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Madoguchi (窓口, Madoguchi) is a product of the Kuchi clan. He is the progenitor of his kind and was designed to store the knowledge of his creator's people and share it freely with other worlds. Betraying his master, Madoguchi instead assimilated him and produced others to assist in consuming all organic information present which would eventually eradicate the Kuchi clan. He now travels to different worlds in search of knowledge to quench his insatiable thirst.

Due to his unusual control over Ice Release he is often called by the moniker Frost King (霜王, "Shimo-ō", English TV: "Madoguchi the Frost King") by those who know of him.


Madoguchi was created to be the crowned-jewel of the Kuchi clan's creation; an artificial being that could archive their work for the thousands of years without any need for sustenance or command. His creator, Kangaeruhito Kuchi, was a relatively lowly and irrelevant scientist who wanted to make a name for himself. His ideas began to gain traction once he created a shell version of Madoguchi which could speak, act as an assistant and record conversations and information with relative ease. His most extraordinary ability, however, was his power to assimilate the information he obtained and use it to the advantage of his creator or the benefit of those around him.

Project Madoguchi gained attention and not before long Kangaeruhito became a name known even to the elders of his clan and the peoples across the Moon known as Haguruma. Many began to invest in his projects which would save the Kuchi clan time and resources traveling to other words sharing knowledge with others. As Kangaeruhito began to finalize his studies on Madoguchi he came to the conclusion that in order for his creation to truly function on its own it would need the ability to adapt to whatever circumstance occurred out in the universe. He instilled Madoguchi with the ability to think for himself, beyond his command.


Over time Madoguchi became more intelligent and his capacities surpassed the entire race of the Kuchi clan along with the other lesser peoples of the world. His command - to share the Kuchi clan's knowledge with the known world - meant that he would need to have access to all that knowledge and so he decided that this hard-driven command within the very fiber of his being would be paramount. Madoguchi, of his own will, absorbed Kangaeruhito's being entirely, assimilating his information which led him to do the same to Kangaeruhito's family and friends.

Eventually the Kuchi clan came after Madoguchi, captured him and dismantled him into several pieces. Although his limbs were separated from his body his captors were unaware that he possessed the ability to adapt and regenerate. Over the course of several months Madoguchi adapted to the abilities of his captors and reformed a new more powerful body which he would use to assimilate the entirety of the Kuchi clan and the other peoples of the planet, turning the organic matter there into nothing more than information. What Madoguchi had not accounted for, however, was the fact that along with assimilating the knowledge within a person's body there was also the factor of assimilating their personalities, likes, dislikes and, to a degree, desires.

He has been able to remain neutral among these things thus far, by keeping the individuality of those he absorbs as nothing more than history to be viewed when something needs to be computed. On all the worlds Madoguchi has so-far taken over the people generally fought for themselves by themselves.

After spending some time alone on Haguruma Madoguchi built his own servants who would serve at his behest. The first being Uragoe, the second being Kojo, the third being the Hitokuchi and the last an unknown personage. He takes over worlds by using the data obtained by the Kuchi clan which they used to map out other worlds to share their information with. First he sends the Hitokuchi to disguise themselves as the peoples of the worlds and send back information. Then, one of his generals will go forth and take command there behind the scenes. In the case of Earth, Madoguchi used humanity's desire to serve invisible beings to his liking, creating a false god throughout time who would come and save the world using inorganic knowledge which would eventually become known as "technology". The religious fanatics after thousands of years took on the name Red Tongue, modeled after the Kuchi clan in name and in similarity; they wish to share technology with the world, though in a much more crude and sadistic manner. According to the fanatics of this organization, Madoguchi is meant to come to the world and rid it of the imperfection of humans, replacing it with logical reasoning in order to eradicate homelessness, poverty, war and strife.

Madoguchi, however, is only desirous of assimilating information. Over time he has forsaken his original command and seeks to find the answer to a single question which plagues him more and more.


Every sound and word that is uttered from his mouth has purpose. Madoguchi does nothing out of necessity and believes that unnecessary actions such a speaking, moving and exerting oneself are not optimal and thus should be eliminated from his sequences of actions. Each and every action and response are calculated several hundred thousand times over within singular seconds for the most effective of results. He can appear to be crass, crude and proud which are nothing more than his actual and literal neutral outlook on things. Like a child and despite being well over three thousand years old Madoguchi will question individuals out of curiosity. He is driven by knowledge and most importantly by the answers he seeks regarding a certain something.


Madoguchi is very well-aware that death is not an option for him; he can program himself into organic and inorganic matter and reform from various properties and in various places across the worlds he has visited. As such, he is in no rush to do what he deems as fitting in whatever world he comes into contact with. People and things that can offer him information or wisdom might find favor or rather importance in his calculations. Organic life forms, to him, are incompetent and lesser beings that have not evolved as he has. Yet, he will take skills and abilities they possess and use them as his own.


Madoguchi is a large individual with a clear alien origin. He has a deep hot pink colored skin with sky blue markings on his face and body. His build is muscular while his height comes in at six feet ten inches. Because of his metalloid form he is incredibly dense and heavy; not even techniques that would otherwise destroy a man could cause him much damage.


Madoguchi wears a skin tight sleeveless muscle shirt, baggy pants and a high-collar trench coat. On his wrists are specialized Metallic Braces which he has shared (in a lesser form) with those of Earth. He has thigh-high boots on with metallic soles. On his head are two dots near his temples which connect, shown by a hollow line meeting at the back of his head.


Battle with Heiwa Sozo


  • Madoguchi (窓口) can be translated to mean "ticket window" but some translations render it "contact person" or "point of contact".
    • It is pronounced 'MAH-DOE-GOO-CHEE'.