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Kuragari (暗がり, Darkness) is a descendant of both the Uzumaki and the Nubatama Clan. After leaving his grandfathers Assassin school to return home to the Land Of The Moon's hidden moon village, Kuragari took it upon himself to see to his sisters training and further make money by supporting their family as an Assassin. However, most of the Nubatama Clan soon met a dreadful end and their numbers decreased drastically, almost becoming extinct. Now living in his home alone with his baby sister, he vowed to not only rebuild his Clan but keep his sister safe by eliminating anyone who threatens their land, or his clan. Including others from his own Village and Country.


Kuragari was born into the Land Of The Moon inside of the Nubatama Clan Estate to the far western side of the village, being the firstborn of the beautiful and ruthless anbu kunoichi of darkness, Ivy Nubatama; And the lesser known shinobi of the fire nation, Nikoeru Uzumaki. He had been raised by the both of them together and was taught the basics of fighting and using his chakra at a very young age, being only 6 years old when he learned to first use his chakra. As expected, he had great potential from the start and was able to control his chakra surprisingly well, even awakening the 1st base state of his Nisshokugan by the time he was 7. However, from there things had only seemed to grow better as he soon was able to meet with his baby sister who had just been born september 10th, a month after his own birthday. Kuragari spent a few years with her, creating an unbreakable bond with each other. Though, a couple months before his birthday, his grandfather and leader of the Nubatama Clan, Kazuya sent for him to attend his school, for training to become the clan successor.

His life with his grandfather wasn’t the best at first since he wasn’t used to being in such serious situations that arose the moment he reached the school. His grandfather taught him how to properly move in silence even when moving fast, this technique was a combination of concentrating chakra to the souls of his feet in a more advanced way to keep his feet from getting cut up or bruised by any tough terrain while also taking soft and gentle steps to avoid any traps that may be set off by the weight of his body. This was a style of chakra control known only to the Nubatama Clan, being unheard of in other clans. With that training alone along with his own jutsu mastery, Kuragari was sent off on a few C-Rank and D-Rank missions just to test his ability to survive on his own. Stating that any Nubatama Clan member that didn’t return never heard had any potential or right to call themselves a member of their Clan. However, Kuragari returned safely to the school where he was put in a sparring match against another student the next day to see their skills and exactly where they needed to grow.

After the fight ended, both Kuragari and Kuro were beaten up very badly but even so his opponent was tougher due to him being under training longer. The young Nubatama child may have lost the match but he was praised by the others for his skill, including his opponent Kuro. However, his grandfather wanted him to be the clan successor and took it upon himself to make his training more harsh. Kazuya brutally beat Kuragari everyday until his was able to withstand multiple heavy strikes strong enough to fracture or break a bone, but there were random days that this occurred at random times until the young boy learned to properly use his Kekkei Genkai to sense his opponent in order to properly evade and(or) counter. During these random times, Kuragari managed to master the flicker/teleportation technique in both offensive and defensive manners which he displayed in those sessions with his grandfather. Due to this, Kazuya helped Kuragari hone his skills for about half a year before sending him on a solo mission to assassinate 2 other members from the Nubatama Clan, 1 Kidozaku Clan member, and 3 Ishi Clan members.

Their hideout was inside of an underground fortress near a river, near the base of the mountain in which the assassin school was located which made things a bit easier. However, his grandfather sent another young Nubatama student to tail and observe his methods, this student's name was Reiza Nubatama. Finally upon finding the hideout and carefully infiltrating them, she had been reporting everything back to Kazuya telepathically. Kazuya was pleased with his methods until he got down to the last 3, all members of the Ishi Clan. He no longer followed the rules as if he developed his own style of assassination, but his style was more brutal and straight forward. His new display of assassin tactics GREATLY displeased his grandfather as it was the exact opposite of what he was taught even though the mission was completed.

After the mission had been completed and the young warriors returned, Kuragari was hurt from the experience but nothing too bad, on top of that; He had grown even more in combat and his senses were increased greatly, allowing him to get out of sight in the blink of an eye and sense incoming enemies from over 6 miles away. Even though Kuragari saw this as a success on his behalf, his grandfather wasn’t pleased in the slightest and banned Kuragari from going on anymore missions for another 3 months. For the next 3 years, Kuragari had seemed to learn the ways of his grandfather's teachings, but he also formed a VERY strong and deep bond with Reiza. The boy was now 10 years old and Kazuya decided to send him on one more mission just to see if he truly embraced the ways of the assassin school, this was a B-Rank mission to assassinate the leader of the Ishi clan who had been plotting to eliminate the Nubatama Clan as a whole.

However, the one thing Kuragari didn’t know was that his grandfather was tailing him using a secret ability to eliminate any form of being detected, which is what was used by Reiza before to tail him. Once again, Kuragari had shown that he cared nothing about the assassins' true ways of killing as he continued his own style of fighting as if he were in a regular face-to-face battle. To Kazuya, that had been the last time he planned on letting his grandson off for rejecting his teachings. It came down to the point where he arranged a deathmatch between his own grandson, and Kuro. Stating one thing in front of the entire school. “Since my grandson has continued to reject my teachings and the way of our school. I will be putting his skills to the test against Kuro, our greatest assassin student to make it this far. The winner will receive a special technique, name, and weapon. This battle will take place tomorrow evening in the death pit. You’re all dismissed.”

The same night, Reiza helped him prepare for his deathmatch; Helping him out with tips and strategies in order to come out the victor. Not only that, but the 2 shared a night of intimacy for the first time which made their bond much more meaningful than anyone else's. But little did they know, someone had been listening to their prior conversation about strategies and waited until

Kuragari shares his first kiss with his first love, Reiza Nubatama

the two of them went to sleep to make their move. Kazuya sent assassins of higher ranks to kidnap Reiza without making any sound so Kuragari and the others didn’t wake up which worked out perfectly for his plan. The next morning once the two stood in the death pit, Kazuya made a “special” request for his grandson, and set his plan into motion by stating. “Kuro has a gift for you my dear grandson, I have no idea what it is but; Turn around, your gift will be in the box prepared behind you near the wall.” Kuragari was confused but he also realized that Reiza hadn’t yet shown up and he didn’t want to start without her.

But regardless he needed to; As such, Kuragari walked near the wall to open the box. His eyes widened with surprise as a stream of tears began falling down his cheeks. The laughter in the background was Kuro laughing along with a few others who had done the kidnapping. But there was 1 thing none of them were aware of, none of them knew Kuragari had already unlocked his Nisshokugan, nor did they realize just how much damage they had done to him. His chakra suddenly became visible and an extremely violent wind pressure surfaced around him in a very mysterious way. Kazuya yelled for the match to begin, though when the young boy turned around to reveal his face, the clear hatred in his face sent shivers down the spines of everyone there except for Kazuya and Kuro (mainly because he was cocky). His chakra became stronger with each passing second and his Dojutsu suddenly activated out of the blue with no warning at all, which is where things truly took off.

Kuragari Pissed After Finding Out Kuro Killed His Girlfriend Reiza

(Death Of Kuro Coming Soon)

With this, he was declared to be the winner and unlocked the second state to his Nisshokugan. Kuragari was still completely unaware that his grandfather arranged the death of his girlfriend, and gave him his weapon, the Zenyatta blade. A modified Kusarigama with a Katana and an axe instead of a sickle-like blade. He was also granted the title “Shikuro Of Teleportation (Shi meaning death, and Kuro meaning Black/Dark) and was taught the ability "Silent Shadow" for the next few weeks until he completely mastered it. Not only that, but he took it upon himself to take the chakra embedded in the chest of Reiza for himself to permanently add it to his reserves before he was sent back home to the Nubatama Clan Estate to be with his family, his little sister, and his best friend.

He spent another year further honing his skills with his mother and father as well as teaching his sister how to better control her chakra, Kanora was also like a little sister to his best friend Xenovia and she was also learning how to bond with animals as well as use them as a companion in battle. Kuragari took note of this and would even join in sometimes, though he wasn’t the best at bonding with the hyena companion she had. For this reason, he stuck to his own techniques and ways. Though, he had to leave once more to go on another mission. He was sent on a private mission by his mother to assassinate and return a young girl back to her estate, the girl's name was Akari Kagayaku. For this particular mission, Kuragari wore a long dark purple cloak with his clan crest on the back of it, always keeping a hood on but he also wore his mothers’ special mask. The young shinobi spent weeks getting details from anyone who last saw her, but he soon had to get creative which is when he visited a Kagayaku clan member in secret to get a piece of her clothing, having his snakes get her sent to track her down that way.

This way seemed to have had the best results, though it took him months to finally fully complete his job due to taking time to observe their coordination, abilities, and intelligence. Wanting to get the full knowledge of his enemies instead of running blindly into a situation that can end up with him or his target dead, possibly both. However, after doing so, Kuragari would purposely make a small noise to attract one and lead them far away from the group before assassinating them. He continued this for weeks as he wanted to make a game out of it as well, taking them out one by one and making them run. Finally, it came down to the last enemy and with no mercy, Kuragari dropped down with his Zenyatta blades and completely severed the ninja's arms and head from his body. Now turning his head to face the young shinobi girl who had been kidnapped by them before speaking out to her, hiding his real voice by mimicking someone completely different while using a code name. “My name is Cole, I’ve been sent to rescue you and return you home to Kagayaku Estate in the Moon Village.”

Cole (Kuragari) and Akari after he rescued her from kidnappers

In doing so, he now had to figure out how to get back to the village, but he wasn’t in too much of a hurry, afterall she could be someone to train with. The two of them spent at least 2 weeks together. Training and learning each other more, though of course Kuragari kept his identity hidden as well as keeping his darkness abilities to himself, limiting himself to only wind release as to not blow his cover before finally returning to the village. Returning her safely to her home  before finally disappearing without a trace back to his own estate with the use of his silent shadow technique once the girl was inside of her own home. Now back in his own home estate, things continued perfectly for another full year until his father and mother were both Assassinated, along with his best friend Xenovia and the rest of his clan. This event caused Kuragari to fully transform for the first time into a more demonic looking form which terrified both his sister AND his enemies before killing every last one of them without any remorse, any hesitation, causing destruction everywhere until his entire estate was covered in bodies, blood, and missing limbs of his enemies.

After about 10 minutes of pure chaos, the young shinobi fell unconscious from too much chakra being used up by this particular form since she had no control over his chakra in this form since that was his first time ascending. Though once he awoke, he absorbed the chakra from the seal on his mothers chest, permanently adding it to his reserves, and letting his sister take their fathers massive chakra. Though within moments, the young shinobi was still very out of it, and due to this reason, he and his sister ran off to find a different home within the village, an abandoned house where they slept for the remainder of the night. Everyday after that, kuragari kept working as an assassin until he earned enough money to fix up the house, getting everything settled only a couple months after the death of their clan. Where the journey leads him next will be quite the adventure.


Kuragari was a happy child, eager to please and easy to get along with. One of his most significant bonds is the one he had with his baby sister, Kanora, who by merely being mentioned can elicit strong reactions from his otherwise calm demeanour. Kuragari and Kanora both adored each other as they grew up, enjoying each others company above all others'; as an infant, he would hold and talk to her whenever she'd cry and she'd immediately stop. However, when he had to get sent away and trained by his grandfather at the assassin school, he was saddened that he had to leave her behind. From that point forward, Kuragari promised himself one thing and that was to do his very best so he could return home to her and show her what he'd learned.

Though, as time went on at the assassin school; His personality began to alter as he continued to endure such brutal and harsh training just to become stronger. As this went on, he began taking that playful nature he had when he was around his sister, and using it in his fights. He became incredibly flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful of other ninja/assassins; even taunting his adversaries as often as he could just for the fun of it. Even in the most serious of situations, his training had fully showed in battle as he continued to joke around while STILL being able to focus and take a battle seriously even though it never seemed like he did.

However, once Reiza was killed, his personality once again altered a bit, her death had a hard impact on him. This was also something he hated to speak about and think of, and for that reason he generally stays calm, and is now also a slightly soft-spoken person who tends to keep his thoughts and emotions to himself. It's because of everything he's been through that he carries a mysterious atmosphere about him everywhere he goes now; even those who were closest to him, such as his grandfather, began to have no knowledge of what his true intentions were whenever they were around each other. Even when he returned home and was reunited with Kanora, things were also different as their bond had faded due to them being away from each other as well as Kuragari seeing and learning what things were really like for ninja. Though eventually the two of them did in fact get another unbreakable bond back, but Kanora had finally learned about the hardships of becoming a ninja from Kuragari as well as their parents. Which meant they weren't as carefree and naive as they used to be when they were younger.

Though, after his parents and his best friend, Ryoku Inuzuka were all assassinated, a side of Kuragari came out that terrified his baby sister and made her want to be away from him anytime she saw him like that. This was the first time he transformed into his "Shadow Of the Setting Sun" form, his personality completely changed and he no longer cared for others pleas for mercy. Not only that but he is also filled with an insane amount of bloodlust, making him seem as if he's just become pure evil and highly sadistic. Torturing his friends and family's killer before finally ending their suffering. But due to his sister's reaction to him in this particular form, he wanted to ensure her that she had nothing to worry about, as such he did his best to keep a more positive and energetic attitude around her.

Eventually this personality stayed with him, Kuragari had become a passionate teenager, he take actions based on whatever catches his interest; Such as joining Kechi for more power in order to protect his sister and restore his clan, and trying to form a bond with his new associates as they are the only family he has outside of his baby sister. Kuragai has some aspects of greed, as well as selfish desires; however, he will stay his hand if he is given a good reason to stop. He also has a strange habit of making singing tones while talking which he developed at a young age Despite his selfish and greedy moments, he is very caring, which is shown when he immediately takes a liking to Kashi and treats his like a younger brother during their first mission together. He is also easily surprised and excited, as shown when he first made his attempt at fighting Kechi despite losing to him. Kuragari carries a deep hatred towards individuals who hold grudges against others and proceeds to kill them with no real reason and he despises the very thought of letting those kinds of people go without being properly taken care of.




This weapon is a unique kind of Parent/Child Kunai blade, sporting a triple bladed Kunai similar to a trident as it's main parenting blade which is about 8 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide. With smooth blades outlining the entire exterior of the blade, coming with a unique color as the blades of this weapon are a metalic purple color. Meanwhile the child blade is more of a double blades forked tongue similar to that of a snake with the same color scheme, this blade is just as smooth and sharp as the other blade. They are made of the same material as the Twin Zenyatta, being made of Tungsten metal and the handle is also made from the Gaboon Ebony wood wrapped in red gripping bandages. This is only one of the two special Saisentan blades, the other one that matches it is used by Kanora Uzumaki.



Twin Zenyatta

These are unique weapons which combines both a Tachi sword and a double-bladed axe at the hilt. The hilts have a twisting mechanism that allows the blades to split into two chained Kusarigamas, sporting a chain on each weapon that can stretch from a 5 foot range (minimum) to a 15 foot range (maximum). The chains as well as the blades are made of Tungsten and the wooden hilts are made from Gaboon Ebony, making these weapons extremely dangerous and hard to get rid of or stop once in motion, especially once the weapons enter their Kusarigama form.

Chakra & Attributes

Chakra Type

Shadow Chakra (かげ の ちゃくら, Kage no Chakura) is a special chakra similar to that of dark chakra, formed from the negative emotions of the heart; though that isn't the only aspect of this chakra. It also requires the specific being to have the ability to fuse with dark matter or it can feed off and corrupt someone with normal chakra if their emotions are solely bent on revenge; though gaining it through revenge is only temporary as that revenge will eventually go away. This form of chakra was discovered when members of the Nubatama Clan used their "Shadow Of The Setting Sun" form, or when other shinobi were corrupted by thoughts and feelings purely bent on revenge. This is a type of chakra equivalent to Dark Chakra and the exact opposite of the Priestess light chakra as this can be used to shield the individual from light instead of darkness, and unlike the dark chakra, this chakra has no need of a bijuu; Due to this reason, once a person with this kind of chakra exerts themselves they are put in a temporary state of immobility similar to a coma that can range anywhere from 5 hours up to 2 days depending how tired the individual is. The color of this chakra is pure black with a dark purple glow outlining it like a kind of aura. Though, those who posses this chakra due to dark matter make it more potent and destructive than those who gain it through revenge.


Being a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, Kuragari naturally had massive reserves of chakra, however with his own Nubatama clans ability to absorb chakra from deceased members in their own clans through a seal on the clansmen chest which stores half the amount of chakra that a member is able to use came into play on 3 different occasions. The first time was during his time at the Nubatama Assassin school, the young shinobi absorbed chakra that was only half as strong as his own from the assassin Kuro Nubatama. The second time was after his grandfather brought back the dead body of Rieza after a mission, allowing him absorb her chakra though her seal since he was the closest to her out of everyone at the school. The last and final time this happened is after the massacre of his clan, when Kuragari took it upon himself to absorb the chakra from his mother who more chakra reserves and more powerful chakra than the average shinobi stored in her seal. Even afterwards, this young shinobi continued his training; Making sure he never witnessed something like that again, however it was only so far he could get on his own. Not only that, since he had no idea how to perform the sealing jutsu correctly, he never tried to undo the seal to naturally add the absorbed chakra from his mother, Reiza, and Kuro to his own. So instead he uses up his own chakra first and calls up on the power of the 3 of them similar to how a jinchūriki calls upon the tailed beasts for their chakra.

Chakra Control

Kuragari's control over chakra had become so great over the years due to his assassin history which requires near perfect mastery over chakra, to the point he waists almost no chakra when he's in a jam or when he's calm so as long as he doesn't use techniques that uses up vast amounts of chakra such as techniques capable of destroying large portions of villages. He doesn't need to put in any effort whatsoever to perform some powerful jutsu and even a weak jutsu will become formidable in his use as they will have more power than usual. Adding the fact that he doesn't have to use hand signs to perform the jutsu, he's become naturally able to perform them out of the blue as if they were part of a combo. However if he does run low of his own chakra, he simply calls upon the chakra of his mother, Rieza, or Kuro one by one until they become low as well, this is the only time he needs to perform hand signs as he needs to activate the seal on his chest in order to receive the extra chakra.



Kuragari is a highly intelligent individual, having the second highest level of intelligence of his clan after his grandfather. He thinks very quickly and remains calm in a fight unless he gets angered to a degree he no longer cares about what happens. However, he also enters a different state when angered tot hat degree. Though normally, being calm allows him to respond with the fully amount of efficiency and with a very low chance of misreading a situation. Kuragari can also accurately break down the basic mechanics behind a specific technique after only seeing it a single time, and from there he can plan around its strengths and weaknesses. By reading a opponents movements, he can also think of the necessary movements to perfectly strike with precision and accuracy at the most vulnerable spots of his opponent at the perfect moments.

Speed & Stamina

With his stamina, Kuragari is able to fight fo at least 3 days at a time, due to him being an assassin and sometimes getting into full blown fights when they wentwrong; Kuragari got use to staying up for days at a time in order to stalk his target before killing them. But most of those encounters never involved hard core battling, but when they did, his training helped him stay energized for days. Though during the night time, he has more stamina as he can continuously feed his body the proper amount of dark matter to consistently keep himself energized. He only exhausts himself under a day when using summoning jutsu. As for his speed, he uses his outstanding chakra control to manipulate his speed through his wind nature constantly to move from place to place in almost an instant as if he was using some form of teleportation jutsu, which he also uses as a combination with his win release nature to go at even further speeds.

Strength & Durability

Kuragari's physical resistance was gained through the sheer intensity of his training during his time at his grandfathers assassin school. Being from such a brutal and powerful clan, their strength alone could shatter someones ribcage with only a couple strikes but some have been known to do so with only one punch or kick. Kuragari has been beaten to near death many times during the years within the assassin school not only from the other students but also from his grandfather. This also included the use of weapons such a bladed weapons, or weapons like staffs or nunchacku. Eventually his body began growing accustom to these kind of powerful and deadly strikes to the point where attacks of that caliber only leave slight marks but to a much lesser degree. His strength also matched that of his grandfathers for a while until it eventually surpassed it through the means of enhancing his strength with his own chakra. However, once he unlocked his transformation state when avenging the death of his clan, his strength is enough to damage a train cart with a single strike, and can even stop a train in its tracks by standing infront of it and extending a hand out. Though he isn't capable of this outside of his "Shadow Of The Setting Sun" form.


When it comes to healing, Kuragari isn't the most impressive, especially considering him getting hurt is very rare and as such he hasn't really seen the need to learn any healing like techniques to aid him in battle. However, his body does heal quicker than the average human due to the fact that he has the spirit of his dead girlfriend within his body, as her abilities act as a healing factor for him but due to her own control over them, her abilities take about a day to kick in fully for elemental bruises since those are what does the most damage to him, as where bruises like cuts and brute force are healed instantly if he should every gain any since his body barely takes any damage from those type of attacks.


Taijutsu x Kenjutsu

Kuragari is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and possesses incredible taijutsu skills. Even during his days at his grandfathers assassin school, he had considerable skill with taijutsu and kenjutsu due to training with them for so long. His skill enables him to keep up with taijutsu and kenjutsu specialists above his ranking. His best examples were going head to head with Kuro in kenjutsu, then later killing him in hand-to-hand combat alone. He is best known as the 'Shikuro Of Teleportation', his attacks swift and silent, especially from the shadows yet dealing an incredible amount of damage per strike.


Kuragari naturally has an affinity for Wind Release techniques. This enables him to use techniques by expelling air from his body and reaches such a level, he can manipulate air currents around him to his liking. His Wind Release techniques are considered some of the most powerful in the entire Nubatama clan. After activating her Nisshokugan, he was able to learn how to use his Yin Release, then took it a step further by combining them both together, discovering his kekkei genkai known as Dusk release. In conjunction with training, he was able to use his Nisshokugan to cast a solar eclipse into the sky from his ability.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai

Dusk Release

The bloodline trait of the Nubatama Clan that allows the members to create, and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, the darkness is used to either cloud everything into total darkness or shoot projectiles made from dark energy, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: One can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create constructs and weapons, and even teleport themselves through massive distances by shadows. This is a unique Nature transformation created from both Yin Release and Wind Release, and is the exact opposite of the Dawn Release Kekkei Genkai.

Kuragari's version of dusk release is used similar to the magnet release Kekkei Genkai due to his earth nature somehow fusing with his Dusk release, essentially creating a unique style of jutsu he calls "Earth's Eclipse". The usage of this variation is similar to the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai, but with the properties and abilities of the regular Dusk release. His mastery over this ability makes him a very formidable and annoying opponent to deal with, even when he's in a 3 v 1 situation; Added, due to his close bond with Reiza, it seemed to have a powerful affect on his ability after he absorbed her chakra, it was as if her soul directly became connected to him and fused with his Kekkei genkai, as such he controls this ability without him needing to use any chakra unless he forms an actual jutsu. As such, the "dark matter creature" he fuses with in his "Shadow of the setting sun" form, is believed to the dead spirit of Reiza.


Shadow Of The Setting Sun

A unique transformation tied to the Dusk Release Kekkei Genkai of the Nubatama Clan bloodline which causes them to triple their strength, speed, agility & their senses, even giving them a higher chance of surviving the most deadly of attacks. This transformation changes their appearance drastically, making any Nubatama member who takes on this form tempararily fuse with a insanely large amount of dark matter energy, entering a symbiotic like form. Not to mention the fact they will grow extremely sharp fangs & claws with their hair spiking up in a mysterious fashion. The sclera of their eyes become a very dark shade of purple and their eyes give off a mysterious medium purple glow as, activating a more potent and dangerous side of their Nisshokugan Dojutsu. It's very rare to see a Nubatama be pushed to this form but when they are, the dark matter fused with them start to have a huge impact on their personality as if it's taking over their entire being and using them as a host. Even a member with the kindest personality can become a living hell while in this form. This transformation is one that can even combat with that of a bijuu mode jinchuuriki, making this one of the most powerful and deadly transformations known through the Land Of The Moon. (Limit inside of this form caps at 9 minutes, minimum is 3)