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Musician-nin (楽士忍, Gakujin Shinobi) is an unorthodox team of shinobi's that utilize sound waves of musical instrument and vocals to create destructive music known as Ongaku-jutsu, this team of shinobi's are advisories that serves clients through entertainment and missions of all kind giving them a feared and respected reputation as Destructive musician (破壊的楽人, Hakai-teki gakujin) for their infinite arsenal of instruments.


Musician-nin who are mostly active in their line of work wear green short shirt kimono and matching pants with a whole note rest symbol embroiled into the back of their shirt, they wear heavy weight black sandals on their feet with their hair tied in a bun as well, their hand branded with

Runic Marking for Musician.

the rune for musician. These shinobi's are the best type of ninja regarding any tool they can use in combat and for concerts they partake in while aside their instrument their body is gifted with identifying messages within musical notes being played or by soundwaves that's being emitted from living creatures as well. Despite their unique talent in Ongaku-jutsu they aren't hired that much due to many conflicts around the world is most likely violence's, slave trafficking, kidnapping, murder ect.