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Mowa Sōzō (創造 も和) is a member of the Land of Carrots' Sozo Clan and Land of Fire's Uchiha Clan, who had been active as a Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. He is more known to be an associate with the likes of Owa Sozo and Heiwa, his parents. Despite his struggle, he begins to thrive in life with recognition adding into his name, not only mastering his comrade, Kurama's chakra becoming a perfect Jinchūriki he has also been appointed as the Fourteenth Hokage (第十四 火影,"Daijūyondaime Hokage") In a state of emergency.



Mowa Sozo was born to a secretive couple, Kouwei Uchiha and Owa Sozo though this was in-fact a secret affair as his mother was married to Heiwa at the time passing the child as if he was their child; a fact that was withdrawn from Mowa himself until he unlocked the Sharingan and realizes that he wasn't the child of Heiwa and Owa Sozo this serves as the foundation for his personal struggle for identity. To make things worse he was also made the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails Kurama, though it is noted it is the yang half that was sealed inside him making him powerful in all rights though this was proven to be difficult. Kurama was never someone who'd give its power to the child all so freely as it needed to be convinced and so he was struggling in the Academy into his genin life where he had met numerous people and had witnessed unneeded deaths convincing him to be determined in protecting his friends whether he could. Though because of his association with certain people and also his status as a jinchuriki it was clear he would be damned to many future conflicts because of it. Which later on to be indeed the case when he was a genin he got kidnapped by Red Tongue Organization and made a example out of him by placing a device that sabotaged his ability to use ninjutsu causing him to rely on his comrade, Nine-Tails' chakra to combat. And he had done so in his chunin exams against Midori Uchiha though he had lost the battle before he could even be promoted as a Chunin. On the other hand he had endured through numerous losses, such as in a incident he lost one of his teammates during a mission where he had discovered the corpse of Hiryu Uchiha a close friend whom he cherished closely causing the Sharingan to mature into two tomoe.

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Despite the losses he had to suffer through, he continued to persist as a boy who tries to survive in the harsh world. This is where it gets worse. When he was hanging with his friends at a restaurant, they, unfortunately, witnessed the attack of Izanamimikoto and even acted to rescue the villagers and escorted them out of the danger. With the Jinchūriki, proven in a vital part in the rescue, poured his chakra into Owatatsumi, his adoptive brother to summon the surviving villagers out of the village where they witnessed the destruction of their home. At that moment, Mowa could not forgive whoever did this to them and wished that it wouldn't happen again. Still, this is where he thrives. With such a drive, he seeks people out to train under them and to become stronger. In a blank period Mowa even went under the tutelage of numerous masters in order to master his available abilities as well as picked up a contract with the Birds of Yachoten Summit and Elephants of Zoshima in which he makes use in order to make up for what he lacks overall. On the way in his journey he also met someone and had children with that woman making him a father of three children at a incredibly young age forcing him to grow up quickly as he was more driven to spend time with his family than his own missions though. During a United Republic summit it was organized to deal with Izanamimimikoto there he served as a guard who was making use of his respective abilities to protect the order in the meeting, though the chaos ensued this was what provokes him to reverse summon the numerous Daimyo and Kage into the Blank Zone with the assistance of Owa Sozo in order to rescue them from the might of Naraku Uchiha. An action that allows him to rose in reputation as a hero that saved numerous lives, this also makes him famous throughout the world before he know it.

Finding a reason to protect his people, nay finding a reason to protect all life he was able to overcome the struggle he was dealing with. He was appointed to become the Fourteenth Hokage and now... what will his path lead him to?


Things have never come easy for Mowa in his childhood—often ridiculed in his classes for being the slowest in the room. With the children dubbing him Mowa the Dunce (も和の劣等生, "Mowa no Rettō-sei") as a result. It is clear that ever since he was a baby, there were always learning curves for him; he learned to walk later than most toddlers and did not learn how to count or spell properly until he turned 10. This results in him speaking in a broken language. Sometimes he tried to express what he wanted to say but doesn't know the word for it; something that often causes Kurama to correct him in the Biju Psyche when needed. Which cause the Jinchuriki to complain about the beast's correction as he disliked being educated with the entity rolled his eyes at him.

The thought of abandonment lingered in the Jinchūriki for years—something that was introduced by the unwillingly acts of his cherished ones leaving him because of something; may it be a loss, someone, or totally something else. Resulting in him engaging in juvenile acts; such as breaking rules, sneaking out to stalk someone on their mission, and even more. He doesn't have respect for authority nor addressing people with honorifics. Never shy to speak his mind when he felt like it and can be outright rude without caring. While it is true that Mowa grew up with such luxury and attendants in his life, he wanted his parents back in his life more than anything. His expectations for his parents was low and terrible because of how he was left alone with his device in his life. However, his juvenile phase ended when he met his friends who had leveled him out to a point that he wasn't as severe as he was in his adolescence.

After the attack by Izanamimikoto, the will of fire within him has culminated and bloomed, at the same time, the curse of hatred had been deepening as he experiences loss—resulting in him working harder than before. Despite the unrelenting obstacles in his knowledge curve, Mowa compressed his studies into his head with the help of many tutors as well as the entity within him to grasp everything he was lousy at. While he appears to be more mellowed it still proves to be short-lived as when he gets agitated he reverts to inappropriate usage of words. He maintains the very tumultuous spirit he had since adolescence; something that can be noted in his fights as well as in his interactions with people. And even then, it is clear that he retained some of his habits from his childhood; he would voice his mind, disregarding authority, and more. On other hand, he was compared to both Heiwa Sozo and Kouwei Uchiha in the lecherous ways many paint him to be quite a womanizer though for latter some may have compared him to Heiwa in the way he treats people all the same and considers life important. Despite this, he is someone who considers that if someone had proven to be a threat, in any way he would display such ruthlessness to go for the kill or worse. Something that can be unusual for a clansman of Sozo, however, this may be due to the influence of the Uchiha blood in his veins. Mowa is notably overprotective when it comes to his cherished ones, so much that he insisted he would do anything to defend them.


Sharing the same hair and eye color as your average clansmen from Sozo, though Mowa's orange hair and emerald eyes changed in the shade of color, due to him becoming the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi. Although it was clear that he had inherited some of his mother's look such as the hair and eye color, it was true that he certainly had inherited the vibe and bodily features of such from his heritage of Uchiha through his father, Kouwei Uchiha. Through his training, he had become somewhat slimmer and muscular, which was enough to attract unwanted attention from both sexes, he was, stated by many women his age or twice his age, to be one of the topmost desired bachelors in Konohagakure no Sato, due to his good looking and accomplishments in the world of modeling and acting.

Though Mowa is capable of altering his appearance to be whatever he wants it to be through one of the abilities he would inherit from his clan, Genetic Admonition, such as capable to alter the hair and eye color or create freckles on his face. It was ideal for him to disguise himself as someone different than his true appearance when on missions.


Chakra and Attributes


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Chakra Reserves and Chakra Control

This can be described as a warm presence with such a pacifistic nature by those who peered into the Jinchūriki with a sensor skill. It is noted that the abundant reservoir of energy within the Jinchūriki can be likened to the amounts of leaves across the continent—sending a chill through one's mind at the surmise of such growth in him. One could have sworn to be engulfed by the warm energy—healing their mind in such an effective way. At the same time, one who looks deeper inside the Sōzō would be meet with a malicious feeling that is buried under the many layers of chakra. Even without the tailed beast, Mowa's was still impressive to be considered as a tailless Bijū, which may have been chalked to the great cultivation of his heritage; Senju and Sōzō by a bit of sheer luck. For many expert sensors, it would be clear that the chakra signature could be analyzed by pieces and pieces to a point, one could discern Mowa's chakra signature to be of an Sōzō, but at the same time, one could also realize that it also resembles Uchiha as well as Senju in the chakra alone. While a shinobi with such abundant energy—that same reserves can be such suffocating for others. When he releases the cap on his reserves, his presence can be felt across continents by sensors, making it difficult to conceal himself in a fight. Through the impressive control over his chakra he was able to conceal his chakra to only when he's molding.

Life Force

At birth, it was clear that he would be destined to receive a boost in his life-force and vitality overall from the mixture of the bloodlines of Sōzō, Senju, and even Uchiha. However, as an Sōzō clansman, it is clear that he can live over several centuries if he lived a leisure life, surpassing those of the Senju and Uzumaki in life-force. At the same time, Mowa was made the Jinchūriki of Kurama, which would even give him even more access to its yang energy to use. Cultivated with such energies would bless the warrior with a muscular life force presented in his body, noting it to be even stronger than Naruto Uzumaki. And so, life shall blossom in his presence, capable to infuse his techniques with his yang energy to breathe life into them. When exerting his chakra, everything within the perimeter would be filled with plant-life without warning. With an incredible life-force, it is possible for the jinchūriki to survive extraction, far longer than Kushina Uzumaki as a result of the Living Source which continues to fuel the Jinchuriki and repairs damages done to his body.

Willpower and Intent

He possessed a incredible willpower in which was conditioned by the ordeals in his life he was able to dismiss mere distraught issues when it comes to his loved ones, so much that one could describe him to embody the Will of Fire, but for others he is described to be in a curse of hatred of the sort. IgakuChakra.png

Sōzō Pacifism Influence By exposure to the Igaku chakra, one would be influenced by its pacifistic nature to render those with an ill intention to lose their ways and become neutered in time. A murderer could be reprogrammed into a civilized man who has no urge to kill none so ever. Those who were exposed to the chakra can describe it to be likened to laughing gas or a particular high, this may be useful in his missions when needing to assure his teammates in the face of the opponent or to heal someone from their disastrous wounds. At the same time, it is noted that the jinchūriki tends to use it to cease women's anger toward him when finding out he was sleeping around with them and their sisters.

Kurama Chakra.png

Kurama Intent Much like the time when Shin Uchiha's clone was exposed to Kurama's presence with the Mangekyō—resulting in the clone to be paralyzed out of fear. Through the Sharingan Genjutsu applied onto his opponents, Mowa was capable to utilize Kurama's intent to paralyze them out of fear when facing the tailed beast. this wouldn't be the actual tailed beast but rather its intention to kill taking a form of an illusion. This can cause one's movement to be stifled, allowing him to defeat them in the process, had they not able to regather themselves in time.



While this may be never his forte—the Sharingan and Naibugan allows him to detect his opponents while discerning their bodies in great details. Through the sole Naibugan, the jinchūriki would be able to discern the condition of one's body, when accessing the Living Source to obtain vital information about the human bodies. This would allow one to discern one's heartbeat, organs, and even more, making it difficult for those hiding from him. At the same time, the Sharingan enables him to detect his opponents by the color of their chakra signature. It is clear by now that none could escape his collaborated perception—As long as this wouldn't be concealed by a technique that was designed to throw his dōjutsu off. On the other hand, he does have an additional ability which was always passive even in his sleep to discern even those trickery. As long one had ill intent in his presence will always be found in his heightened sense by the Negative Emotions Sensing. An ability that was inherited from being the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. While this may be true that he hasn't held any valuable sensory skill on his own in the base form it was obvious that he had the assistance of the tailed beast to sense chakra in his stead delivering continuous information of one's whereabouts while the Jinchuriki himself would make use of Jutsu to attack his opponents in the same moment.

Intelligence and Hand Signs

It wasn't a surprise that he was considered as a dunce in adolescence so much that he was frequently undervalued as well as to be treated as unconventional by those who were more intelligent. Though this doesn't bother him much that he needed a lot of lessons unlike people his age as well as undergoing several tutors' teaching during the Academy and outside of it as well. It was no mystery that he loathed studying, however, to be advanced to Jonin. He had to take much-needed lessons from both tutorships of Owatatsumi Ikehara and Ketsugo Uzumaki, not only just them he received help from the tailed beast as he retained some details in a certain jinchuriki's life*, to reach where he is. Through the Shadow Clones Technique, he was able to study several subjects at once, though this eventually ends with him passing out after from the gained knowledge he and his clone obtained.

His greatest strength is his stubbornness and instinct—in where he was able to understand things in battle by experimenting with things to defeat, trick, or even deal with his opponents. Never the one to hesitate as he was always often diving into the battle head-on. With each movement taken, each hit landed, he found himself increasingly sharper while dropping what wasn't working for him, to find alternatives to subdue his opponents. At the same time, with the beast acting as the support to its jinchūriki he can consult with Kurama to formulate strategies as well as to discern the opponent's weaknesses upon a glance.



Basing on his aptitudes, it is translucent to him that he would have to rely on his agility and quickness to properly use the power of the incredible insights he was blessed with through the Naibugan and Sharingan to capture even the likes of fast shinobi. At the same time, it was clear that he would be accustomed to the physical training he receives as a Taijutsu specialist so much that he was so-much expeditious and agile attaining a Tier 4: Ultra-Conditioned Body. Though he was noted to be proficient in intensifying his speed by implementing more of his chakra onto himself until he found himself able to exceed his humanly speed to move at an incredible rate.

Strength and Durability

At base, it was clear that a single punch from the jinchūriki can be a life-threatening one for an opponent who doesn't possess immeasurable endurance to survive it; for he was able to pulverize a single boulder to dust as well as producing a gigantic crater with a hit. It wasn't a surprise as it was noted that the Hokage was truly astonishingly robust in adolescence—from able to lift cars and scatter boulders in which was doubled, by threefold heavier and bigger. It reached a point where the boy's strength at the time was even likened to the might of Heiwa Sōzō the Ninth Hokage amidst the chatters; though to a lesser degree. With the physical might, the man was able to fracture bones, organs, and even invoke pressing blood loss in his opponent with each hit appearing heavier than the last, though it was noted that he was much deadlier in the combination of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and Unrivalled Strength in which enhance his physical strength and agility even more further than his base. In this, he was able to destroy a mountain in a single strike as well as capable of hoisting a tailed beast above the soil with scarcer effort. It was noted that with the Unrivalled Strength, the exact amount of power generated is proportional to the volume of steam released, as the higher the volume of steam released, the stronger the Jinchuriki can be. As a byproduct of the culmination within his body, the durability of his was far more fitted to be on par with his fervor to handle the recoils, a side effect of his strapping strikes. Though it was clear by making use of the Kurama Chakra Mode and Igaku Chakra he was able to dismiss numerous sturdy punches from the likes of various stronger opponents while building his concentration into each punch, due to his tremendous stamina. He is considered a mountain-breaker in some regard due to his sheer force, from able to reconstructing his environment at ease.

Stamina and Recovery

The jinchūriki possesses a regenerative yet destructive chakra in which enable him to convalesce from damage in such quick succession even more than a Sōzō can offer alone. From critical damages superimposed his vital organs can be dismissed with tremendous endurance and chakra, he continues to battle while continuously regenerates his body at the same moment. This may make his regeneration ability one a rare feat to achieve. It is credited to both extraordinary vitality and tailed beast within the body, which empowered him to power through things. And then for his stamina. Because of the large reservoirs of chakra, it is not a surprise that he would too have an increase in his stamina as a result. It was stated bluntly by that he is capable of to last continuous battles all without a visible sign of gradual exhaustion on his fierce face; something that may be evident to by force a testament for his heritage.



His greatest forte would lie in his physical strength—making him suitable for the Body-based Techniques. And so, this would be his primary fighting style in combat to utilize. This would be the right choice for him wanting to save their chakra, at the same time, rely on his physical attributes. Limitless stamina and bone-crushing strength would have set him apart from the taijutsu experts as he could even outlast them as he wishes. This would be his fighting style, Heavy Fist, by making use of his physicality as well as yang release. At the same time, this is clear that the jinchūriki often utilizes certain transformations to harness the piercing damage of the claws granted to him; resulting in a unique fighting style, which would be known as the Fox Fist (狐拳, "Kitsuneken"). It is noted that he likened the additionals tails as an extensive limb in which allows him to strike in a unpredictable movement allowing him to make use of the Heavy Fist in more ways than the progenitor of the fighting style could.


It is noted that one cannot underestimate the power and intensity behind the techniques he utilizes in combat because of the multiple source of chakra within him. With a great reservoir of chakra, it can be destructive for those facing a wave of water or a raging dragon conjured by the jinchūriki, enabling him to overwhelm his opponents. By increasing the access to numerous sources can grant a greater boost in the techniques making it even more destructive and intense in time. The transference of chakra increased by 16.6% due to his unnatural chakra network cords—making it easier for him to unleash a series of techniques at ease without minute lapse; making it difficult for one to predict when. He is farther capable in the element of water, able to combine his yang into the techniques giving life to the water constructions.


Through the Sharingan, Mowa Sozo is capable of using the full power of the Sharingan's forte, Eye of Hypnotism (催眠眼, "Saimingan"). With the eye, the jinchūriki is far capable to cast a genjutsu upon the unfortunate to pull them into an illusion. A single illusion cast by the jinchūriki should not be underestimated for it would be powered by the great nine-tailed demon fox, allowing him to cause instantaneous — but temporary — loss of consciousness or paralysis in the target, forceful extraction of information, relaying memories, removing genjutsu placed on the target by others, and controlling a target's actions. It is even rumored that the jinchūriki would able to entrap a tailed beast in a single glance, making him a dangerous one. A Shinobi who do not possess such strong will or possess enough chakra to resist would found themselves breaking down or paralyzed at the sight of the beast itself.

Fūinjutsu and Space-Time Technique

Conditioned by the teaching of his mentors, alas, it was only limited by how far he could do with them.—enabling him to perform minor but effective techniques with purposes; from sealing and releasing tools, chakra, and even more. At the same time, he was able to create a seal that would be served as the medium for the Flying Thunder God Technique. It would be a snap for the jinchūriki to create as many as he so desired, upon touch with such focus. It came down to only three means he make use of—the Flying Thunder GodSummoning TechniqueBlank Zone—in which allows him to perform improbable techniques that comes forth from those three foundation. Firstly, the Flying Thunder God Technique was something that Mowa prided himself in employing it for more spontaneous movement in place to place despite the length without depleting much of one's chakra. At the same time, he is shown to consolidate it with his taijutsu to produce some-near everlasting torrents of the initiative, interlocking in remarkably fluid movement. It is said that Mowa can migrate from continents to continents, this may be possible due to the boundless stores of Chakra. Secondly, the summoning technique is one of the most utmost basics for a shinobi to have; usually, this is exercised by these who held a contract with animals or people. The summoning technique enables him to summon his companions from Yachōten Summit and Zōshima, sequentially to aid in his battle. While it is undeniable, the jinchūriki has a summoning pact with Kurama to reverse summon him, had they separate for any reason. Thirdly, the jinchūriki holds a key due to it being engraved into the seal that binds Kurama to him, which can be used to displace out from reality into an intangible dimension where he would able to practice his desire.

Medical Techniques

By tapping into the Living Source, he would be injected with an innate comprehension of the human body, at the same time, would apprehend the technique needed to perform upon the desired target. One can regulate life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations, altering appearance, and even adjust one's weight. The jinchūriki was shown to use the available techniques supplied by the Living Source to mend himself or allies from otherwise life-threatening injuries when access. With such a perception of his own body—be it will or subconsciously—would allow him to restore or replicate organs when ruptured, damaged, or stabbed. At the same time, though passively, the Kyuubi's chakra can be used to heal himself or another via chakra transference, restoring ones' wounds in minutes, more severe it is longer it takes to heal.

Kekkei Genkai

Activation of the Dual.png

From the sudden surge of desire to protect his friends from an inclusive crisis which results in the exhibition of the respective Dōjutsu of the Uchiha and Sōzō. The jinchūriki made use of both perceived power to discriminate chakra signature, bodily system, and even tension in the muscle to read. The Sharingan enables the jinchūriki, like a mirror, to copy ninjutsu his opponents uses, only for him to return with even-more powerful variants of the said attack. At first, it was clear that. Initially difficult for the jinchūriki to adapt to the contradicting perception it grants; pushing him to close one eye to the next when needing to. This would desist as he got used to it over time and practice through the innumerable usage of the Shadow Clones.

Physical Attribute

He is the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox and because of this boasts a nearly limitless amount of chakra, stamina, and power. Kurama also gives Mowa advanced regenerative abilities and the ability to sense negative emotions, even more so than his bloodline. It is unlikely that the Dōjutsu would disperse quickly given the reserves of chakra he possesses—it is said that when he activates the Dōjutsu passively, it is likened to breathing as it wasn't enough to take a toll on him until after a while. At the same time, his body was so unique that it possessed additional tenketsu as well as chakra network cords expended about 16.6% wider. And so this allowed him to have a faster transfer of chakra to be jolted and current throughout his body for him to use right off the bat. At the same time, his body is capable to adapt and repair upon exposure to a dangerous power, be it biological or chakra, by utilizing the passive benefits of the Living Source.


Kyucho Kyuzo Pigeon Platoon



  • Mowa Sōzō used his Naibugan to take a peek through women's clothes.
  • Mowa Sōzō exhibited depression in which was remedied by the presence of his loved ones.
  • Mowa Sōzō are currently in a balance between Will of Fire and Curse of Hatred!
  • Mowa Sōzō was born in character, taken place in the Land of Fire Roleplay. This character is 5+ years old.