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The Teikokutōji Continent (大州の帝国陶磁, "Ōzu no Teikokutōji", Lit: "Continent of Empire Clay") is a continent situated entirely in the fourth zone of the planet.

Teikokutoji Continent.svg

It is a landmass of isolated people who have their own culture, languages and history. Those who reside on Teikokutōji are incredibly protective of their way of life and has the saying "expel the foreigners" (外国人を追放する, "gaikoku hito o tsuihō suru") to signify their rejection of all-things different.



  • Tianshang Empire
  • Qizhongji
  • Rong
  • Xiwang
  • Long

  • Ji
  • Shu
  • Gui Empire
  • Ma
  • Beike

  • Xingyun
  • Yongshi
  • Xianzhi
  • Huangwu
  • Jiaobu

  • Yumi
  • Shougao
  • Dao Dynasty
  • Genbu
  • Seiryu

  • Suzaku
  • Byakko
  • Land of Turtles
  • Sandaishu Island