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The Shikkotsu Forest (湿骨林, Shikkotsurin, English TV: Shikkotsu Woods, literally meaning: Damp Bone Forest)—also known as the Bewitching Acid Forest (妖艶酸性森, Yōen sansei mori, English TV: "Sea of Acidic Trees") is a massive region that is among the several unexplored sage regions in the world, the region is most famous for producing powerful slugs such as Katsuyu; The region's leader and veteran that aided in wars alongside the summoners. The enchanting land's location is only known by few who come to this place to form symbiotic bonds with its inhabitants. It is rumored to be the home of the Six-Tailed Beast, Saiken.


  • Katsuyu
  • Ātirā

Known Summoners

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