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Keji Isogi (急ぎケ路, Isogi Keji) is a descendant of the Isogi clan. After graduating from the Hidden Petal Village academy he was surprised to find out that his father purchased his rank as chunin from the village chief. He trains hard in order to earn recognition from his peers and estranged father while rejecting his family's obsession with wealth and prominence.


Keji started the academy early and with great enthusiasm. He was eager for the relationship he saw jounin senseis have with their genin teams. Keji was able to graduate at the age of eight, pushing himself because he kept making friends who were older than him and would graduate first, leaving him behind. His relationship with his father is not close, and his view of himself as a son resembles a miniature struggling employee.


Keji has a bright and inquisitive nature, with a frosting of nervousness that he does his best to work past. He desires to prove himself as worthy in his own right, apart from his family benefits. Until he can do that he feels that he doesn't deserve and isn't ready for his rank as a chunin. His favorite color is green.


Keji resembles his father, with warm brown skin and ruby-pink hair and eyes. He wears his hair in thick chin-length locs that fall over his forehead protector. He is slightly underweight for his age, with a high metabolism. He can often be seen fidgeting slightly too quickly to look natural. Keji prefers loose, soft clothing that resembles his father's, but he is frequently seen in his chunin uniform training.


Chakra and Attributes

Chakra and Control

Keji is lightning-natured, and has inherited an undeveloped affinity for yin and yang chakra from his father. His control over his chakra is slightly advanced for his age, as one of the exercises assigned to him involves regulating his chakra circulation, in hopes to forestall complications with his kekkei genkai. His main method of utilizing his lightning chakra involves channeling it into metal, usually his senbon.

Life Force




Keji has an innate sense for chakra and its directional relation to himself. His aim improved significantly once he began charging sparks of lightning chakra into his senbon to increase their sharpness and durability, as he could then also sense how close they were to the target. Keji's sensor abilities need to be refined, but they are of enough note that they were one of his skills listed in the 'official' justifications for his chūnin promotion.


Speed and Strength

Durability and Stamina




Instant Step



Dash Technique


Voltaic Arc Technique



Keji hasn't learned sealing yet, but he is interested in pursuing it as he gets older. The way seals' appearances can conceal incredibly complex functions fascinates him.

Kekkei Genkai

Keji has the Shunjichoshin, giving him boosted speed and mental processing. He is still young to experience most of the adverse health effects of his bloodline. In attempts to give him the best start to life, he has been taught chakra exercises that will help keep him from complications until he starts using his kekkei genkai more heavily in the future.