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The Land of Lightning (雷の国, "Kaminari no Kuni"), now known as the Kaminari Empire (雷帝国, "Kaminari Teikoku" or "Lightning Empire"), is located on a peninsula north-east of the Land of Fire. Recognized as one of the Five Great Nations within the Shinobi Continent, the Kaminari Empire was established by Lord Enō during the young lord’s first year in office. Following the colonization of the Land of Thunder, Land of Technology, and the Land of Hurricanes. The Land of Lightning sought to rebrand itself through its massive expanse. The rapid growth ushered in a cultural renaissance for the northeastern nation, natives began referring to the land as the Cloud Coast (雲地方, Kumo Chihō).







The pre-existing military forces and government systems  founded by the Land of Lightning were restructured and re-branded following the establishment of the Kaminari Empire in 1205 AH. The Raikage stands as the figurehead of all government and military personnel in it's entirety. The Kumoi  (雲井, "Imperial Court") also known as CLOUD is an executive organization founded by Enō following his inauguration. It consists of five lead members that oversee all agencies and functions directly linked to national security, armed forces, foreign affairs, and research and development.

Hidden Village

Kumogakure (雲隠れの里, Kumogakure no Sato, English TV: Hidden Cloud Village, literally meaning: Village Hidden by Clouds) is the hidden village of the Land of Lightning and was founded by the First Raikage. As the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, Kumogakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Raikage, of which there have been five in its history. The village is located in a range of tall mountains, and is literally hidden in the clouds.


Armed Forces



The Taisuru (体する, "To Act In Accordance"), stands as the primary defense system utilized within the Kaminari Empire. beneath each province are large tesla coils primarily powered by natural electricity and secondarily chakra, customized for military defensive purposes. They are manned by several teams consisting of: Magnet Release users, Raikyu clansmen, and Kuwabara clansmen. Bimu clansmen, Ōkami clansmen and Kumogakure's Barrier Team also remain on standby with each defensive unit. When the nation's security is threatened the defense grid is immediately erected, taking the form of what appears to be a large heavy dome of chakra and black electricity, the coils harnessing the earths electromagnetic power. The barriers are formidable deterrents impeding some of the most powerful attacks, either thwarting large assaults altogether or at the very least greatly diminishing the attack's power. Those that pass through are assaulted by the electrical currents produced, the voltage (300 volts) exceeding what a human body can sustain. Those outside the barrier's confines within a twenty-kilometer radius will find themselves subjected to what one can only label as extreme cognitive dissonance. Should a Raiton master be among the enemy's ranks there are several other layers making up the barrier to deal with the threat. One layer siphons the chakra from the enemy and their attacks to strengthen the barrier. Breaching the barrier will immediately alert Usui and her task force manning Endai no Kagiri'ome. Using the interface as a medium she can instantly establish contact, connecting with her scattered seals. The seals allow for Usui to activate Heavenly Transfer should anyone touch them. Blinding flashes of light, reminiscent to lightning bolts descend on the seals locations, the enemy will be absorbed into the light with no definite coordinate programmed their body will be dismembered as they are transferred to several different locations. The exact number of the seals Usui has placed over the years is unknown, a large number of fake formula counted among their number. The fake formula looks almost exactly like the genuine article with a few minute differences, indistinguishable to those other than Usui and her taskforce. Following the events of the human bombing within Kumogakure, the systems codes were updated to implement the newly developed formulas. Said barriers had successfully been able to hide, absorb, and dissipate direct contact with chakra up until the seventh tail’s source of energy being used as a medium. Even landscape-altering attacks such as the Tailed Beast’s Biju Bombs would evaporate into nothingness within the same nanosecond they made contact with the new barrier formula.

Endai no Kagiri'ome

Located within the Raikage's secret base of operations on Onigashima Island is a spacious room with a large spherical multi-touch interface suspended in the air in the center of the room. This massive system is known as the Endai Kagiri'ome (遠大の範囲, "Grand Scope of Boundless Sight"), The interface gives the location of every individual (while they are within the nation's borders), relaying information such as distance and their status. The Shinobi and non-shinobi combatants are marked yellow, civilians are grey, foreign friendlies are navy, and hostiles are red. The Sensor squad are tasked with its operation, led by Usui. The Kunoichi uses this to keep tabs on her seals that have been marked throughout the nation, allowing her to utilize the Heavenly Transfer technique remotely. Linked to this complex interface are numerous satellite instillation high in the atmosphere. These objects are powerful chakra cannons, that can be fired precisely from anywhere in the world. There are several smaller satellites around this one capable of monitoring both air and ground. They also function as a series of safe guards against hacking attempts via fuinjutsu. Even this function though technological in nature, is tied directly to ninjutsu and the use of chakra.

Saibōgu Butai

Otherwise known as the Cyborg Unit, Are ninja who have been transitioned into cyborg. Typically members are volunteers from the great nations, and even prison systems of the country. Given a second chance, they are offered to be made into cyborg ninja. This means, that on average, cyborg ninja are physically as capable as a jōnin ninja. Their designs differ based on the skill level of the ninja, any special abilities they have and what unit they belong in.

Because they are inorganic, things such as chakra sensory may not work on them by design, but they can be detected via other means. These Shinobi are commonly used for infiltration missions, and stealth, because they leave behind no dna evidence, and in death self destruct, wiping away all traces of information and technology away into nothingness. They tend to be more powerful in populated areas that are heavy on technology use, as they have hack systems and override control. This skill generally means there are at least 3 Cyborg ninja on any vessel in the country. They are precise, deadly and capable of extraordinary feats. In large scale battles, they can often be found guarding key locations, or working with the other technological weapons used by the nation. They are built with Anti hacking, Anti electricity, and anti tracking technology, allowing them the ultimate in stealth capabilities, with flawless integration with ninjutsu.

Still, these systems consume large amounts of energy, and must be used sparingly. These cyborg ninja are capable of drawing energy from any electrical source in order to replenish what is lost. Organic material is required in order to retain human personality traits, as well as KKG. As far as weaponry goes, Cyborg ninja can use any normal conventional weapon any other ninja may use, though they can compensate for weaknesses by using technology as a crutch. In extreme cases, Cyborg ninja are much more machine then man. In this case human consciousness is uploaded into the body of a machine, giving someone who may have lost everything a second choice. Some argue the ethical choice of doing this, but many men who end up in this situation volunteer for it. Due to the fact that anyone can in theory become a cybog ninja, their numbers are currently unknown, but it is estimated that there are at least 1000 in each province.