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Kashi (火死) is a Shinobi of Hidden Petal Village in Land of Coins that emerged recently with the man Kechi as one of his many students under his tutelage. With a goal of his own he desires to become the strongest fighter in the streets, not only acquiring allies of his own in the local gangs he seeks to destroy Land of Fire.

Collective Theme

The concept is inspired by Suzaku of the South though it also uses aspects of the Eternal Phoenix tying tightly to the themes of death, resurrection, and fire. This is what defined Kashi in many aspects; from their appearance, fighting style, and even abilities that are related to or in correspondence with fire, healing and resurrection. His personality also reflects on the fiercity of fire and heat in which the Suzaku is associated with, attributing it to the focus of the theme. Like the Phoenix Kashi was born from the ashes of his predecessors' bodies breaking free from their past lives at the moment of death, doing so he was able to break free from his past and start anew. He also have an close affinity with Fire Release.


File:Waking Up Kashi.png

Kashi after waking up from his death

Born to a penniless couple he was sold to Kechi of the Hidden Petal Village in order to give him a life that could be better than what his parents could offer alone. With Kechi's tutelage and guidance he was able to advance through life without harsh ordeals, it wasn't until he turned 13 that he had enrolled in the Academy where he was able to progress through the classes and graduate with such a incredible record of excellent grades in a single week, not only giving him the promotion to a Genin he also was regarded as one of the rare cases in the Academy as a result. Though this was but a fabricated past, one that were devised by the Scammer. As Kashi was instead born in the Laboratory from within the ashes of Suhaku Goka's corpse through the power of the Phoenix, though with a great cost for his resurrection.

He intended to forge bonds anew through his fire.


File:Kashi Angered.png

Like every member of the Goka Clan Kashi are described as a quite temperamental and hot-headed with a quick-fuse manner in which disregard any logic in his actions or response to things, often addresses with anger and destruction following. When Kashi appears to be upset he can release a quite fume from his nose, though more angrier Kashi gets he become redder in such a comedic way though this often can escalate things. He isn't a stranger to foul-language as he often employs it in his fits, displeasing his mentor when it occurs.

At the same moment, when Kashi isn't too angry he can be described as rather presumptuous yet egotistical which can be boosted by his sheer intelligence assisting him in the way he addresses problems provoking him to be rather crafty. This can often be the offset to his undermine good personality, as he was in fact a rather emotional boy who had been rather energetic about friendship and youth, also had been shown to be overprotective of his friends, especially the weak ones from danger. He claimed that he would fight a hundred men just to make sure his friends aren't harmed. Because of this fierce loyalty he displayed he is regarded as aniki by those younger than him in Hakka gang


It was no secret that Kashi would be a popular one who had been idolized and envied by those his age; coupling it with his magnetic personality. With the hair and eye are in the similar tone of red complementing his ebony skin it also attract attention of numerous girls his age not only it added to his popularity it is the reason why he get pulled into fights with the delinquents often. Both his ears has gold earring in the shape of a single dot indicating his heritage, though it is also accompanied by a golden necklace that carries a single Divine Beads acting as a weight shifter. He also has two gold rings on his right hand, located on the pointer and middle finger, acting as a brass knuckles to deal with his opponents.

Like every member of the Goka Clan one tends to wear a big piece of clothes that are red. In Kashi's case he is described to wear a cloak in the color of red one that compliments both his eye and hair color over his overall attire. Not only that he also takes on some familiarity as his mentor Kechi's clothes; more so the high collar funeral garment and purple sash silk belt indicating the master and student relationship. With two pouch appears to be attached to his black pants' waist he also has the black shoes to compliment his pant.

Chakra and Attributes


Kashi has a unique chakra type that can be likened to Fire Chakra a shinobi molds though this appears to be a passive trait in his body it is due to the Goka Clan bloodline; it can be heightened by rage, or how bitter one can be.

Chakra Reserves

It is no secret that Kashi had possesses a incredible amount of chakra for his age he was able to use of his chakra to perform countless jutsu in order to combat his opponents. It is noted that it can be likened to fire inside Kashi's body. It is also regarded that Kashi can increase his chakra reserves basing on how angrier he gets, not only increasing the reserves of chakra it enhance the potency in each jutsu though this comes with a great disadvantage. In a fit of anger, Kashi are likened to a tailless Biju.

Chakra Control

With the Hijinryoku it is easier to generate, manipulate and endure fire as if it was breathing though it is noted that he was required to have some great control over his chakra in order to remove any possibility of his techniques backfiring at the Goka. Though this was no secret that Kashi had a easier time molding his chakra to use fire and heat-based techniques in his everyday battle as it came as second nature to him rendering usage of hand-seals null. However, the Goka admits to others that he had a long way before he could truly say he can reach the pinnacle of fire. And then he had some considerable control over his Lightning and Yang chakra to perform Taijutsu and Lightning-based techniques to invoke a incredible barrage of attacks, though it is noted it is more difficult to mold Water chakra as it often evaporates upon attemption causing him to drop the thought of using water-based techniques unless he found a better method to utilize it.

Life Force

As a member of the Goka Clan he inherited the robustious yet abundant life-force of the clan that rivals even of the Uzumaki Clan which acts as a major component in the majority of his techniques allowing him to counter with incredible physical force. This is what allows Kashi to endure numerous experiments and difficult wounds that would have claimed his life had it not for his incredible life-force. It is said that he is optimized to become a Jinchuriki and survive, attributing it to his life force.





Never a good one with the field of sensory Kashi at least know the common practice enough that he is able to discern whenever someone is near him though this isn't with a incredible detail as it only could be translated as a 'fuzzy' feeling.


Kashi can be rather intelligent despite his harsh personality for he had displayed great memorization and is able to retain information after taking a single glance able to discern the value behind abilities and tools. Through it can be evident in battle as he was able to formulate and execute numerous tactics in a quick succession, not only that he was also able to have counters in place had his initial plans failed. Still, Kashi prided himself in his memorization as he could recall accurate details regarding things that occurred in the past this would serve him in the Academy as well as in gambling causing him to succeed through them. On the other hand he was shown to be rather creative and innovative in making concepts out of existing tools, revising them into better versions of them in the end. Though his intelligence are often offset by the much-more explosive personality of his.

Hand Signs

Because of the Goka Clan's Fire Method it is rare for him to use hand signs to muster as it requires none to perform Fire Release it was likened to breathing, and dancing. Though on the other hand when he do use hand signs it is usually for the other elements he was able to shorten the amounts of hand signs the techniques requires, reducing it to just a single hand sign, though in doing so he was to execute the initial sequence in thought; which could take only a moment to use. Doing so had created a illusion that he did not in-fact need numerous but only a single hand sign.


Comparable to a Body Flicker Kashi is able to cut distance between him and the destination in a minute or two though in doing so he can exhaust his stamina. In the same moment it is also clear that Kashi is capable of catching up with a train or outrun a horse causing him to be even faster than your average civilian.


From birth it was clear that he had inherited the same strength as his father Suzaku Goka as he was shown to be able to lifting objects that are several time larger than himself at relative ease without breaking a sweat. On another account someone witnessed him to punch a boulder in a fit of anger steaming through it until it breaks in the exposure to his sheer strength. At the same time, it is also noted that Kashi had been capable of creating holes on the wall whenever he fights. In the same breath, it is also mentioned by others that Kashi had a obsession of showing his strength off by crushing rocks in his hand and reduce it to dust without much effort attributing it to his powerful yang.


It is also attributed to his powerful yang that he is able to endure the most fatal punches from your average shinobi to a greater degree until it starts to accumulate enough damage. Despite damages dealt to Kashi it is noted that he had been rather acceptable of pain and proceeded to endure through it, allowing it to anger him so that he would be able to dismiss the painful sensation and continues to fight as far as his body could take.


As a member of the Goka Clan it is not a surprise that Kashi also was awarded the bountiful stamina that are associated with great physical energy in which can allows him to last longer than the average Shinobi though much like others he has to rest and eat in order to regain stamina. Still, he can last about a day and half without rest.


Because of the power of Phoenix Kashi is able to recover from wounds and generate both limbs and organs anew no matter how severe the damage is, though more severe it is longer it takes to heal from. At the other hand he is able to heal from minor wounds as long he is covered in fire, either by his own or natural allowing him to recover in a quick succession allowing the fire to 'consume' the wound and destroy it as if there was never wounds in the first place.





As a wielder of the Sharingan he was able to make use of its abilities to perform Genjutsu: Sharingan though it is also noted that he is able to combine it with the Fire Method to perform incredible techniques in such a quick succession. Though it is clear that because of his chakra control it was possible to invoke a genjutsu without relying on the Sharingan still he was able to make use of his fire as a medium to coerce his opponents. However, he admitted to others that he dislikes this particular field and tries to use it less than the others.


As an student of the Hidden Leaf Village's Academy it was expected of them to know some basic skills regarding how to seal items and release them in the same succession. Something that he had retained of and mastered truly as he was able to seal the Uchiha clan's Gunbai and Goyosoken onto his arms it is also noted that because the seals are created from his chakra they can give off a burning sensation upon touch and not only that it also is seemly immune to the destruction of his resurrection.

Kekkei Genkai

KashiGlarep2 .png

When activated the Kashogan and Sharingan manifested in the both eyes which provides numerous abilities accessible to Kashi. In the same moment he also inherited the Hijinryoku in his body that allows him to generate, control and even more from fire and heat. In the left Kashi is able to set things to explode upon glance, in similar fashion as Amaterasu and possess a infrared vision that enables him to perceive heat signature; in the other the Sharingan in which allows the user to perceive chakra in others, able to make use of its copy ability to steal, cast genjutsu and to perceive things in much slower rate allowing prediction and more.





  • The translation of Kashi can be also translated as Fire of Death, or Death of Fire, indicating his resurrection from death engulfed in flames.
  • File:KashiInGarden.png
    - According to the people in Hidden Petal Village Kashi can be found in the local garden where he was recommended by his anger management therapist to take up gardening as a hobby to subdue his anger. Though it can be noted that it often are hit with forest fire.
  • Kashi has a irritation for anything associated with Land of Fire and reacted harshly whether someone mention it.
  • He is dealing with Dissociative identity disorder in which manifested after his original's death.
  • He has been engulfed alive by Curse of Hatred because of the death of his close friend and cousin, Rika Uchiha, the abandonment by his mother Yozu Uchiha and even more. Though it is noted that the Suzaku (Spirit) enjoys the taste of his chakra and soul because of it.