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Naraku Uchiha (奈落うちわ, Hell's Paper Fan) A mythical individual, who once held the power of Emperors, with might to rule the world, Naraku known and feared, and respected across the world for his great and vicious acts. A member of the legendary trio; the Sangami, along with his teammates, Ketsugo Uzumaki and Yozu Uchiha, make up arguable the most powerful individuals on earth. At this point in his life, Naraku has retired to the private sector, traveling the world unbeknownst to many, he is one of the current few Sorcerers as well as one of the most powerful ones to ever walk the earth.



The nature of the personality of Naraku Uchiha is one of a long life of twisted circumstances. Due to these factors, the Uchiha has developed a sort of general stoicism in personality, seemingly disassociated from his emotions and having an unwaveringly singular expression of perpetual blandness with no visual projection of his inner emotions. This is something that is mostly externalized however, as due to his many experiences throughout his life, he has learned to control, trigger and tap into desired emotions on his own choosing, and can eerily make these emotions as real as any other, or? simply feel nothing at all. This is to say Naraku possesses supreme control of his emotional state and how things affect him from his environment. More to him, the dark priest is very determined with an indominable will, a drive that pushes him to achieve all of his goals, to nearly any extent. He is very passionate, as well as a loyal friend to those who show him requited loyalty, he is a proud and noble man,

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As an Uchiha, born of unnatural causes, Naraku does not bare the iconic black hair his clan is known for, instead sporting a mostly blond long slicked back mane. His body type is well shaped and formed, with him towering over most of those he comes into contact with. He can often be found dressed in his black noble like robes, a single golden clip to connect the over coat. On his ears, a matching pair of golden earrings rest against the lobes. Even his fangs protrude outward as though he were an animal when his mouth his open. His shadow reveals a glimpse into how he truly appears; tentacles are oftentimes seen warping about.


The Ten'nōtsue (天皇杖 lit. "Emperor's Wand"; English TV, "Imperial Wand") is a powerful artifact crafted by the hands of the legendary blacksmith known as Hano. It is an instrument of Sorcery Techniques, and was designed to amplify its potency and ease it's usage. Deemed one of the most dangerous tools in the world, it remains the prized possession of Naraku Uchiha.

Chakra and Attributes


It goes without saying that Naraku possesses a very powerful and dense chakra, one that is said to be the most sinister on earth. As a being who possess a large soul and strong spirit, as well as a brilliant mind, the manifestation of his spiritual energy on its own far exceeds the levels of most individuals. The strength of his body, constant training and incredible health, along with his powerful life-force has played a significant role in boasting an incredible physical energy to match its counterpart in spiritualism. Together they garner a chakra so potent that it is often compared to that of high level tailed beasts. In its natural state, his chakra bares no significant malice or negativity, however he is able to tap into his darker emotions, corrupting his energy and making it far more dangerous, poisonous, corrosive and deadly. When enraged it becomes viably the darkest and most sinister chakra to exist in the world in modern times, ambiguity and confusion, dread and terror, these are some of the only things capable of describing the obscured nature of Naraku's chakra. As an Uchiha, his chakra is naturally potent, but even among his fellow clansmen Naraku has always had an exceptionally robust and powerful chakra which frighteningly outclasses even the most gifted of the Uchiha alive, and arguably throughout history. This of course is due impart to the Yomi Clan Bloodline, however not much of that is explored at this time. Another component to the power of his chakra is the very fact that it is not only a singular chakra source, but a collection of his, Okojo Uchiha, as well as thousands of demons which was assimilated into his genetic code. Due to this reason not only is his chakra signature constantly changing, but it also has a deep and intrinsic darkness and coldness to it that alone affects those around him. Just being in the presence of the severity of his chakra will chip away at even the most sound and convicted minds around him, threatening to break those who possess willpower even as strong as the Will of Fire, depending on who bares it, circumstance etc. Due to the bizarre combination of different chakras his chakra is highly mutated and very dangerous to handle, even for himself if handled incorrectly. It is essentially alive and seeks out exceptionally powerful chakra and life forces in which to devour. Naraku's chakra remains one of the only in the world to bare the effect of dis-assimilation on foreign or unwanted chakra, breaking it down rapidly to its base yin and yang energies completely devoid of all previous properties or status' and consuming it entirely to grow stronger and add to his reserves. The chakra behaves with a degree of sentience and can not only act to a degree on its own, but also be remotely controlled by Naraku himself to nearly any degree, a trait inherited from Okojo. As a Takamagahara Monk who has fallen from the path of benevolence and become a Majin, as well as being a demon himself, his chakra not only is extremely dark and twisted in nature, driving those exposed to it for even a matter of seconds to madness and the unshakable drive to harm oneself and or others, but also can directly corrupt others, objects, spirits, people, as well as other chakra and purification (circumstantial). He is also capable of sensing, drawing out and on, as well as channeling negative emotions to greatly empower his chakra to indefinite heights, though it becomes far more difficult to control. Due to its nature, it is incredibly dangerous as mentioned and highly destructive, up-scaling the surrounding earth, shake entire mountain ranges, reshape the terrain and much more however this can be controlled and masked perfectly to great degree, even so far as in to concealing his own negative emotions and evil nature as well as intentions. It truly is a sinister chakra.

Chakra Reserves

Though not as much as when he became the ten-tails, Naraku possesses an unbelievable amount of Chakra, which in fact is quite powerful in its own right. His extraordinary spiritual and physical energies come in absolute abundance, partially from his own natural talent, and from other sources which had been assimilated within his being. Together, they give Naraku access to a massive sea of chakra which he can use to initiate the likes of several S-Ranked techniques on will, or sustain powerful techniques with very little impact on his energy. It has often been compared to the likes of the 9 tails in sheer magnitude, putting into perspective just how deep his well of energy goes. This enormous amount of energy has allowed him to not only be able to summon Teio The Chief Bat, but also become a Sage, even pushing it further to new heights. In all, the Uchiha possesses a large quantity of chakra at his disposal, a latent nigh-endless well ready to be used to his pleasure.

Chakra Control

One of the features that Naraku has retained from his time as the ten tails is the total comprehension of all chakra and its natures as well as its shapes. The chakra control possessed by Naraku is unheard of in normal individuals, much like the wielder of six paths sage mode. Naraku utilizes his chakra as though it is an extra limb or an extension of his very being. He never uses more energy than needed. and is capable of transfigurating this energy in any given form he wishes. With this level of control comes the unique ability to control his chakra remotely, meaning outside of his body, he is able to control the nature as well as the shape of his chakra. This level of chakra control has served to dramatically enhance both his medical and genjutsu techniques, making him on of the most deadly individuals to utilize the aforementioned on the planet. This feature of course was born from extensive study and research as well as practice, however its impart due to the retention of the ability to completely understand chakra in its purest form.

Life Force

Naraku possesses massive reserves of life energy, which also acts as a reliable power source that tremendously augments his longevity, power, stamina, vitality, and healing capabilities, allowing him to withstand and survive even the most strenuous and life threatening circumstances and continue to fight. He also has an immensely powerful soul that is equivalent to the power and magnitude of many souls due to absorbing thousands of demons' life essences and spirits. This proves beneficial in situations that tests one's spiritual fortitude while also granting him massive spiritual energy and abilities. Naraku's soul (or spirit) is unable to be bound by virtually anything found in the natural world and lives free without anything holding it back save whatever vessel is being used.


The events within the great demon's life have taken a direct impact on the very character of his being. Growing up through constant trials, tribulations and abuse, he had to quickly learn to become a strong and unshakable will, having inherited the Will of Stone and later the Will of Fire. Training on Mount Takamagahara as well as a lifetime of practicing such arts has proven to only increase the mental, emotional and spiritual fortitude of the demon's mind, and unbeknownst to him at the time, was preparing him for great things. His indomitable will has given him the fortitude to contain and control over two million powerful demonic spirits within his body and spirit, and even more so two great demon lords. Naraku's mind, though unhinged to a degree is supernaturally sturdy and equally as influential. As a demonic spirit himself, his mental fortitude grew only exponentially over time, and his very will and intentions have grown to even affect reality outside of his mind. He is capable of total mind control and possession of spiritually and mentally weaker than himself, and is able to shatter ones indomitable will through horrific methods to do so. His intentions can be used to directly influence his attacks, and even more so increase the power of genjutsu to supernatural levels. Through his 'aura' he is capable of directly affecting objects and people around him and corrupting them, or bring out their darkest temptations and vices. He is capable of drawing on and manipulating the very darkest of intentions within others, bringing them to the surface to corrupt their intent, or draw on negative emotions to grow stronger by them. His very presence and be infected with his intent, or inflicted onto others to such a severity that it is beyond anything natural killer intent would do, and will either severely mentally and psychologically mess up an individual, or outright kill them. His ability to persuade, manipulate, control, deceive or otherwise command others is outright hypnotic. Jaki (邪気, じゃき, "Evil Energy"), this is commonly referred to as the malicious energy around a yōkai, sort of like a demonic aura. The stronger the demon, the stronger his jaki is. All demons have the potential to emanate jaki, but really evil demons have the ability to use jaki and strengthen it in order to corrupt objects and people. Jaki is the evil energy, a demon with great control over the jaki is capable of corrupting, forcing targets to show their evil parts, tainting objects and can affect the spirit and willpower of a human.



The sensory abilities of Naraku are not something to be trifled with. His ability to perceive the world around him is with the individuals on Earth. He is able to passively detect all forms of energy for at least 2 miles around him, as well as identify what dorm of chakra, nature, shape, country, clan and down to the very individual who is casting the techniques in on itself. Due to extensive training in spiritual arts, Naraku is also able to passively sense into the spirit world to a degree (about ten meters around him), as well as sense the very spirit (soul) of others around him. When utilizing nature energy, his being becomes intrinsically connected to both Impure and Spirit World, giving him a far deeper understanding of their functions and the way energy flows within them. He becomes capable of detecting everything and anything within the scope of his 8 to 10 mile radius sensory range.


Born prodigy of a naturally gifted clan, Naraku has always been unusually intelligent and brilliant. He has always had a naturally aptitude to battle, quickly picking up on Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu with ease even from a very young age. Awaking his sharingan at the mere age of 9 years old, the Uchiha honed his abilities for years, even awaking the advanced form of the Mangekyou Sharingan at the age of 15 after witnessing the murder of one of his younger sisters. Along with his natural talent, he has also spent beyond a lifetime studying, learning, traveling, creating, and growing more powerful. He has also been training in the art of Priesthood by the order of the monks of Mount Takamagahara, affording him a great deal of knowledge in philosophy, esoteric-ism, spiritual growth and balance, and several other worldly principles, albeit choosing to use these principles to achieve darker forms of shinobi magic. As a full fledged demon of now, his knowledge has grown along with all other aspects of his existence, opening his mind to new worlds and possibilities out there. He has taken it further by traveling to other realms and dimensions to acquire further knowledge, having spent over an entire decade exploring and focusing on field research to gain more knowledge. He has spent decades studying the very fundamental nature of combat and the art of being a shinobi down to the letter. He is able to compose entire battle formations and tactics by the hundreds in mere moments, mapping out the entire battle before it even takes place, merely setting the chips in motion to bait the target into his schemes. This feature however is not exclusive to simply battle tactics, but in his goals and plans in general. Through his years of studies and mastery of hundreds of jutsu and techniques, both domestic to the Fire Empire, and internationally through his travels even so far as to having learned otherwordly magics

Hand Signs

Through his years of studies and mastery of hundreds of jutsu and techniques, both domestic to the Fire Empire, and internationally through his travels even so far as to having learned otherworldly magics, he has a mastery of handseals like none other. He is able to execute several techniques without the need of handseals and the ones that do require any is minimized to only as many are needed, and can also be done flawlessly with only one hand. He is a wise man, a relic in time, and a genius in his own right.


One of the aspects prided on by the Uchiha is his natural speed. At base, he is fully capable of zipping past the naked eye unseen, or even giving challenges to certain Dojutsu. These lead many to believe that he often utilizes the flicker technique, when in fact is simply his natural speeds. When pushed, Naraku's speeds become dramatically increased, able to easily shatter the sound barrier and clear entire battlefields before the opposition notices he's even there. Due impart to his speeds, his reflexive capabilities make him nearly untouchable. One could say the pinnacle of Naraku's iconic battle prowess is his ridiculous levels of speed. Having been alive for over a century in time, the Uchiha has spent decades, since his first encounter with a relic of his clan that even predates himself, as far back as Naraku's teenage years. His combat beliefs revolve around timing, speed, and precision, formulating an extremely dangerous martial art exclusive to himself and his various off-springs. In order to master this martial art, the Uchiha had to push himself beyond his limits, defying them at the cost of a very painful, but fruitful evolution in prowess. Even in his teen years and early twenties, when the Uchiha Clan was still run under Jou Uchiha in the Land of Earth, the Uchiha Prince took great joy in carving up entire platoons in moments, well beyond the realization of what had just transpired.


To describe his physical strength is like describing a force of nature. With it alone, he is capable of incredible feats such as single blow kills, shattering skeletal structures, upheaval several meters of ground and even leaving large craters on mountain sides. His incredible strength comes from many factors, such as extensive physical training, supernatural bloodlines and given the fact that his teacher was once known as the strongest man alive. In all, though not something he heavily relies on, Naraku is very physically strong.

Naraku Body.webp


Skin like iron, muscles like steel fibers, and bones like diamonds, the durability of the Uchiha is one of extraordinary proportions. The sheer density of his being allows him to receive significant damage, including blunt force, falling from high places, as well as significant beatings. His is body is extraordinarily built naturally due to his supernatural heritage, several times greater than an average shinobi. He is able to tank powerful attacks at pointblank range, push his speeds to levels that would kill an average shinobi if they dared to attempt, and summon massive amounts of strength and power on will. He once took a tailed beast shockwave and survived even, again all within his teenage years. His training in Yomi merely set to increase the nature of power given to him on a physical and biological level, and that of the time in the Dead Zone, with its atmosphere constantly seeking to tear his body apart and smash it under extreme pressure and force, took years to properly hand and move and eventually combat freely in, evolving his body to durability levels beyond human capacity.



As an individual who possess the body of a zetsu, he intrinsically possesses the regeneration technique, allowing him to heal from most damage relatively quickly. On top of this, he is in fact one of the greatest medical shinobi to walk the earth, having learned all he knows from him former masters. With his various medical techniques, Naraku is fully capable of recovering rather quickly. There are various of other ways he is capable of rapidly recovering from damage, such as using the sun as a source of healing, and much more. All in all, his ability to recover is very strong, making most attempts to kill him ineffective.



As a former student to one of the greatest taijutsu users in shinobi history, Naraku naturally took a liking to utilizing hand to hand, and naturally becoming very good at it. He is well versed in many different types of martial arts, some learned and others created by his own hand. With his speed, reflexes and strength. Naraku generally attacks with quickness and precision, utilizing unrelenting accuracy and fluidity of motion, leading some to compare it to a dance. Utilizing all possible points of the body in a needed combat situation, Naraku is brilliantly skilled in different types of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and various of other types of hand to hand combat. When used in tandem with the Sharingan, he is noted to be 'untouchable' having no wasted movements, and being able to gauge his higher tier speeds to his visual scope much easier. Naraku is also capable of shifting through different combat forms mid battle when the time calls for it.


Over the course of his long life, Naraku has mastered ninjutsu and can manipulate all elements with relative ease. The techniques of Konoha—hiden and not—are known to him as through absorbing a previous commander-in-chief the Hokage Okojo, he did not hesitate to make them available for his own use. Simple shinobi techniques like the Substitution and Transformation can be used by him on a whim and at times simultaneously. Even his use of the Shadow Clone jutsu is impressive—it does not have to appear within smoke or directly next to him. As a man of science he has developed hundreds of techniques of his own, even having learned techniques from several different nations throughout his time. Ninjutsu is a major part of his life dedicating years of development to the craft.


He is one of the most gifted users of genjutsu alive and it serves as one of his pivotal and most focused on forms of combat. With his intelligence coupled with his control in spiritual energy, he is able to muster powerful illusions beyond the understanding of most individuals. At one point it was his name that was mentioned as the ultimate master of genjutsu. he can manipulate genjutsu like no other. Simple gestures, tone of voice and what seems to be odd sensations can all be used by him in order to cast a genjutsu. One might think that he has simply capitulated only to find out that the senile demon has already won. He appreciates illusions because it allows him to live out his most wild of fantasies, most having to do with his desire to kill. His sharingan, demonic nature and high spiritual prowess make for the most intricate of illusions, even learning new ways to captivate others through unconventional means. As of now, he is the sole user of a very secret and powerful form of genjutsu known as Medical Genjutsu, said to be the most powerful type in the world.

Kekkei Genkai

Naraku Jakku Sharingan.png

Three Tomoe Jakku & Mangekyo Jakku Sharingan

Not many can say that they unlocked their sharingan at the astonishing age of only 9, even for an Uchiha's standards that rare, but what could be expected of a prodigy of the reputed clan? Having bore the blessed eyes for over a century, evolving it to its highest form and beyond, he has had numerous decades to study, learn and master his optical power greater than mostly anyone else alive or in the history of his clan. It is said that his proficiency in the Sharingan's usage is so advanced that he can even combat against high level mangekyou abilities in its base three tomoe form with relative ease. His abilities of perception are so much so that he can immediately decipher genjutsu, seeing through its inconsistencies as quickly as he'd be captured, for genjutsu is only limited to the ability of the caster, and no one is able to create a flawless one no matter how gifted they are in the craft. Time seems to be bend at his focus, slowing itself to allow rapid intake of information and still command the highest level of attention to detail, able to pick up on even the smallest and subtle of things with ease. He is able to perceive the existence, flow and direction, consistencies and functions of chakra within and outside of the body, as well as break it down to its very signature, from nations, to villages, to clans, and down to even individuals. His abilities with precognition make him able to determine his adversaries next set of moves leagues in advance simply by reviewing the way in which their bodies move, directional patterns, muscular tension, chakra influxes, and emotional states visible to his eyes. Once one steps into the realm of hypnotism, mental manipulation and genjutsu, one would be hard pressed and foolish to seek to challenge the great demon. He is able to command and construct complicated and highly encrypted genjutsu on demand and cast them onto a victim with even the slightest of glances, with such skill in the task that he is able to convince the brain of the false notions so well that it is possible to bring death to his captured victims if things are conducted accordingly. After obtaining a certain power, he has fully deciphered the stone tablet of the Uchiha Clan, learning all of the secrets and intricacies of both the Uchiha Clan and the different stages of the Sharingan, including the legendary Mangekyou. Due to his high level of mastery, he is even able to effortlessly seize command of and manipulate even tailed beast and extraordinarily powerful creatures, monsters and demons, with even his three tomoe sharingan's Genjutsu: Sharingan, these abilities only increasing with the later stages of evolution. Let it be noted that along with the standard abilities granted by the sharingan, Naraku has developed his own. Having been a creature who has descended deep into the darkness, Naraku has indeed achieved the rare Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, the legendary final form of the base level sharingan in itself. His ocular powers in this form are increased higher than in the base three tomoe form, as well as all of his abilities that come with the MS being increased as well with its achievement. The reduction of chakra usage for its techniques is also minimized to a nearly unnoticeable level.


Having obtained genetic information from the Hashirama and Sozo Genes, as well as naturally having a supernatural vitality and life force on his own, Naraku has honed the most powerful Wood Style in the world, being one of the sole engineers behind the reconstruction of Konoha's residential, and specifically the Hokage Mansion as it stands. He has developed such and intuned and indepth understanding and connection to the world around him, able to command biological forms and structures in innumerable and terrifying ways with ease. Creating entire ecosystems, compounds or villages, weapons and wooden armies, creating and manipulating false life on command, it is said that his base line mokuton is unrivaled, with a thick robust vitality and power to it, as well as finesse that sets him in a class of his own. However this is said to not even be the strongest of his mokuton, that title goes to a forbidden art of the wilted lotus, in which there is no branches, only black vines and thorns which bare a density far greater than their usual structure, while viciously absorbing chakra from whatever they may grasp. purple wilted flours will also bloom into a sickly red color, releasing an oderless miasma which spreads rapidly about, claiming the mobile functions of the individual.



Teiō (帝王 "Emperor", VIZ "The King") The Chieftain individual of the bat race, Teio is the largest and undeniably the most powerful of his kind being the sole ruleer of over 20% of all mammals across the planet. Known for his wisdom far beyond the ages, he is an old sage who has lived for several millennia, and has spent his life time gathering knowledge about nearly all things in the world, including the full mastery of the art of senjutsu. Due to his age, wisdom, knowledge, size and baffling strength he bears chakra levels very comparable to tailed beast of higher caliber, an ocean of energy at his disposal which can be drawn upon whenever needed. Of course with an entity so utterly titanic in size, it comes with notable feats such as his incredible strength and speed. Hurricanes with the flapping of his wings, tidal-waves and earthquakes from landing and running across the ground, and leveling mountains by simply crashing its body into them are just some of the physical attributes afforded to the titanic creature. He also reserves the ability to move at several hundreds of miles per hour in flight and is by no means any bit relatively slower on the grown, due to his size and natural speeds. He is able to effortlessly utilize the elemental releases of Fire, Wind and Earth respectively, hardly ever having the need to utilize hand seals to invoke his powers. He is capable of producing ultra-sonic waves through its mouth like any other bat, but his obviously being at an astronomically higher and more potent level and mastery. Where his true mastery lies is within senjutsu techniques however, being able to control and absorb senjutsu chakra with such ease that it is said he is able to do so during battle, siphoning oceans of nature energy at frighteningly rapid rates. The bat style of senjutsu carries a unique twist to it if the user of it deems it use necessary. He, as well anyone versed in bat senjutsu, is able to generate a curse mark on whatever they bite, or create a curse through contact with their chakra by filling the environment with its presence. This curse, causes the target's blood to be directly linked to their life force, being able to absorb and consume their life force and spiritual energy through the absorption or consumption of their blood.


Ten'nōsūhai (lit. 天皇崇拝, "Emperor Worship") - A large bat who originated from Bakemonokomori Cave and is in fact one of the children of the chieftain Teio himself and as such knows a degree of senjutsu. His true power lies in his gifted nature of manipulating sound waves and frequencies, many rumoring that he actually posses sound release because of his ability to do so with the proficiency that he executes. While all bats possess the ability to use ultrasonic waves, Ten uniquely is able to utilize them with such finesse that he is capable of generating sonic booms with chakra control. While his true strength lies in these frequencies, he still posses great proficiency with fire and has mastery over wind and yin release. While not nearly the size of his father, he is still quite large for his species with a wing span of 20 feet across. One thing that most would not bet on, is that he is actually incredibly fast! Able to soar hundreds of miles an hour, with amazing air maneuverability, he primarily is utilized as a transportation companion by his contracted summoner Naraku. However once engaged in combat, he is an invaluable ally, Naraku shares a great relationship with Ten despite the two having initially butted heads many years ago. His maroon fur, large eyes, and golden earrings certainly point to the fact that he is not quite normal, but this is evident in his vast intelligence and incredibly knowledge, able to communicate with humans and bats alike, and has spent decades learning and mastering various techniques.




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