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The Shinobi Continent (大州の忍, "Ōzu no Shinobi", Lit: "Ninja Continent") is a continent situated mostly in the first zone and partially within the third zone of the planet.

Shinobi Continent.svg

Shinobi makes up what some have dubbed a supercontinent (超大陸, chōtairiku) which combines both it and the landmasses to the east and west of it together. With its complex history and diverse peoples the continent is the birthplace of shinobi culture (忍人文 shinobijinbun) and possesses considerable influence over world-affairs, stated to be the "throne of the political world" (政治世界の王位, seiji sekai no ōi) for its impact on international history.



  • United Islands Republic
  • Land of Dolphins
  • Land of Jellyfish
  • Land of Whales
  • Land of Coconuts
  • Land of Crabs
  • Land of Seahorses
  • Land of Shores
  • Land of Typhoons
  • Land of Lobsters
  • Land of Bubbles
  • Land of Carnivals
  • Land of Boats
  • Land of Festivals
  • Land of Starfish
  • Land of Tortoises
  • Land of Salmon
  • Land of Tuna
  • Land of Sharks
  • Land of Sea Weed
  • Land of Squids