knowledge in seconds. However, this was proven to be only temporary as it disappears from his mind in such a short time. It is the same for his knowledge of hand seals—this was proven to be temporary.

Speed and Strength

Durability and Stamina







Kekkei Genkai

Jiro Raikyū is shown to be capable to dismiss the damage brought forth by electrocution—due to the makeup of his body which grants the shinobi immunity to all sort of electricity, even underneath water. At the same time, it was due to Electric Organ that his body produce bioelectricity for him to utilize it to detect, communicate, and even in offense. This may be where it differ for a Raikyu as the electric organ possess an additional feature that never surfaces in the Kuwabara clan. In this, the organ offer as a storage to contain even the likes of an actual lightning from nature itself. This means Jiro could contain an actual energy of lightning that occurs in nature and carries it in his body like a lightning in a jar. This grants him a greater benefit in his jutsu, especially when facing someone with an ability to absorb chakra. As a result of this storage of lightning, he noticed he was able to perceive and process things at a much faster rate than before. With indication, the potency behind the energy he possess can be much more stronger due to the Spirit of the Thunder Gods (雷神の精霊 Raijin no Seirei), a secret that is passed down through the previous to current lord of Raikyu. Though this isn't a practical ability—all object from forks to papers would often be attracted toward Jiro for no obvious reason other than that his body was emitting a electromagnetic field, though passively. This hints that there's something more to it but for now he dismissed it as a unfortunate side effect of being exposed to countless of lightning storms.


Stood at 8'5 with his traditional garb, much similar to a Native American garb in real life. It was no doubt the symbolism of power for Nagahachū (長爬虫, "Boss Reptile") the chief of all reptiles in existence. Although many had addressed him as Lizard King (爬虫王将, "Ōja Hachū"), he doesn't consider himself as such because Nagahachu perceives his existence a reptile with a purpose; which is to speak for his people. It is said that he was one of the very few oldest animals in the entire world to possess such intimate knowledge of the world itself, in so making him one of the historians as well as a lore keeper of the world's history. It is said that he holds power over the element of lightning with a mere chant or word to summon through a lightning ritual dance, though this was done with Nagahachu's sage energy—this may be suitable for someone like Jiro.

The triplets of the Lizard King with their own respective abilities; Akahachū (鱗爬虫 , "Red Reptile"), Aohachū (青爬虫 , "Blue Reptile"), and Midorihachū (青爬虫 , "Green Reptile") with the latter the oldest. Akahachū is the rowdy, hotshot, and loudmouth brother who possesses the power of fire for his own, though his usage was limited to the so-far seen fire-breath. Aohachū is the calmest and patient sister who had inherited her father's virtue and patience but inherited the healing ability of the water element. And then the third. Midorihachū is the strictest and overprotective brother over his siblings and even those who earned his respect. Midorihachū never possesses any particular element—he relied on his tactics and strategies, even more, to fight with weapons or even his hands. Out of the triplets, Midorihachū is the most eligible to succeed their father as the Lizard King.




  • He has a fear of wolves, which make it ironic as he marries a Okami.
  • A single kiss from Jiro could overstimulate senses, in a good way.
  • He noticed that his body reproduce new cells before cells could die and so this may decrease such physical aging.