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Ryòjíń (旅人,Ryòjíń) is a gentle hearted young lad that was first discovered by a leaf Shinobi in a far away land. The esteemed medic Toshiro, noticing something exceedingly peculiar about the boy, adopted him into his clan and embraced him as a son.

A strange child with even stranger proclivities, his new adopted father of sorts would guide Ryòjíń on path to becoming the brilliant young Shinobi that he is today, nurturing him in the art of medicine, hand to hand combat, painting, philosophy and anything else his curious heart may desire. He would also in that duration of that time, receive mentorship from a spirit guide of sorts that dwelled in the forest from which he originated. Their lessons and training sessions are often chalked up to him playing with his "imaginary friends"

His adopted family of sorts would soon extend to the Land of Fire at large, making notable friends along the way, including many of land's preeminent Hokage: the legendary Heiwa, former Hokage Owatatsumi Ikehara, the fearsome Mowa, and even one of the legendary Sangami, Ketsugo Uzumaki. All four with wealth of experience would raise him up in knowledge. he uses that knowledge in transformation, both for his broken world as well as his own internal domain. From this point forth, his new extended and expanding family would support Ryòjíń in the pursuit of his own personal renaissance, helping him develop in the enlightened path of his own Nindo way.



Ryòjíń is a remarkably warm, friendly and kind hearted young boy; an unusually fun and outgoing kid, and possibly equally shy at times. His creative nature makes him pretty unpredictable & unstable, and his curious, intuitive mind sometimes leads him to be distracted at times, but this is to be expected from a kid whose only “12” years of age. When he does focus, he narrows down on the things he enjoys with laser precision.

Ryòjíń is a ... child of extremes, incredibly cheery and unusually optimistic; but every star casts a deep shadow: he can, at a turn of a moment, become a passionately temperamental being, verging on the border of bipolarity, but he tends to keep these kinds of emotions internal. If the world however were to get to him, the complete opposite spectrum of his varying personality would show its face…. dark, soulless; but yet persistent with mercy. This is due to Ryòjíń’s nature that retains a tenacious positivity and optimism that will not give up, well, at least for the time being.


Ryò has a pair of peaceful hazel eyes that seems to hold the serenity of the night sky within its gaze, a gaze veiled underneath cloak of dirty blonde hair.  He has an almost cherub like beauty to his countenance; light freckles speckled imperceptibly across his flush skin tone. He dawns a humble Shaolin burlap garb upon his diminutive frame and is usually seen carrying a rather large shuriken like tool upon his back.


Sharin Shuriken

Ryòjíń has finished the completion of a strange tool that he carries around on his back. Incredibly large in proportion to the child and edged on all sides, who knows what its capable of.

Ryò believes that versatility is key to a shinobi’s survival and success, this fact is especially true for him, a ninja who cannot rely on “vast reserves of chakra”; for this reason, he carries around various auxiliary tools, both conventional and unconventional, that take advantage of his unique intelligence and expertise. All these tools are stored within a specialized ninja equipment case, and within and without the lining of his gi & lapel.

Ryòjíń is skilled with a variety of weapon combat systems and approaches; however, his go to weapons of choice in the heart of battle is his inventive transformable Bow Staff and his trusty concealed Twin Karambits

He regularly relies on a variety of other odd amenities:

Lotus Fruit
Natural Weapons
Paper Shuriken
Fuin Training Armor

Every single one of his tools, both present and non present, are inscribed with a seal which allows him the ability to summon at his disposal at any given moment. The only exception is the daikibo, as he has other means of accomplishing this task.

Chakra and Attributes

Eclectic Chakra

The truth is Ryòjíń has no chakra to claim as his own. All the chakra that he has accumulated within himself has come to him from his earthen environment, specifically those he's close to and has been in close contact with.

His true chakra nature lies within the domain of the cosmic

Chakra Control & Will Power

When first found, it was discovered that Ryòjíń possessed unusually low chakra reserves: almost none of his own to speak of. But not one, not a single one of his sensei's would take "low chakra reserves" as an excuse. He learned the sadistic nature behind their heroic smiles,  and learned how fierce the Will of Fire of a Kage can truly be.

There was no mercy, because they were having mercy. It took several years, but he soon realized that they were so hard on him because they cared so much for him, that someone with small chakra reserves needed chakra control to survive, let alone have the strength to carry the will of fire. They were trying to save his life. Sensei Mowa, protecting him on several accounts from certain death, did his best to arm him with control necessary to utilize the Rasengan, hoping that discipline of focus in chakra control would further general emotional stability and well being.

None of them would have another Sasuke Sarutob on their hands, this they vowed. This united will sparked the will of fire within the boy, and this newly kindled torch gave him the iron will to endure.

All that scholastic study and medical training keenly nourished his mind acclimation towards Yin energy.

Ketsugo Uzumaki got him in touch with the latent vitality that lived within him through the development of Yang. Once little Ryò mastered this, the wise Sangami kicked his training into the next level by furthering his natural ability to tap into the Yang energy about him through the mastery of the Yodama, simultaneously pushing his Yin control to new heights with their newly developed Art Release.

From aside his original background in Traditional Martial Arts, meditation and the resultant chi control advocated by both disciplines which afforded a mastery of inner Chakra control, the collective generations of Kage drilled a more comprehensive grasp of chakra control into him until it was the only thing he knew.

Life Force



Ryòjíń's primary sensory abilities are not rooted in chakra, his chakra based sensory has improved remarkably over the years, even being able to even detect the intent within the substance of chakra.

Despite these improvements however, this mode of sensory pales in comparison to that which is allotted to him by his unique Telekinetic abilities, the clarity of which is so overwhelming, that is often times proves to be a huge hindrance, and at extremes, a debilitating and even potentially lethal liability, though he's trained diligently to prevent the latter. For this reason, I left of generous range to define his unique, variably beneficial/compromising Sensory disposition.


Because Ryòjíńs brain is powerful enough to manipulate objects with considerable ease, tasks that you would normally associate with the brain, like thinking, solving problems, and learning come at absolute genius levels… for geniuses..


Despite his superior physical conditioning, he is still somewhat effected by his limited chakra reserves and tender age: battles that spanned for days was not an intended element In Ryòjíń’s inception.

For these reasons, Ryòjíń usually runs on soft capacity, acting as if he is limited to the lowest threshold of all his abilities in order to gear his facilities for longevity: inordinately boosting his efficiency. Raw strength takes the most deliberate drawbacks, operating at relatively lower levels of strength under these conditions, often giving the impression that he's rather incapable at first glance. His speed takes the second biggest hit, (though he's usually slower due to his weighted regiment anyways). It should also be noted that all Base Attributes are all referenced from this soft capacity.

His mind however is another story all together, his mental fortitude is uncannily formidable, being closer to a fortress than any other category of description; in essence there is a disparity between his mind’s ability to endure and the categorical contradictions for the descriptions for his body. The stat displayed is more of a reflection on his physical disposition then his mental fortitude.


Being protégé of 3 legendary masters of medicine, and naturally predisposed to wellness in his own right, it was no surprise that he could recover from even the most severe injuries so well, with the utmost accuracy; in fact his training depends on it!

The Body

Precision is the key to power; And his anatomically superior frame makes this 3'7 body a living powerhouse of raw strength, speed, durability and adaptability

Ryò's body is an anatomical wonder. A marvel of spiritual and scientific precision.

He has dedicated himself, like his masters before him, to the art of mastering, honing and perfecting The Art of his physiological medium: the expression that is his body.

This translates to a focus dedication of training, conditioning, meditation, and bodily experimentation, training and studying to bring himself to the precipice of human capability; but human limitations (as he soon found) was not enough...

Genetically engineered for perfection

A unique combination of meditation, and scientific exploration, allowed him to tap into the building blocks of his own unique construction, and take himself to the next level.

Ryòjíń has dedicated all of his capacities to unlocking and mastering the power of the double helix, just as his Sensei's before him.

Ryòjíń has tapped into the secrets of DNA, allowing him to make unprecedented changes to his physiological structure naturally. By entrancing his mental aptitude into the molecular level, he has ascertained full control of his genetic idiosyncrasies, allotting complete genetic and anatomical freedom.


He has altered his bones anatomical- geometrical, preference to that which can deflect, withstand, and propagate force far more effectively than the normal skeletal anatomical and molecular structure, (making losing limbs during battle highly improbable.)

These alterations have allowed him to transform his body to be far more durable, conditioning his extremely robust frame to withstand even the most cynical of punishments; And cynical punishment he indeed received under the severe tutelage of the kage infamous for their Physical prowess: in addition to his meditative transformation, he'd go on to endure grueling hours of training which would deftly & permanently injure a more conventional physiological construction.

Aside from being bruised and battered by these behemoths on a daily basis, Ryòjíń, as a martial artist, commonly practices atypical body conditioning, toughening up his extremities as well as his shins, elbows, knees and ulna/forearms, even his head to some degree, to be routinely capable of pulverizing brick & stone with no drawbacks, the genetic alterations synergistically improving upon these practices.

(This durability also translates to his skin, making it surprisingly resilient, despite it retaining a great deal of suppleness)


A Unique rewiring of his central nervous system, along with the incorporation, reworking and redefinition of his muscle fibers synergizes a combination of which allows for the muscle fibers to fire much faster, with a greater stress payload, yielding inhumanely dexterous speed and reflexes. When worked in parallel to his telekinetic abilities and enhanced with natural chakra, his speed and strength is bolstered far past the norms of anything that should be considered a species, redefining him as no longer a (being), but a phenomenon.


If you're going to be an assistant to "the fastest man alive", you better be swift enough not to slow him down. The late Hokage was exact in doubling and tripling down on his training & weighted regiment to get him up to speed, and in normal circumstances he meets the benchmark expectations. However, when employing his normal subnominal application of chakra enhancements and focus, he can easily surpass it.

It should be noted that long distance is not his forte. There is a juxtaposition between the ideas of combat speed and general mobility: when it comes to quick bursts of movement, ergo his ability to throw a strike, or close short distances, even at base, his speeds easily surpass his categoric requirement: in this does he truly strive make his sensei proud. Opponents not of the dojutsu persuasion will sometimes mistakenly believe that he possess multiple limbs when moving at normal percentage of his potential.

Explosive Power and Speed

Changing the atomic composition and modifying atomic bonds of the main muscle firing filaments myosin and actin, enhancing the structural integrity to that which allows myosin to retain a much greater retentive capabilities, yielding muscular contractions far more energized, powerful and rapid than that of the standard or even more than standard muscle fiber at pique performance. He then further concentrates this potential power via his unique nervous idiosyncrasies: by synchronizing the action potentials in his already altered sarcoplasmic reticulum, his muscles are able to yield far more power and speed per muscle fiber than otherwise possible. By increasing the strength and efficacy of every muscle fiber, solicitously increasing the amount of muscle fibers within his diminutive frame, he is able to reduce bulk while still garnering extreme (feats of) strength & mobility


Rewiring is neural pathways manifold orders of magnitude more effective. There' s a higher concentration of an exclusive inorganic myelin blend within his altered nervous system; By using a direct electron nerve impulse and less on the chemical reactionary wave based synapse interaction, Nerves can transmit information at astounding speeds, relying on the far more direct electro magnetic properties that propel information (at speeds approaching that of the electromagnetic spectrum)  far beyond the 260mph limit. This produces a highly sensitive body, capable of feeling out and reacting to some of the most subtle of nuances within battle.

His knowledge and application of Kinetic linking and body mechanics allows him to produce an usual amount of force for his small size and frame, or any frame for that matter

Alterations and Resistances

His internal organs has also underwent extensive alterations to be optimized to a superhuman quality, such as lungs with a much higher capacity to retain richer, purer oxygen, able to deliver a richer purer stream of oxygen to the human biome, several substrates of kidneys that may replace each other at a moments notice, much like the rows of teeth on a shark, each one highly adept to filtering most foreign substances within the body, whether it be physical, metaphysical and even supernatural entities such as spiritual or other chakra signatures, (it uses the all encompassing qualities telekinesis to accomplish this) and a plethora of other alterations.

Ryòjíń has a natural resistance to most harmful substances; this heightened resistance was challenged under the sadistic tutelage of his medical masters before him, subjecting himself to the most powerful forms of radiation available, natural and contrived poisons, nominal amounts of foul chakras, and other caustic entities.

These overall alterations has caused him to have an increased reservoir of chi, training himself to maintain a relatively remarkable capacity of stamina and endurance that is thus prolonged by a lack of chakra based ninjutsu.



Ryòjíń does not have an average child hood; Training was the only world he ever knew, and for him, this was absolute bliss. Apart from the rigors and abuse Ryòjíń understands as progress, Ryòjíń has also adopted a series of methods of training most would consider unconventional.

Ryòjíń has relied on a method of training colloquially known as Lucid Dreaming. When his small, adolescent frame has reached the apex of exhaustion, Ryòjíń would willfully enter a controlled state of deep sleep, using a highly controlled REM to reinforce hours worth of training in moments, making neural connections that would hold precedence and relevance in the waking world. He used meditation as well to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience, well beyond his years; a richness of which that few would seldom carry into their adulthood.

Apart from this, Ryòjíń contains accelerated learning capabilities, which, under the tutelage of a Master Taijutsu specialist of the peerless Hyuga clan,  continues to expedite his development and progress, not only as a human but a shinobi as well.

This practice continued under the baton of many of Konaha's finest Kage, including the current Hokage Ketsugo Uzumaki.


Since working under the direct leadership of the Hokage, Ryòjíń has come across and mandatorily learned a multitude of Jutsu, including some rare and forbidden ones, and scarily enough, has the understanding and chakra control to pull them off flawlessly, but alas, most of these techniques would kill him or otherwise severely compromise him if he attempted them given his inordinately low chakra reserves


In light of recent diabolical events, the astral and spiritual plains were rendered out of balance.

Over the course of the last several years, strange astral spirits visit with him in the night watches, curious as to how he is able to view them back. Among them a particularly powerful entity has taken interest in the boy, and has vested in him many dark and obscure secrets.

These interactions, as well as the training itself has strengthen his connection to the astral domains, as well as the mental mediums used to navigate them

Over the past couple of years, he's also had the pleasure of training with two elite Sharingan users, former Jinchuriki of the 9 tails and kage Mowa , as well as talented member of the Anbu such as Kami Uchiha.

For these reasons among other's, Ryòjíń's genjutsu prowes is unusually strong, and it would be a mistake to cast one on him haphazardly.

Evidence of this was scene over 2 years ago on a tragic mission where everyone one on his expedition was caught in genjutsu, everyone except him.

When navigating the realms of the mind, even for more experienced genjutsu practitioners, it's advised to tread lightly.

Despite his genjutsu prowes, he rarely ever uses it outright, but veils in under the cloak of his other related abilities:

Ryòjíń is able to tap into the metaphysical aspect of his subject's subconscious, enabling him to alter the perception of their reality, thus making him a master Hypnotist


Medical Class: C

Ryòjíń relies on a brand of healing that utilizes the patients natural resources to heal them instead of his own chakra reserves, yielding an incredibly holistic approach to the medical field thus seen so far.

He may employ chakra, but only enough to jump start the bodies natural methods of restoration.

This can be seen in the subtle difference found in his approach of the trademark Mystic Palm technique: A glow will often emanate from within the patient rather than from his own hand.

Because of this holistic approach however, it can at times be remarkably taxing on the patient's chakra, but a necessary adaptation in order for him to thrive within this field.

Much to the chagrin of his sensies, His limited chakra reserves and his insistence on perfection limited his progress severely.

Leaving a scar on a patient is absolutely unacceptable and Ryòjíń categorically refuses to move on to higher techniques until he can produce the lower ones with absolute perfection. That being said his chakra control is probably more than enough to handle B rank techniques with ease, but he doesn’t believe this.

Despite his inclination to more natural approaches to medicine, he is also remarkably skilled at traditional chakraless procedures as well.


(section under construction)

Memorization and intelligence are fundamental building blocks to being a great fuinjutsu specialist. These are two areas in which Ryòjíń excels at. Particularly talented at recognizing, deducing and creating patterns, he took to Fuinjutsu like a plant takes to water. For the self same reasons, Ryòjíń is naturally a being predisposed to the complexity of higher dimensions.

It's no wonder that Ryòjíń would flourish once given a chance. When the legendary Fuinjutsu specialist Lord 13th took notice of the boy, he was given the chance of a life time.

The legendary Sangami dedicating himself to the cultivation the child's latent abilities, molding him into an exceptionally talented Fuinjutsu and Ink User.

After mastering the basics, and even taking on and studying some exceptionally advance techniques, the Kage began to finely hone his skills, developing his Unique quirks to the fuinjutsu arts. Noticing his tendency to fundamentally break down the principles behind techniques given him, only to reinvent them in a way that proved most befitting to his unique abilities and setbacks, together they worked to cultivate his unique expression in the Fuinjutsu arts.

This Unique expression would be collectively known as his Art Release.

Kekkei Genkai

Telekinesis is a Transcendent, non existent, all encompassing force. Its an all pervasive concept that has connections to all things, yet is a phantom in every element, forever unknowable to all of creation. It is essential-ity, in the most absolute sense.

Being a telekinetic naturally makes him an indomitable and incredibly powerful being (though there is much more to his power than the mere fact that he is a telepath). This unique ability also entitles him to a whole host of complementary Abilities.

See also Telekinetic Limit

Guardian Spirit

His Inner Deity

Spirit of Vishnu.jpg


Hyūga Style Techniques

Toshiro being his teacher, many of Ryò’s techniques are inspired by the Hyūga clans famed taijutsu style, sporting a 'mock' variety of every one of their techniques including the gentle fist, rotation, and even his own take on the 8 trigrams 64 palms.

Other Techniques

Dictated by his unique and inventive nature, Ryòjíń has gone above the call of his masters instruction and began designing his own techniques based on his master’s teachings as well as his own unusual idiosyncrasies:

Brain Wave Navigation

Death Substitution Jutsu

Signature Techniques


Ryó relies on near perfect body mechanics to draw out an unusual amount of power for his size in his strikes. This miracle of kinetic linking is achieved through an supernatural focus and natural aptitude. As impressive as it is, there are cases where perfect body mechanics are not enough: in these instances he may supercharge his techniques with his telekinetic presence and Chakra: the telekinesis enhancing his chakra control and execution of the technique, creating a synergetic effect when combined, which gives it it's name, exponentially increasing the destructive capacity and potential of the attack.

Making his attack several orders of magnitude stronger than it would be on its own.

In this lies in part the spirit of his Zenkai Technique.


Super Gentle Fist Eight Trigrams Resonant Palm

This technique does not focus on attacking the users tenketsu points (alone), but violates the entirety of the opponents inner infrastructure:

First, a gentle fist being the catalyst, he sends waves of undulating energy throughout the body of opposition, Rippling his chakranic and telekinetic contingencies into the very core of the being, and throughout the course of his or her vessel. This energy responds in tandem to the receivers very own chakra, until it reaches a critical threshold beyond the users control, releasing an unspeakable strike of decimating proportions.

This technique is very Judo in philosophy, as it's power is maximized by the potency and quantity of the opponent's chakra, being refined only through the users control.

There is a limit to this however: if the opponents reserves is beyond the scope of the ability to contain and maintain it, aka Bottomless reserves, the efficacy of the technique may be greatly compromised, and in the case of something more severe, like a Tailed Beast (ex, full Karuma) the refractive idiosyncrasies of the technique may be lost entirely.

Inversion Technique

"Inversion technique / Revolutionary axis of internal movement"

Concentrating almost the entire confines of his corporate bounds, he executes an elegant form of movement systematically incompatible with this realm for a brief period of time. Similar in kin and spirit to the Intangibility technique, it only lasts for the duration of the turn or one revolution.

Other Techniques




Ryòjíń lives with a network of shadow clones used to delegate his learning and living experiences. Each one is assigned to the task of immersing in and mastering a specific discipline or area of expertise. Ex: a Shadow clone that practices weaving hand signs, all day, everyday.

He may have other motivations for filling his dwelling spaces with facsimiles of life.

.*Curiously, because Ryòjíń spent most of his feral adolescence in the woods, he had learned the language of nature before the tongue of man. He still, to this day, retains the ability to communicate with plants and animals, any aspect of nature alike. Others vouch for his insanity when he does so, so he usually avoids this in front of others.

Bug is a simple but tricky language to relay

Due to his bodies increase sensitivity to foreign anomalies, Ryòjíń has a higher susceptibility to sneezing than most.