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Yua initially had been a whimsical kind hearted young girl who tended to place the immediate needs of others above her own. She tends to be very shy and reserved upon initial encounters with her, yet warmed up to individuals fairly quickly. She has a deep and well founded form of love and respect for her adoptive father, and quickly loses her temper if anyone speaks condescendingly of or towards him. Being the daughter of someone who's skin and appearance differ greatly than her own, along with her father's prejudice and disdain towards other clans and peoples, leaves her a bit insecure and vulnerable to conversations that touch upon that topic; often making her tear up as a result. Although, through her constant reprimanding of her father's habits, he has seemingly warmed up and softened to the idea of accepting other clans and cultures for her sake, leading their relationship as father and daughter to grow in strength into a display as if she were his own biological child.

Over the years, with continuous exposure to her newfound life of wealth, increased status, and the overpowering personality of her adoptive father, Yua shattered the once timid and mild personality mold she had once possessed – taking on a far more feisty and confident air to herself. With obvious pride and confidence in her sheer beauty, along with her natural prowess with the utilization of her Kekkei Genkai, the young woman often finds herself highly intimidating from the perspective of others, often warding off any flirtatious attempts by those in her age group. Despite her toughened exterior during these years, she is still plagued by her initial upbringings from her destitute childhood, willing to offer up her very last to see someone with less than her strive after understanding what it truly is like to struggle.

When in the presence of Suhaku Goka, the young woman is extremely vulnerable and self conscious about every aspect of herself despite the male's constant reassurance of his love for her and his constant admiration of her beauty. The two have always been childhood sweethearts, and without a doubt cared very deeply for one another despite it initially not being verbalized – eventually dating until his sudden departure from the village. Upon finding out of his conscious decision to abandon Konoha, she had been shaken to her core, often blaming herself for the matter, feeling as if he left without so much as a goodbye because she was unable to grasp his attention and simply hadn't been enough to make his troubled heart whole and tranquil. Because of this, her way of dressing became increasingly revealing as if to catch his attention if she ever had a stray fated encounter – her guard constant, and her heart hardened to any attempted displays or confessions of love towards her as she only yearns for Suhaku.


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Yua is a rather short and petite young girl with a beautiful melanated skin of sepia brown skin, with a caramelized undertone. Her most notable features proving to be her lilac purple eyes and beauty mark on the lower left side of her face near her mouth. Yua's hair, like her adoptive father, wears her waist length pale sandy blonde hair straight down, a portion of her hair normally tends to lay and rest upon her shoulder serving to accent her overall beauty and attire. She wears a sleeveless one piece turtleneck outfit that stops at her upper thigh, held in place by an. obi belt tied into a rather large ribbon like purple bow, with a smaller golden tied bow around the middle of her obi. She keeps herself covered up and reserved by wearing thigh high sandals, and a bandaged wrapping on her left leg accompanied by a an off black rectangular ninja pouch. On her arms, she wears gloves that reach past her elbows before stopping. The entire ensemble, although being free and simple, nearly covers her in entirety keeping her attire modest and befitting of a young kunoichi.

During her late teens, Yua had developed into a rather shapely young woman, and actively chose to highlight it as one of the main aspects of her beauty after the heart-breaking departure of her childhood lover. She sports a one piece off-white short dress with sections along the middle portions being cut open to reveal her midriff, the top portion of the piece being cut into a fitted crop-top worn over a fishnet mesh under cloaking that extend only slightly pass her shoulders in length yet don't extend beyond the higher portion of her dress. Her forearms and legs being protected by black thigh-high shinobi sandals and arm guards with similar color compression shorts that only extend towards the middle portion of her upper thigh. Her hair sandy blonde hair growing exponentially in length, concealing her left eye with a partial hanging bang which covers half of her face, whilst the rest hangs loosely draping down her back in length. Her most consistent accessory being a golden ring gifted to her by Suhaku before his departure. She is never seen without wearing it on her left index finger and is highly protective of it, willing to verbally or physically assault anyone should they attempt to tamper with it or remove it in any way.


Chakra and Attributes


Chakra Reserves

Yua's chakra reserves have always been considered beyond impressive and potent, having that equivalent to a standard jonin well within within her earlier years, allowing her the capability to successfully perform feats and techniques that far extend the standard expectations of those within her age group. Despite her rather impressive pool of chakra, she has developed a habit of utilizing nearly all of it in an all out protective assault when frightened or in a panicked state. Often causing notable damage within the village and to her father's estate because of it – responsible for the destruction of an entire street within the Nara district and the complete crystallization of an entire lake.

Chakra Control

Even within her youth, despite initially having no form of professional guidance or training pertaining to chakra and factors in relation to it, Yua has always possessed extreme levels of chakra control. Her control and distribution of her chakra is so refined that her reserves are often mistaken to be much larger than they actually are – able of using rather advanced jutsu, primarily the manipulation of the crystallized constructs created by means of her kekkei genkai, on a grand scale that can only be described as impressive, suffering minimal fatiguing in the process. With assistance from her father after her adoption, she continually refined her control til it was on par with even his own.

Life Force

Yua possesses no significant life force, and in fact stems from an area where the mortality rates are shockingly high, with the longest living individual in her land living to only be thirty-two years of age. This however was not do to a weak life force, but rather brought upon by the poor living conditions of destitute land which she was born and raised in, the Land of Sickness. Because of this, and her lack of information about both her parents and the clan she stems from, her life force is still unknown to her. However, known by her father and undisclosed to the girl herself, the life force she possesses is rather feeble, and the girl would be blessed to even see 50 years of age. Because of this, he currently undergoes experimentation by means of his seals and other forbidden arts in order to find ways to unnaturally extend her life expectancy – sustaining and gradually extending her vitality by injecting his own into her via fuinjutsu from a seal placed upon her during their initial encounter.


Due to the environment and circumstances in which she was raised, Yua initially lacked a will of her own, willing to do any and everything required in order to retrieve the necessary supplies for the survival of both her and her now deceased biological parents. She is easily swayed by words and circumstances, should she believe it truly is in the best benefit for everyone involved, often placing her own well being behind others. She carried this mentality well within her further years even after being taken under the wings and raised by Tenwa Sozo, albeit as the years passed under his care she became much more self reliant and confident. Becoming more understanding about her own wants and needs while establishing a basis to stand for what she knows and love, that being her father and her own well being.

A couple years down the line after establishing a romantic relationship with Suhaku Goka, her confidence plummeted once more along with his unexpected departure. Leaving without word or warning, the young kunoichi blamed herself incessantly, both her esteem and overall standing for herself faltered heavily. Leaving her questioning if he didn't love her enough to stay, than is she truly worth loving herself. With no foundation, she once again fell prey into her insecurities, with her will power being below average and easily swayed.



Yua proves to be a natural in the art of sensory, her life in her previous destitute land was ravaged with struggle and violence, and as such the young woman had to continuously remain on guard for the sake of surviving. She couldn't afford to miss anything, not a single detail as it left too high of a risk – she became adept to sensing her surroundings, mapping out entire areas in her mind, and remembering it exactly as if having a drawn map in front of her at all times. Capable of expanding her own natural range of sensory and sight by means of her combining her sensory abilities with her kekkei genkai, Yua is always alert, visual, and on guard. Another factor instilled into her by her adoptive father.

Intelligence and Hand Signs

Yua is noted for her rather high level of intelligence. Her observation and analysis skills are on par with even the some of the higher ranking Jonin in the village. Her quick wits allow for her to easily and swiftly comprehend and come up with solutions to the obstacles and issues before her. She has an amazing understanding of the basic functioning of a ninja and all basic protocols and tactics, and along with aid from her father, has not only been trained physical, but also mentally. She also has a wide array of book knowledge, and is known for spending countless hours in her father's archives reading upon material pertaining to both the forgotten past and the present. As a result, she possesses a more expansive vocabulary and understanding that most of the children her age.


Although having heightened reflexes , the young kunoichi's own speed is anything but impressive on its own, though it can be classified as above average. Because of this, she often finds herself relying on the strategical use of her kekkei genkai, or basic nature releases in order to increase her speed or make emergency maneuvers when necessary. In most cases however, she simply tends to increase her speed by dispelling chakra from specific portions of her body to keep up or outpace her opponent in short yet efficient bursts of speed. When pairing her kekkei genkai in battle however, her speed becomes blindingly fast as she uses the reflections of her own created crystals to travel to point A to point B in a flash – traveling at paces that even seasoned doujutsu users would struggle to keep pace with.

Strength and Durability

Yua possesses no significant strength at a base level, and lacks in hand to hand combat when it comes to the aspect of dealing damage. Because of this, she relies heavily upon the use of her kekkei genkai to both inflict damage and bolster her durability. Her father also took note of this, and rather than focusing on conditioning her strength, he taught her the anatomy of the human body, specifically the weaker points of the typical body where she could inflict minimal damage with the greatest outcome – many of them often able to override naturally bolstered defenses. Despite her having lower levels of strength, the young kunoichi's natural defenses prove to be impressively high, coupled with a high tolerance to pain. Despite this though, she rarely receives damage by use of her crystal constructs to cloak her skin in thin multiple layers designed with high resistance to damage without restricting maneuverability. Because of this, she prefers distanced combat and views herself at a heightened disadvantage should her opponent close in on her.

Stamina and Recovery

Average in the aspect of stamina, Yua has to meticulously monitor the actions she carries out and ensure that every movement and skill she utilizes is necessary and efficient. Too much physical movement on her own part leaves her winded fairly quickly if used in constant. She also possesses no notable form of natural recovery, and as such is often at a disadvantage if damage is successfully inflicted, hence why her fighting style is preferably long-mid range. Because of this aspect, in line with her extreme chakra control, Tenwa has taught the young crystal user a handful of basic medical ninjutsu abilities to aid her if needed in battle. Through intuition and mastery of her own kekkei genkai, Yua was able to integrate her teachings of medical ninjutsu with crystal release, creating an entirely new spectrum of techniques unseen in the even the modern era of shinobi.



Despite not being comfortable in close quarters combat without use of her kekkei genkai, Yua is fairly proficient in the arts, able to fight off multiple individuals at once well within her teens. As a child however, she lacks nearly entirely in the art, and panics when fights become prolonged in close quarters. She typically does everything in her power to create space between her and her opposer in order to create a distance between the two in order to shift the battle back to her advantage.


Yua excels in the use of ninjutsu, and is heavily reliant upon it in battle. By means of her prodigious use of her kekkei genkai and elemental releases, Yua controls the battlefield with ease, often driving her opponents a reasonable distance away, while forcing them airborne in order to render them subject to the forces of her techniques. With the flexibility allotted to her by her crystal release, she significantly increases her agility and maneuverability, often attacking airborne, while manipulating pre-established crystal constructs below to ensure a complete control of the tide of battle in every aspect.


Despite a lack of use during the earlier portions of her youth, Yua due to her natural extreme and delicate chakra control, coupled with her heightened intelligence was a natural in the utilization of the arts. Hesitant and disdainful of the arts initially during her introduction to the formal shinobi world, it was nobody besides her own adoptive father who encouraged her to pursue proficiency in them. Her mindset when being introduced to the specialized field was anything but inviting, she preferred actual combat with the real and tangible aspects of ninjutsu and taijutsu. Despite he himself not being a master of the arts, he aided in her honing and researching her skills, to the point she became able to integrate genjutsu into her own kekkei genkai – branching of into the use of genjutsu by sight, sound, and touch.

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai

Yua possesses the unique art of crystal release. By using its power Yua is able to create and freely manipulate crystal constructs in a number of ways, such as creating crushing walls or unique snowflake-patterned shuriken. She is able to mount or fly upon her created constructs, giving her absolute control of her immediate positioning even with a lack of footing or foundation present. The deadliest aspect of her Crystal Release is that it crystallizes the opponents and physical matter at a molecular level, causing them to shatter into crystalline dust as a result. This naturally extends She is able to perform this crystallization process by manipulating the moisture in the air, therefore giving her an infinite source of weapons. The density of these crystals are also an extreme factor as it is able to withstand and reflect wood release or other highly compressed techniques such as the rasengan. As such, Yua actively keeps herself cloaked in a thin armor of translucent crystal that remains upon her at all times which naturally render most projectiles and basic physical damage null. Because of its reflective nature, it easily confuses doujutsu when active.