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The United Republic (同盟共和国, "Dōmei Kyōwakoku"), also called the UR, is the successor of the Allied Shinobi Forces, Shinobi Union. It is a multi-governmental alliance whose goal is to maintain international peace and security through mutual needs and cooperation. The United Republic is led by a rotating position known as the Supreme Sovereign (大王, "Daiō"). Its military is commanded by the Supreme Leader (大権, "Taiken").


  • Supreme Sovereign — the leader of the United Republic is the "daimyo" of the world. They approve decisions to go forth for international voting, sign the final stamp of approval for international law and function as the final vote for ties. Only the Sovereign can approve the addition or dismissal of a nation from the union. This individual is also the only one who can make the final approve of a declaration of war.
  • Supreme Commander — the leader of the United Republics Armed Forces, the "kage" of the world. They manage the military with the Five Kage and the General of the Land of Iron acting as commanders. The Supreme Commander will be responsible for a donated 20% of soldiers from each nation to leader. In teams of peace the percentage should be reduced to 5%. The Supreme Commander is also responsible for peacekeeping assignments.
  • Supreme Judge — the leader of the Supreme Court, an international court of justice. They are responsible for making sure laws are being followed by members of the union, including the Sovereign and Leader. They are to manage the nations to make sure human rights laws are followed and also that new laws do not infringe upon the rights of individual nations.
  • Council of Five — the permanent council of the United Republic with highest influence and voting power. It has historically been chaired by the Five Great Nations government heads (daimyo, emperor). Their individual votes are equal to 55 votes by other member states.


Voting can begin after those who have something to say to the Republic enters The Floor and gives their speech. After all have been heard, voting commences. Meetings are lively and energetic; interruptions are allowed but the Supreme Judge must keep order. During meetings there can be no jutsu or any sort used. This is treason and can result in imprisonment. Only guards who are responsible for protecting the United Republic governors can use their Sensory techniques during meetings.

  • Veto Power — a power granted to each member state of the Council of Five and also the Supreme Sovereign. If a ruling which effects the entire Republic does not sit well with any of these members they can veto it. Votes for leadership cannot be vetoed unless the vast majority of the Republic deems it fit to do so. If 55 countries amass together they also possess the right to veto a voting, even if the Supreme Sovereign and the Council of Five disagree.